Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Wy!

Can you even believe that today is Wyatt's 1 year birthday? I can't either. This year has just flown by. And he still seems like such a little baby muffin!

I'm sorry to say that we took some way cute pics of him today, but we still cannot get the pictures off the camera. Well, I could take the memory card and go someplace and have them burned onto a CD, but I take pictures every day, so I'm waiting till the card is full to do that. We're also looking into buying another cord, which I think is where the problem is.

G&G came by this evening and brought Wy a birthday cupcake, which both the boys enjoyed. Wyatt wasn't really sure about it at first, and it took him forever to have a single bite. He was cracking us up! And he even got a present to open! It was this awesome ride on Elmo airplane, which you can imagine was enjoyed by all. Noah did such a great job taking turns with it. You know he doesn't like to share anything, so this was a big deal. He made us all hysterical cause at one point he didn't want to get off and let Wyatt ride, and he said, "I think Wyatt WAY tired." Can you believe he was trying to get us to put Wyatt to bed? So sneaky!

Anyways, he's way adorable and I have a TON of pictures to post whenever we get them. Can't wait to share!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No pictures!!

So I haven't been blogging cause I can't upload my pictures!! We have to get the computer/camera fixed!

Hopefully we'll be back soon!