Monday, February 15, 2010

Moon: I am the light of the world!

So I'm finally getting around to week 2! :) ha!

Our main idea this week was about how we are just like the moon. We talked about how the moon doesn't have a light of it's own, but reflects the light of the sun. We need to do the same thing, always reflecting Jesus. Very cool.

We did a bunch of stuff, but I didn't take many pictures, and when I did take them, they didn't turn out well. I don't know what's up with our camera. The first day we took a pan full of flour, and then a bunch of different sized balls to experiment with making craters. They really loved this - Noah even got out some of his Star Wars men to pretend were walking on the moon leaving footprints. I think this was my favorite thing they did - they really understand what a crater is now. Of course, I should never have left this pan out and then leave the room for a half hour, cause when I returned the entire kitchen was COVERED in moon dust! :) Boys!!

We also went to the planetarium and watched a show about the planets and stars, which they also really liked. It's just perfect for kids their age - not too long, not too short. While we were there we bought these cool stick on the ceiling, glow in the dark moons that show the different stages. We hung those up in their room and they were SO excited. I think there is only one left hanging, cause they have all fallen, but they were good while they lasted.

And to top off the week we made a moon cake! We had a few problems there, but they didn't seem to mind. My old oil based food color turned the icing blue instead of gray, and our Necco wafer craters were all pink and yellow, cause that's what the kids wanted. But nobody complained how it tasted! :)