Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our First Raingutter Regatta

First of all, I can hardly stop myself from referring to this as a regatta gala, ala Rachel from Friends.  I must have practiced "raingutter regatta" in my head a hundred times.  :)  Second, isn't he just adorable?!  There is not much cuter than a little boy in a cub scouts uniform.  We just joined this year and he really loves it.  For those of you that don't know this is an event most packs have each year.  They give each boy a kit for a boat and then they come race them against each other in a rain gutter filled with water.  Noah immediately declared he wanted his to be a pirate ship with cannons.  I was not sure how that would work out but Josh had the great idea to cut the mast that we didn't use to turn into cannons.  Check out how adorable it came out!

Noah helped cut it, sand it, and painted it.  He even did the shopping at Hobby Lobby for the paint and stickers.  It was fun to do something together with just him.  We used these instructions to alter it to a catamaran design and it was so fast!  He was pretty nervous about racing it but he did great.

He actually won 18 races, tied 1, and lost 1.  I think that is an amazing record for your first time!!  Of course Wyatt had an excellent time too, playing with Melissa.  They are so adorable playing together each Tuesday.  She even packs him snacks!  :) 

He even got to race the ship once before we left!

And Annie did was Annie always does..... runs around and is as troublesome as possible!

Now I guess we have to look forward to the car race thing next!