Friday, September 30, 2011


So last week we came home from Friday School to find an 80 degree house.  You know, when the thermostat was set at 72.  Ohhh, so sad.  Long story short, we had to get a whole new system.  Horrible, right?  We were pretty shocked too.  In the mean time we had to find somewhere to stay, cause of the weekend, so we announced we were spending the night at my parents.  Can you even imagine the excitement?  Only Noah has ever slept there, so Wy was pretty pumped.  I was less than enthusiastic about dealing with Annie without a crib, but it all worked out well.  Do you see how much they loved the air mattress? 
And then they had the best morning ever - donuts with Daddy and Grandpa while watching the new Clone Wars on the patio.

A little boys dream come true, right?  They were pretty happy about it.  :)  Annie was not too sure about the donuts...

I think she was truly confused about not sleeping at home.  What we expected to be one night turned into two nights, and then we still had a third night with no AC at home. So thankful for my parents letting us invade their life for three straight days!! 

Window fun

So the newest thing the kids love to do is play with Annie through the window.  It is extremely noisy, so we don't do it often cause I don't want them to wake Josh.  But they were just so cute playing the other morning I had to snap some pictures.  Annie has been so proud of herself finally pulling up and standing on things, so this is her favorite spot.  I love Annie in those socks and diaper.  I wasn't expecting to capture one of the cutest pictures of all time....
Oh my, could it be any cuter?  They love each other so much, it just makes my heart so happy.  :)  They really look like they are in a deep conversation. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

First game!

So little monkey finally played in his first official soccer game!  He was pretty nervous, but also super excited!  He was just the cutest thing ever - he looked so grown up in his uniform.  And the best part of how Noah plays soccer is his attitude - just take a look at how happy this boy is while he plays.  It was a bit funny cause he really had no idea what to do - he just thought you were supposed to run after the ball and kick it.  He didn't really understand the concept of positions and such and I guess the coach didn't explain all that during practice.  They had only met 2 times before this game, so that is understandable.  His team has first and second graders on it, so some of the older kids helped to guide him through the tough parts.

As we went through all of the pics I was just struck by how happy he is!  It just shines on his face - his pure happy heart.  I love him so much.  Honestly, if 3 years ago you would have told me that he would get out there and play a game in front of a bunch of people I wouldn't have believed you.  Remember how painfully shy he was?  Especially about being in front of a group of people.  Well, no more!  He's still nervous with new people and situations, but he is really blossoming and it is exciting to watch.

And I love this series of pis of him - I love to watch him kick the ball cause he gets SO into it.  And his body is always crouched so low down to the ground, and his arm is in that crazy position - it cracks me up!  Josh stayed up to see the game, and my parents and Josh's mom came out to see him, so it was a family affair.  He was really pleased that we were there to cheer him on.  Already looking forward to the next game, although I think he likes practices better.  His team lost and his coach told him that next practice they were going to talk about defense.  Sounds like a good idea to me!  :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our One Year Old!

It's so hard to imagine this little muffin is already one year old!!  She is still just so little to me it is even harder for me to believe than it was for the boys.  We had a teeny, tiny celebration here at home with just family.  It was kind of hectic cause we had it on a weeknight, so it was late and we were rushed, but she had a great time and it was less pressure than a real party.  Especially cause Josh had his MD Anderson check-up earlier that day.
The good thing about less people is less toys!  She was really not at all interested in opening them up.  She was mildly interested in the bows and ribbon when they first came off, but was more than happy to let her brothers and cousin open them for her!  You can see Noah with the Rapunzel doll he and Wyatt picked out for her.  I never would have dreamed that she would take to a doll like that at this age, but she loves it!  As soon as they took it out of the package she picked it up and kissed it right on the mouth.  Too cute!  Of course I think all the boys liked it just as much as she did.  They all took turns brushing her cornsilk hair!  :)
Her big gift from us was this doorway toy - we never got one with the boys, so it was new to them.  And they all LOVED it.  All three of the big boys were playing with it so much Annie hardly had a chance to play with it herself.  We all laughed - so silly to watch  4, 5, and 6 year old boys so giddy over a toy for babies.  :)
She also got a walker, but she was not exactly sure about it.  She mostly likes hanging over it and playing with the toys on the other side.  I'm telling you, this girl is no hurry to walk!

Of course she had cake!  She was by far my most timid baby when it came to the cake.  The boys just tore into theirs and ate tons.  Annie was not real sure - I love the picture on top there where she just daintily tastes the icing at first.  Eventually she made a MESS, but didn't eat much of it.  But she sure thought it was fun to smear around!

I think her favorite part of the cake experience was cleaning up!  She was extremely tickled that she was sitting in the sink with the water running, with her clothes on.

Happy birthday Annie Rose!!!  We love you!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Little Ro Ro!

So this is pretty much everything you need to know about Annie!  No words are necessary cause these pics sum her up perfectly!  Love!!