Thursday, June 29, 2006

Oh so much fun

So we finally got the swing hung up from Noah's birthday! Yes, I know, its been forever, but we needed some special hardware to hang it from the porch, and then we just kinda forgot about it.

You can see at first he wasn't too keen on it, but then he decided that he loved it. Now when we go outside after he inspects the hose/faucet he reaches for it and wants to swing away. We're so glad he likes it! :)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Our Day at the Beach!

We had so much fun at the beach today! But I can say that I certainly know 3 people who will be going to bed early! We left the house at 8:30 this morning, picked up Grandma, Grandpa and the rest of the Slavik clan, and headed for Galveston. The car ride was a little long for Noah J, but it was worth it in the end!

Grandpa rented us some umbrellas and chairs, and we had a blast. Noah immediately was in love with all of the sand. He went straight for the big pile of sand that had been plowed up and started digging in it. He then decided he should lay in the sand - and of course it stuck to him because of the massive amounts of sunscreen we put on him. Then we took him to the water and he did not like it at all. He immediately started crying - even before he got wet. So the majority of the day was spent on the beach, not in the water.

After a couple of hours we coaxed him into the water again, but he still didn't really like it. He was so enthralled with the birds that actually would kind of come close to him, but was really frustrated he couldn't touch them. He also had lots of fun with those little sand scraper things that you can dig with. Our afternoon ended with a delicious cold fried chicken lunch, courtesty of Grandma's kitchen. He immediately zonked out in the car on the way back, just as we all wanted to.

The only downside to the day was that Uncle Aaron got stung by a jellyfish! We felt really bad for him, but we were all glad it didn't happen to us! :) We had a great time, but with all of the clean up and everything, I'm glad we won't be going again till next summer!! ;-)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Beyond Bounce!

On Thursday we got to go have fun at Beyond Bounce. Aunt Christy treated us to an afternoon of fun, and Noah J had a blast. Its one of those places that has those moonwalk type things inside a building and you pay money to go jump on them. Well this one has a whole infant area and a toddler area. It was pretty cool - and I think they'll probably get more stuff the longer they're open - its kind of a mom and pop type operation.

Noah J especially loved the slide - he wanted to go again and again. Unfortunately I wore flip-flops and you have to have socks to go inside any of the blow up stuff, so poor Aunt Christy had to take Noah onto everything. I refused to pay the $ for socks there - so next time I will have to be better prepared!

I just love that picture at the top - it looks like Noah's gonna wack Joe right over the head - and you see Joseph is looking at him like, hey, what are you doing? And the picture of Noah on his tummy is of him sliding across the floor. Its his new thing. He lays down on his stomach and then pushes himself backwards with his hands laughing the whole time. He's an odd duck sometimes.

Friday, June 23, 2006

World's Cutest Overalls!

So Noah J finally got to wear his new overalls this week! They had to be saved for just the right occasion - you know when you get back from the pool and you had to ride in the car and you were cold? They were the perfect warm you up, but not too much after the pool outfit. They were a birthday gift from Ms. Jessica and Mr. Keri that he really loves to play with - all of the designs on it are evidently facinating. :)

In the pics he's chewing on a calculator - I know, maybe not the best toy, but he absolutely loves it. He has 2 different calculators that he carry's around everywhere. You can see he also enjoyed chewing on the string on Daddy's wet swim trunks. Silly boy.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sleepy baby!

Here's out little boy last night. We went in to check on him and he was so darn cute all snuggled up in the corner I ran and got the camera. Evidently since his naptimes have been half as long as usual the last two days, even the camera didn't wake him up. You see he has his two favorite things close by - his blanky and his puppy! So cute!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fun in the sun!

We FINALLY went to the pool today! It was absolutely glorious - you know I just love the water so I was really hoping Noah J would like it, and he did! He was extremely interested in this group of rowdy boys splashing in the water. He wouldn't even look at us, as you can see in the pictures!

He didn't like being held in the water too much, but really enjoyed sitting in one of those float things that are made for babies. Somehow it didn't get in a picture! The sad thing is that he doesn't get very wet in it - mostly his legs are just in the water, but he didn't seem to mind one bit. He really liked my rendition of a killer whale, and also my George Washington hair. He was also extremely excited to have some crackers and juice on the cool lounge chair during adult swim.

The pool doesn't open till 11:00, and Noah usually naps till about 12:00, and Josh has to leave for work at 1:20, so there really is not much time for us to go, unless its a weekend and then its packed. And Josh is off Mondays, but then we have Joseph and our sections pool is closed, but I heard the other one is open. But today Noah woke up at 11:00 from his nap so it worked out perfectly! Hopefully we will be able to make it there again soon!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Our little cute patoot!

This is the face Noah J makes if you spray him in the face with water! All of his toys have little holes where you can spray water out of them, and when they are just about empty and mostly just misting water, he absolutely loves it if you spray him in the face! He also likes a regular spray bottle - at Grandma's house he brings her the spray bottle she has for the ironing and wants her to spray him. Sigh..... he's just too adorable.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

An exciting/frightening day!

First, the exciting part:

Noah J went to his first storytime at the library today! He was a little shy at first, but then he enjoyed looking around at the books and playing with some of the toys. His favorite part, though, was the many many strollers that he could try to push around. So I had lots of fun trying to keep him away from those! He listened to 2 different books, sang some songs, attempted to dance, and even made a Father's Day craft. Well, I made the craft, but Noah J looked at it. The only thing was that I didn't bring him a good snack - thats how all of the parents bribe their kids to sit in their laps quietly for the books! :) Luckily we went with Adeline and she shared her crackers with Noah.

Afterwards we went to Adeline's house and had lunch and played. Noah J was so exhausted, but he still only took a 2 hour nap. He normally takes 2 one and a half hour naps each day. But that meant he went to bed quickly and easily tonight!

I was the only mother there snapping pictures of her kid. I'm sure all of the other mothers were thinking: hmmm, must be her first kid! If only they knew I take pictures everywhere - even just a normal trip to the grocery store! He had so much fun I think I'm gonna take him every week!

Now, the frightening part:

Noah J got locked in the car this afternoon! We went to Target after his nap, and it started like any other trip - fast forward to me standing outside of the car sobbing.

Like I do every single time, I opening the hatch on the back of the Sorento and loaded all of the bags. Then I take Noah from the cart and strap him into his seat. Well, he was fussy an it was REALLY hot, so he cried while I was strapping him in. So to distract him I gave him my keys. Well, I forgot he had them, closed the door and went around the back. I took the shopping cart cover off the cart, tossed it into the back, and closed the hatch. I pushed the cart to the cart holder thing which was in the space next to us and went around to the drivers side. I pulled on the handle and my heart sank. I ran around to all of the doors and of course, they were all locked. I looked at Noah J and he had the remote in his mouth and was chewing on it. Evidently he hit the lock button. Whats crazy is that he's played with these keys about a thousand times, and has never clicked the buttons. Half the time I have to push it like 5 times just to get it to work.

So I freak out. I had no idea what to do. My wallet and diaper bag were locked into the car, I didn't have my phone, absolutely nothing. And I didn't want to leave him there alone, but I didn't know what to do so I ran into the store and grabbed the manager and told her my son was locked in the car. So she's really calm and takes me to the customer service desk and gets on her walky talky thing and is like "We have a code 2968, repeat, code 2968." And I'm just rambling about who to call, like the fire dept or police or a locksmith or whatever. So all the managers and security people and everyone else start gathering up there and I run back outside to be with Noah J.

I get there and see he doesn't have the keys anymore. So I pull on the handle and get this - the door opens!!!!!!!!!! That boy unlocked the doors! SO I'm just screaming and unbuckling him and hugging him and kissing him and I don't know what else cause its just a blur. He wasn't even upset - he likes it when we look at him through the windows like when we gas up, so I guess he thought thats what we were doing. He was beet red and sweating, though, cause it was about a thousand degrees. So we all go back inside and they cancel all of the people coming to rescue him.

And thats when I just lost it. The horror of the whole situation and about a billion things are running through my mind. Like what if he hadn't unlocked it, he could have died, what if Joseph had been with us, and then most of all just embarassment that I'm the worst mother in the whole wide world. And I was just so embarassed as I drive away with all like 15 managers and like 10 employees out there watching me. I got home and just cried and cried and cried. The worst part was having to call Josh and tell him what happened. But then my mom came over and she made me feel much better. Thanks momma!

And the thing is that I am SO careful with the car and making sure everything is unlocked. When we first had Noah I was seriously stressed that there would always be times when he's alone in the car. Like even just for a second. You have to put the kids in their seat and then get into your seat, and for those few seconds they are alone. And I've always been freaked that somehow the doors would lock. I never in a million years thought it would happen like this! I was worried cause its so hot in the car, but you can't start the car and then put him in cause then someone could just hop in the drivers seat while you're in the back and take off. So I don't know what the solution is. Maybe just not giving your baby the keys?? :-)

Friday, June 09, 2006

Eeeeew! Kissin cousins!

Do you see how often poor little Joseph gets kissed by Noah J? The kid constantly has wet hair on the top of his head! We dressed the boys in their matching spider shirts from Grandpa and Grandma today so I decided to snap a few pics. Noah sure had fun, but I'm not certain about poor little Joe!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Making the momma happy!

My boy makes me so happy when he sits in his chair! You know the only television we let Noah watch is Wheel of Fortune every day, and tonight I caught him watching from his chair! Normally he stands around with toys in his hands playing and watching, but tonight he took his blanky and paci and crawled into his chair. He was so cute just lounging there I had to run and get the camera!

This pic is from yesterday evening - even when he feels bad he insists on playing with the hose and his sandbox every single night! We're finally at the tail end of his sickness and he is feeling much better. Whew! I wasn't even the one sick and it was exhausting!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Cracker Snacker

My little one has been sick! Wednesday night he was just crying and crying, and turned out he had bad diarrhea! SO we were very saddened to have to let him sleep in our bed with us. Since he had NEVER been in our bed to sleep he was jus so confused. He sat up for the first 45 minutes or so leaning against me staring at the little green light on the smoke alarm. And then in an instant he just feel backwards and was completely out! It was so funny - Josh and I had to really try hard to not to laugh at him! At this point it was about 3:15 or so, so you can imagine we were all exhausted. And then trying to sleep with this one cramming his little scratchy toes all over my legs and stomach was quite interesting. But I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!! He actually snuggled with us and it was phenomenal. I will say that I wasn't feeling phenomenal in the morning, though!

He was sick all day Thursday still and at this point has gotten the worst diaper rash I have ever seen. And he screams, cries, and shakes all during his diaper changes - which is all the time. So we're feeling super sad for him! He seems to feel really well during the other times and then is just upset before he goes and when his stomach is rumbly and cramping. The nurse told us NO milk - and you know how much my baby loves his milk! And she said only starchy foods - lots of rice, potatoes, bread, etc. So he's been living off of grape and orange Pedialyte and bread. He's refusing potatoes, except for tonight. We picked up french fries on our way home from the pharmacy and the boy ate almost the whole container full. His stomach was HUGE!!! He has eaten like 3 bites of food in the last 2 days, so I don't feel guilty about the fries!

The other thing he's eating are saltine crackers!!! They say its like one of the first finger foods to give babies, but it just scared me to give it to him. I was completely afraid he would choke. He was SOOOOO excited to bite into the cracker and hear it crunch. Thats what these pictures are - his first crackers!!

Let me see, what else.......... oh yes, in the midst of my trying to care for my extremely upset baby on Thursday, I've been on the phone with the dr's office and I'm talking to my mom and Noah walks into the room with a poopy diaper with poop all over him. AGAIN!!!!!!!!! I swear, the only thing I can think is that this kid got into the trashcan and pulled it out. Then Josh calls me to say he's not feeling well and he's coming home from work. I was SOOOO frazzled. But I got the poop cleaned up and my wonderful mother went to the store for us and brought us some much needed supplies. I went to wal-mart Thursday morning and spent 50 bucks on supplies - 3 kinds of diaper cream, new diapers, Pedialyte, etc. Then I talked to the nurse and she told me to get totally different stuff. So my mom got us A&D ointment, tons of Pedialyte, potatoes, a hundred different bread products, gatorade, different diapers that didn't stick to his bum as much, Aveeno bath powder, and a ton of other stuff. Don't I have the best mother in the world????? Everything we could possibly need for 1 sick baby and 1 sick man. My mom is the best!!! :-)

Noah seems to be much better now, but I think its cause he's not eating much or drinking milk. His diaper rash is still terrible, so we picked up a prescription rash cream today from the doctor. Let's hope it fixes him up! My brother was sick Wednesday night too and he's already feeling better, so I'm hoping Noah J will be too! Josh felt much better today (I think it was my homemade chicken noodle soup!) but still didn't want to go to work! :) he he he

OK, I think I just told the most confusing story ever, so sorry about jumping around so much! If its too much just look at the pics of my beautiful baby and just be happy!