Monday, March 17, 2008

Big boy!

So its been documented that Wyatt loves Lilycat, but I actually caught him doing the fastest crawl I had ever seen for him this week. And all over that cat! He spotted her in the laundry basket in the hallway, and made a beeline straight for her. Now you know Wy isn't the most graceful thing, but it was the fastest he had ever gone. And then I thought he might try to stand up! You can see his has one leg up. He has pulled up 3 times now, but its still such a huge accomplishment for him. Can you tell how proud he is?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Raincoat, please!

Yup, Noah J asked for a raincoat last week. I didn't even know he knew the word raincoat. And of course we don't own one. But G&G bought him this windbreaker last summer, so it was the closet thing. And he was thrilled with it. He wanted to go stand in the rain with it, and since it wasn't lightning I figured why not. He stood out there and waved at all the kids as they got off the bus and then was ready to come back in. Go figure!

oh yeah, see his new vans???? He is obsessed with them. They have teeny tiny snowmen on them. And you know how he love snowmen! :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Trouble trouble trouble!

Here's my little patoot in the world's cutest overalls! They were on clearance at the Carter's outlet and G&G picked them up for him. Isn't he just absolutely adorable? You can see he still has the obsession with sticking out his tongue. It cracks me up every time he does it.

Do you just LOVE the first picture? That's my little sweet Wy boy - he's so bashful he always cocks his head to the side and turns it a little bit when you first start talking to him. See the progression in the pics - sitting, lunging forward, crawling, and then pulling up on my legs! I can't wait till he starts walking!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Did I write about how we bought these Wiggle Racer's at the rodeo? Well, we spent an absurd amount of money on them, but they are really fun for the kids. We were going to buy 1, but then we figured Wy would be ready for it in 6 months or so, but to our surprise, he loves it NOW! Noah asked us to put Wyatt on one so we sat him on there and he was just so happy. We pushed him forward and back and he couldn't stop smiling. We were just glad Noah wanted to share an activity with Wyatt!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Riding Rocket

We got to see our friend Megan yesterday, and she was telling us that she was going to the Livestock Show & Rodeo that night, and she made the mistake of saying the word "carnival." One of Noah's favorite Thomas episodes/videos is Carnival capers, where all the trains take the stuff to set up the carnival. And you know how much he loves the rides at Kemah. So for the rest of the day he just cried "me carnival, me carnival, me carnival!" We had plans for today, but they were easily moveable, and it was beautiful, so we decided to make it a day.

And what a day it was!! We are absolutely exhausted. I have tons of pictures, so I'm gonna post them in separate batches so I can write about each one. We kind of use the blog as our own personal memory book, so I like to get down all the details while I can still remember them!

The first thing we did was ride a pony named Rocket. I was really surprised, cause you know he's not that into horses or anything, but he just loved it. He kept reaching down and petting his neck. He was so sweet and gentle. Of course he wanted to ride him again, but at 5 bucks a pop, we decided to move on! :)

Little Wy boy

So poor little Wy still feels miserable. He's been coughing and sneezing and having a runny nose. But he was such a trooper!!!! While Noah rode the pony Wyatt got to see the world's tiniest little baby goat! So cute!

Noah loves John Deere

Noah's favorite part, other than the carnival of course, had to have been the tractors! There were tons of tractors he couldn't sit in, but they had 3 that the kids could climb into and pretend to drive. We were so happy! They even had flat screen TV's with the view out of the front of the tractor in a field, simulating the real experience stuck to the windshield. Noah was just so tickled he could hardly control himself. He was really bummed out in the last one, though, that he couldn't turn the wheels. See his upset face?

Wyatt's cowboy hat

We were gonna buy the boys cowboy hats, but Noah just wasn't that interested in them. We were happy that Verizon was giving away these little foam ones, so they got one for the few minutes they were interested in them and we didn't have to spend a penny. Wyatt liked it more than Wyatt, and had fun playing with his while we ate lunch.

mmmm! Funnel cakes!

We got a funnel cake for Noah J, but he didn't want to have anything to do with it. He wanted a cupcake. We had to tell him there weren't any, even though the same booth was selling deep fried cupcakes! How hideous does that sound? But after about 10 minutes he gave it a try and was in love! You can see Wyatt was even searching for some in his snack tray!

The carnival!

So its next to impossible to get pictures of kids on carnival rides. But these are the few we got! He immediately wanted to ride the pink elephants, and then we went to the bees. Then he wanted to go in this jungle gym thing, but he had to go in alone. He said he wanted to, and he went right in, but got stuck at the top of the rope ladder thing. He had one of the attendants take him off and pass him over the fence to us. Silly boy! Then we shockingly ran into Megan with her kids, and we all rode the merry go round together. For those of you that don't know, Noah is OBSESSED with ferris wheels. And he kept talking about the one that was there, but he refused to ride it. He makes me crazy!

Taking a break

We were pretty worn out by 2:00, so we stopped a took a break. Noah snacked on some pink cotton candy (he insisted that it was pink), and Wyatt had some applesauce. Noah was quite upset at first that the candy didn't have a stick, like it did when we went to Elmo, but he got over it once he remembered how good it was! We sat under a pavilion and watched Ronald McDonald to a magic show. It was pretty lame, but both the boys enjoyed it, and Josh and I enjoyed the break! Can you see his new teeth?

We were so exhausted and Noah was getting sleepy (he asked for his blanky) so we used the last of our points at a fishing game where Noah won a tiger. He had so much fun and tonight in bed he told Josh, "thank you daddy take me the rodeo." Sweet boy!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Toothy boy!

So you know how I wrote Wyatt got 2 new teeth last week? Well this week he got another one! So he's rocking it with 5 teeth now. He's getting so old!! But the poor thing isn't feeling well. We took his temp tonight before bed and it was 101.8!! I tried 2 times today to give him Tylenol and each time he immediately puked it up. Its crazy how much both the boys are like his Daddy - they puke liquid medicine. What's up with that? I'm gonna try to get in to the doc tomorrow. When they are this little you worry they have an ear infection or something like that and he could be in pain. He also has this terrible deep cough, so maybe she can do something about that!

Forgotten pictures!

I found these pictures floating around on my desktop and thought I would share them! They are from Joseph's birthday party and show Wyatt's first taste of ice cream!!!!!! Aren't they adorable??