Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The woodland's mall, again!

Since Josh got sick his work schedule was all messed up last week, so we needed something to occupy our Saturday morning with. So we decided to drive out to the Woodland's, and possibly go to the Natural Science Museum in the mall this time. We told Noah we were going someplace special, so he immediately began listing all of his favorite places. Grandma and Grandpas? Kemah? Downtown? The list went on and on. But here's how smart he is. When we got the intersection of Spring Cypress and 249 he points straight ahead and asks us, "We going that way?" We say yes, and he gets this big smile on his face and says, "we going that place with the dark dirt where dig up the dinosaurs?" Yes, he remembered that this was the direction to go in to get to the Woodland's . WE were way impressed with him.

We stopped in Spring at the train yard by Josh's office and Noah got to see the trains shunting cars and he was way pumped. And then when we got to the mall he asked us if he could go to the children's museum again so we figured, why not?

Wyatt sure was old enough to enjoy himself this time. He loved playing with the trains, but he was not so sure of the area with the little tire gravel pieces. Don't you just love his face looking at that one little piece in his hand? He and Noah also had tons of fun crawling all around the little house that they have set up. I think one of Noah's favorite thing's this time was this area that they have set up to experiment with air. They have this one with a tube that has air blowing out of it, and then there are little scarves that you can put on top of the tube, and then when you let go it blows up in the air. He love love loved it. He had a mini fit when he had to leave it. And I think Wy's favorite part was not even meant to be for the kiddos. By the tire pit they had some fake rocks on the ground as stools, and Wyatt was just in love with crawling up and down them. He was so funny! Too bad it's so far away, or I know we would go more often!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our crazy baby noodle

I'm so excited I finally got some pictures of Wyatt doing one of his favorite things - wearing Mommy's dirty clothes! He crawls into the closet and then comes out wearing something that he has picked up. And it's so funny cause he actually gets them over his head. And he is just so darn proud of himself - he would wear it all day long if I would let him. I love the maroon shirt cause it looks like a cape. He's such a nut!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Luvin brothers!

The other morning little Wy fell and hit his head and was just hysterical. And of course, at that same moment Noah J decided he just HAD to watch Cars. So instead of making Noah J wait I asked him if he wanted to hold Wy and make him feel better. He was so excited to get to comfort him. They were so darn cute sitting there in their jammies I made them stay so I could run and get the camera.

On a side note, yes, I am completely humiliated that my 3-year-old is sucking on a passy. The boy just LOVES that thing. He told me the passy fairy is "yuck" and that he doesn't want a present from her. :) But we've named the date - when Wyatt is 18 months old (3 months from now) we're getting rid of ALL the passy's in the house. My poor boys won't know what to do with themselves!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dress up!

Noah has been loving his new dress up costumes, especially when he has someone to dress up with! Here he is with Maddie posing for the camera. Aren't they too cute? They were so tickled with themselves they couldn't stop laughing! And Noah just kept yelling, "All aboard!!"

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The grass is always greener!

I'm not really sure why, but my kids think that G&G's pools are WAY better than ours. Do you see how happy they are? I think it probably has something to do with the fact that they have swimming Nemo, Dory, and Bruce toys. Could they be any happier? Wyatt is absolutely crazy in the pool - he just takes off and thinks he can swim, no matter how deep the water is. It's OK in the little pool in the yard, but even at the neighborhood baby pool its too deep and he goes right under! But he doesn't seem to skip a beat - goes right on playing! These pics are from the 4th of July at G&G's house - Noah loves swimming with his cousin!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Total sassiness!

Take a look at this face! Could he be any sassier? I love those pink lips! Josh snapped this pic the other morning and we just love it. I would also like to announce that Wyatt officially took a few steps all by himself this week! Isn't it about time?! Don't get me wrong, he's not going to run marathons soon or anything, but he's getting there! Yeah for Wy C!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

When you Wish

Last night was had a LATE night. I mean really late. Truly the latest the boy has ever been up! We went out to Miller Outdoor Theater and watched the free performance of When You Wish. Noah James had so much fun! He loved sitting out on the hill on our blanket. Our original plan was to get tickets for the seated area, but once we got there and we saw how excited he was about the hill, we decided to scratch our plans. He was thrilled to death that everyone was sitting outside with their shoes off in the grass!

Online they show that would sing some songs from Mary Poppins, so we figured he would love it. He kind of seemed disappointed in the music itself, but only cause I think we described it to him incorrectly in the car on the way there. I thought the people would be dressed up like the characters, but only a handful of them were. Luckily at the end Mary Poppins came out so I think that saved the night! Since they didn't sing his favorite, Step-in-time, we sang it for him and he danced and danced on the grass during intermission. We didn't even stay till the end and we left around 10:30!! We were sad we didn't bring Wy with us, but he would have been quite a handful! It was nice to have some one-on-one time with the big brother!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

He's a superstar!

I'm fairly certain that after this year's 4th of July, Noah J thinks he's a superstar!!!!

Joseph invited us to come out to Fairfield to see the parade, and to our surprise, we were IN the parade. We were a little nervous about Noah, cause you know how he HATES crowds of people, but he was happy as a lark. He sat in the decorated wagon with Joseph, and as we walked the streets waved and waved and waved to the people. We were cracking up! He really thought he was some kind of celebrity. He loved the fact that they got beads and candy, as well!

Wyatt seemed to like it too, especially since he had his first lollipop. What a sticky mess! And of course there were firetrucks and all kinds of crazy things, so that was great too! And afterwards we got to walk by the pond and over a bridge, and then play at Joseph's house, so it was quite an eventful morning!

And yes, those kids are in the back of the truck with no car seats! Can you tell how excited they were? We rode like 4 blocks over in the neighborhood to the start site and the boys were pretty pumped about it!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

One July 4th pic!

I don't have time to blog, but felt like I needed to put something up, so here's Noah J with his bestest cousin in the pool on the 4th. Looks like fun, right? They were hamming it up and way cute! Wy didn't

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Breakfast on the patio

Yesterday Noah informed me that he and Wyatt needed to eat breakfast outside on the picnic table. Why not, right? Aren't they too cute eating their cereal?