Monday, August 27, 2012

Not Back To School and why my kids are always sick!

We had so much fun celebrating not back to school day this year!!  Every year we got out to breakfast with a friend or two and celebrate not going to school like the rest of the kids are in our district that day.  Check out our little babies last year... can you even believe how they have grown?? And our circle of friends has grown too, and I am so thankful for that!!  The last two years have been very difficult friendship wise and I finally feel like I am surrounded by ladies that love me and my kids and will be here for the long haul.  I thank God for each of you!!  You know who you are.  ;)

And just in case you were wondering why my kids are always sick.  It's cause I photograph things like this instead of getting her to stop.  ;) 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria!!

This year we are studying American history with My Father's World Adventures.  I really loved spending all of first grade in Bible history, but I am excited to be learning something new (to them) this year.  Our first project was making foil ships after we learned about Christopher Columbus.  Please don't comment criticizing the shapes of my sails...  I realize they are not accurate but the kids did them and I didn't have the heart to get them to fix it.  :)  We took them outside and luckily it was a nice and windy day so they really flew all around the bucket.  Annie had just woken up but insisted on being a part of it all... I love how crazy he hair is!

The learning only lasted so long, though, before Annie threw herself into a bucket and the next thing I knew they were all in on the action!!  The best part of homeschooling for sure, these impromptu play times in the midst of learning.  :)  Annie found the headband in the garage and insisted on wearing it.... so ridiculous looking!

Wyatt ran inside and got his bag of coins and insisted I photograph him searching for a "treasure" at the bottom of his bucket AND the big reveal where he showed off what he found, LOL.  I love him!

And of course it wouldn't be a normal hour without Annie having a fit of some sort!!  She cracks me up in this picture!! 
This same day Wyatt Cade begged me to let him finish the Go For The Code workbook and then go out to Menchies to celebrate.  He had over 20 pages left and that kid did them all in one sitting!! He is certainly ready to start reading, and now I know what he is capable of, so he can't complain this year when he has to do more than two pages!!