Monday, January 25, 2010

Let's go to the movies!!!

We would NEVER have done this with Noah at 2, but Wyatt is a different story! The kids had been begging for us to take him to see the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, and Josh and I decided that Wyatt would probably do well, so we surprised them a few weeks ago.

Noah was so happy Wyatt was there with him, and was showing him everything in the theater kind of like a tour guide. It was sweet that he wanted to share it with him! Of course they wanted to play the arcade games first, and we also had to make a Walgreens run to pick up some candy to sneak in (the kids choice? Crabby Patties of course!!)! AND, the best part of the the day for the kids - they were allowed to have Coke!! It's the little things, right? :)

They loved the movie, and Wyatt did really well - towards the end he was moving between Josh and me and lot, and then once he realized he could stand up and dance and we didn't care, he did that for the last 20 minutes. I wish we could have gotten pictures of that! :)

The only problem with this trip is that we have created a chipmunks MONSTER in Wyatt!! Seriously, the boy is obsessed! I got them these totally tacky t-shirts at Wal-Mart, and the boy wants to wear it every day. And then their Granny took them to Build-A-Bear, and instead of getting bears they both got Alvins. Wyatt carries his Alvin everywhere - to the park, to eat, to bed. Lets hope he never gets lost cause this boy would be heartbroken!!

All in all it was a great trip, and we can't wait to take the boys to see Toy Story 3 this summer - I don't know who is excited about it more, the kids or Josh! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sun: Jesus is the light of the world!

Sadly, now that I have looked at all my pics, I only have 1 picture from the first week. And, sadly, I remember the reason why - I hadn't downloaded the Christmas pictures yet so the camera was full! :( Ridiculous, I know, but true. So this is the only shot we have from our first week of school!

We did a lot of painting, and the kids really loved making their badges that our curriculum has for each week. They are pretty cute - I so wish I had a picture of them wearing them. Each week we focus on a letter, a science topic, and a Bible truth. So this week was about the letter S, the sun, and our verse "Jesus is the light of the world!" So on the 3rd day they make a badge that they can wear out and about and they can tell their verse to people if they ask about it. I thought Noah would think it was pretty lame, but they LOVED it! I got them those retractable badge holders, which I think is what sold it. Their daddy has one of those for work, and they are pretty obsessed with it. Wyatt was so happy to pretend he was Daddy! And they biggest shocker was that he actually remembers the verse - he totally shocked me when he held it out and said, "Jesus da wight of da woad!" It never dawned on me that he would pick any of this up yet, but am tickled pink that he is!

We read this book called Sun Bread from the library, and it was so cute!! The whole town is cold and tired of winter and a baker bakes some sun bread to warm them all up. Such a cute story, and it has the recipe to make your own bread right on the back. Very exciting, even though they had to wait for it to rise. Of course Noah wouldn't actually eat any, but we the rest of us did and it was delish! :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

First Day of School!!

So we finally began our homeschooling adventure this month! Noah has been begging and begging for me to start teaching him, so I figured I better get things moving! We bought our curriculum in December and spent the whole month going through it, and started the first week in January. You can see how excited the kids were!!

Noah really wants to focus on painting, and if I just so happen to teach him to read along the way, well, that's OK with him too. I got the kids some smocks from US Toys, and Wyatt wore his all day every day, for the first week. He even took a nap in it! He LOVES the thing - he is so weird! He was so obsessed I had to take a picture of him in it during snack time!

I am trying to do a pseudo "workbox" system, cause I desperately need some way to keep up with all the stuff. I really love it cause I'm able to get all the supplies for each activity together the night before, and then the morning goes much smoother, cause you know I am such a mess and can never find anything. Yes, it is all set up on top of the changing table that is still in our school room till we move it into the new nursery, but you know, its there and that's what matters, right? Here is our first day boxes:

I'm hoping to have enough pictures and links from each week to blog about each week we do, but you know how great I am keeping up with those kind of commitments! :) So far it's going well, and I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with my kiddos and have these few precious moments with them, cause I know how quickly they grow up!! I know family and friends have their worries and concerns, but seriously, once you start researching it you realize how great it really is, and it's not just for freaks! :) I read an article in a magazine a few weeks ago that perfectly articulated why I am homeschooling, maybe I can dig it up and post it here!