Friday, April 15, 2011

Dinner outside!

I'm not quite sure why, but our kiddos just adore eating food outside.  Do yours love this too?  Any restaurant that has a patio is quite a nightmare to visit - they just beg and beg to get to sit outside, no matter the temperature.  So when they asked if they could eat dinner outside a few days ago I was all about it.  I love not having to sweep up after a meal!

They were pretending they were camping in the front yard.  After playing in the sprinkler they laid out their towels and then got some of our holiday decorations out to"set up camp."  Not really sure where they got these crazy ideas from, but we were happy to allow such nonsense!
Annie girl even got in on the crazy face nonsense.  I think she was upset she wasn't getting any of the boys food!  We started feeding her Cheerios this week and she LOVES them.  The girl wants to eat real food!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Please tell me what on earth I was thinking when I plopped Annie in the tub with these monkeys?  They were so excited she was in there I think she almost drowned a dozen times in a matter of a few minutes.  She will NOT be going back in with them again.  I kept telling Noah to sit Indian style, which he would do for a few minutes and all was fine, and the next thing I knew he had his legs all up in the air and Annie was halfway under the water.  But do you see what kind of trouble I'm going to have on my hands with these three?  She loves it!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who needs a skateboard?

One of the things I love about my boys is that they are able to have so much fun doing stuff in the complete wrong way that things were designed to be used.  No problem that they can't skateboard, they have two feet and even a scooter to have fun with!  One of our favorite parks has this ramp thing and the boys just love it.
Last summer Noah J was too scared to go down it on anything with wheels, but with his daddy their to cheer him on a few weeks ago he was so brave!  I love these pictures!
And you can see how Wyatt spent most of his time - on his hands and knees or his rear!  But it didn't keep him from having the time of his life.  Little Annie girl had her first head bruise while we were there, too.  She was sitting on the picnic table while I was right there and she suddenly just fell forward, head first.  She instantly had a red mark/bruise and it looked so sad for a few days!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Korean crowns

I've gotten behind on my blogging these last 2 weeks, so I'm gonna try and catch up this week!  Do you just love these crowns?  The boys do.  We mad them as part of our geography curriculum for our study of South Korea.  We learned about the kinds of crowns Korean kings used to have, so we made our own fancy ones.  they weigh about a thousand pounds and are quite messy, with all the glitter, beads, sequins and gems falling off, but the kiddos didn't seem to mind.
They were so cute running around the house with towels tied around their necks like a king's robe while wearing their hats.   I love it!  Sad I missed getting pics of it!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Put put!

Last week before all the madness hit we took the kiddos put put golfing at one of those indoor glow in the dark places.  We had a ton of fun, although it went by so quickly I'm not quite sure if it was worth the money.  I thought for sure it would take us hours to go through it all, but amazingly the kids got ALL hole in ones.  That's right, folks, every single one a hole in one.  :)
They would just push each and every ball all the way to the hole with the club.  Really very smart I kind of think. So we finished the whole course in under a half hour. :)
They also had this game where you could shoot balls from these big gun things and the boys of course thought that was awesome.  Wyatt was pretty concerned with how loud it was, though.
Annie girl and I watched from the window. :)
All in all we had fun, so we will definitely mini golf again!  Next time I think we will try some place outside, though.  The boys have a Mini Golf Wii game, so they have lots of opportunity to practice before our next trip!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


As part of our Japan study, the week before last we visited a Japanese hibachi for lunch, thinking that the kids would love it.  I guess I wasn't really thinking, cause you know the boys don't eat anything.  So it was pretty pricey for simply a bowl of white rice. :) 

Noah really loved watching the whole thing though.  I made the mistake of telling the boys that the chef's put on a show for you while they cook your food.  So when we got there Wy kept asking where the TV was.  I couldn't figure out what he meant and then he said, "You said they would put on a show!!"  Ha!  It went well, though, till the guy lit the grill on fire.  Wyatt absolutely FREAKED out.  Screaming, sobbing, begging to be taken home.  And he stayed that way pretty much for the rest of the dinner.   We weren't able to get any pics though, cause we were holding him the whole time.  It was so ridiculous it was funny!

Annie was also a bit difficult so we had to leave her in her carseat.  The girl has become WILD at the dinner table.  Trying to grab everything, eat everything, and drink any cup she can get her mouth onto.  You can see Noah entertained her by playing music on her carseat with a chopstick!

Our next stop in geography is India, so I don't think we will be dragging the kids to any Indian restaurants.  And you know what Josh's common response to where do you want to eat is, "Anything but Indian."  :)