Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Our big Disney trip!

So I have put off blogging this cause there is just SO much involved, but I'm gonna do it, by golly!  So I'm starting with something easy - the drive there!  :)  I spent so much time prepping for this car ride and it went so well!  Each kiddo got a map with a star marked about every 45 minutes or so and at that point they each got a Disney pin to unwrap.  Made the time fly by!  This pic is one of the very few stops we made - Josh and I have a pic of us at this same sign ten years ago so it was fun to stop at the same spot.

The kids were a bit bummed we didn't get to go see the Duck Dynasty building/city but they at least got a good taste of what Louisiana looks like!  We only had one little girl take a nap the whole day....

And we ended the night in Tallahassee at Cracker Barrel, per the kiddos request. Josh and I HATE Cracker Barrel but we figured this vacay was all about the kids so we might as well suck it up and do it!

They hated the food just as much as we do, but they were thrilled with all of the games.  It was a long day just to end up at a hotel, but overall the drive wasn't bad!

The kids were thrilled to eat breakfast at the hotel the next morning and were super impressed with the automatic pancake machine!  Heck, I was impressed with the automatic pancake machine!  :)  It was a quick meal and then we loaded up and headed to Orlando!  It was such a beautiful drive through the woods of Florida!  Not what we expected at all.  Just about four hours this morning but it went so much slower cause they were READY to WDW!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wy's birthday!

My little boy is officially 7!  Hard to believe we thought he would our baby boy forever and now we're having another one!  And this big guy is gonna be a great big brother!

We started off the morning with a decorated kitchen, name pancakes and orange julius, per our b-day tradition.  But of course we had to start off with presents!  In the past couple of years we have cut down to just 3 gifts for each kid.  One from us, and the other two from their siblings.  It is nice cause the kids know exactly what to expect and it is easier on me!  This year Noah got him this nerf ball he has been wanting.  You know Wyatt has been a fan of balls since he was a wee one so this was perfect for him.

From us he got the Nerf gun he has been wanting and was super excited.  So much of what we have for the boys are shared toys so he was pumped to have one just for himself.

Rosie got him a Turbo game for his 3ds which was a huge hit.  It was really sweet cause she honestly picked it out all by herself and knew this is something he would love. 

We finished up the morning with finally getting around to breakfast and then heading out to meet family for a special lunch.  Both the boys bdays fell right around our Disney trip this year so we didn't have big parties.  I personally loved this, although I'm sure the boys would tell you differently!  Ha!  Love this little guy!