Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2 Nights, 2 Costumes!

Well, the Halloween madness has finally died down over here! It was a sad sad day yesterday when we finally removed all the Halloween decorations. Seriously, I thought the kids might cry. And they just didn't get why we couldn't put the Christmas stuff up yet! :)

This was the best Halloween yet for the boys - I think 4 is the perfect age to really enjoy it. Not scared of everything, but still believes its all just great, ya know? So Darth and Yoda were great - no tears, no whining, nothing but fun. And Noah was just NOT shy at all. He was yelling across the street at other kids "Hey, your costume looks great!!!!" And after he told the people thank you he would say "Happy Halloween". And at the end he told one guy who proved his knowledge of Star Wars to him "may the force be with you." What?!?! My shy little boy? Not when he's Darth!! We went with John and Sara, so Maddie was dressed up as Daphne from Scooby Doo. It was so funny cause Noah called her Daphne all night!

And of course Wyatt just thought it was like any other day where you get candy from complete strangers. They filled up their little Darth Vader buckets rather quickly, but they were Ok with it cause they wanted to come home and pass stuff out. So we sat on the driveway for a while passing candy out, which could have possibly been his favorite part of the night.

Our pumpkins were a bit sad this year. Because of our time schedule we had to do them on Wednesday, so they had fallen apart a bit by Saturday night. We had this Star Wars book and we knew we had to pick easy ones or else we wouldn't have time. Well, of course our kids picked out the 2 hardest ones, but Josh was a heman and got it all done! The R2D2 was supposed to have C3P0 next to him, but my genius husband decided just to do the one and the kids never noticed! :) ha!

Now the night before we went to Copperfield Church's trunk or treat thing, and the kids had a blast there too. We went with the Cooper's and the Boyd's, so the boys were thrilled they had their friends there. My parents found this Boba Fett costume on sale earlier in the week, and Noah just fell in LOVE with it. He actually wanted to wear it instead of Darth, so we came up with this idea of wearing it on Friday night, which just made his year. Why do little boys love Boba Fett so much? It's bizarre. We had lots of fun - you can see the pic of the whole gang - aren't they too cute? We even had a teeny tiny princess Leia!! Oh, and I love how Wyatt just isn't afraid of things - he was SOOOO excited to see the Chick Fil A cow. Noah wouldn't go near to him! :)

I can't even imagine what they will choose next year!!!!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

I'm so relieved to say that we finally went to the pumpkin patch this weekend!! The kids have only asked me every single day since the pumpkins arrived and I was tired of hearing it! :) And considering we drive past it at least 10 times a week, that makes a lot of whining! We have been waiting for the perfect day - cool and sunny, which can be hard to come by in October but Sunday was absolutely gorgeous! Noah was so excited cause his cousin was there too, who of course is his favorite person in the whole world!

He was super pumped about the Wizard of Oz pumpkins cause we just got he movie a few weeks ago. He was obsessing over the wicked witches crumpled up legs they had sticking out from under a pumpkin. Noah asked to pick up the pumpkin so he could see her smooshed face! What??! That kid is bizarre! You can see Wyatt couldn't take his eyes off of it, and was a little unsure about the whole place, even though he had been begging for it.

I'm not kidding you, but we did not direct Noah into this pose!!!! He love love loves to pose for photos and comes up with the funniest positions. Isn't this just too cute?!!
Wyatt was super excited about this Buzz Lightyear pumpkin!

And we put all the boys on this cute little Bullseye horse they had with the Toy Story things and they were all excited at first, but Noah quickly freaked out. That boys makes me crazy! He kept saying "I'm gonna fall!!!!" Wyatt and Joseph loved it, though!

Wyatt was so proud of his little pumpkin he picked for himself. He even begged to sleep with it last night!!

I was also really excited cause they had a whole Christmas tree setup where you could take your Christmas card pics!!!! Thumbs up to Cypress United Methodist!! So I'm proud to say that in October I've already got that done!! Of course you'll have to wait to see those!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gig 'em!!

Sooo, Josh took Noah J to his first official Aggie game this season. They had half price tickets for recent grads, so we were able to get a couple tickets for a good deal, and, well, you know how much Noah loves loves loves the Aggie band, so we knew we just had to do it.

We got out his 12th man jersey and it was a little small and Noah said it was scratching his neck, so I ran to the Academy to see what I could find. And of course it was the cuteness of all cuteness, matching father son aggie tees. Can you say adorable??!?! I'm not sure how much Josh loved it, but it made Noah's day!!

Josh said he did really well, but was starting to get antsy right about halftime. Of course that all changed as soon as the band came out, but Noah was really tuckering out so they went ahead and left the game. A 4 year old can only sit still for so long, right? Josh took him for a walk all around campus and he had fun looking at all the stuff he's see's in his Howdy Reveille book. And he was so excited to tell me how he and daddy played football on Simpson drill field. So cute!! And, in typical Josh fashion, he let the boy pee on the field!! Josh said all the buildings were closed and the field was dark, so he just let him pee right on the middle of it!! I'm sure that's breaking some rule! :)

Can't wait till Josh can take both the boys next season - I think Wyatt will love it! I just had to put that last picture up here - he's using the force if you can't tell!! :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

4th of July!

So please tell me why I was crazy enough to do this craft with the kids. I guess cause I know Noah is a sucker for anything with glue and glitter, and I'll pretty much do anything that tickles him. I saw this idea on some blog, so I picked up the stuff right away.

We invited Maddie over to join in the fun, so Noah was extra excited. They had fun, and I thought everything was fine. Cause you see, unlike my normal pattern, I actually closed up all the glue and closed the glitter, and put the dirty dishes in the sink. I was so proud of myself for "cleaning up." Now, I did leave it all on the table, but at least I closed it - more than I normally do, right?

Well later that afternoon I was in Noah's room putting up laundry when I see him run past into the bathroom, and then run out with a box of kleenex. Huh?? I knew something was up. So I go into the kitchen and well, you can see what I found. ALL of the glitter dumped out, and Noah trying to clean it up with Kleenex. And the part I didn't get on film, was that Wyatt was sitting on the table, and Noah had squeezed glue all over his legs and glittered him. Yup. Glittered him!!! I didn't know what to do - so I threw him in the bathtub, which then got glitter all over the bathroom, and all down the hall. CHAOS I tell you!! I wanted to be mad, but it was just so funny. They both had to go to bed with no stories or snuggles, but that was all I had the heart to do.

While they were asleep I finished assembling them and hung them from their fans - aren't they so cute? I don't think Noah will ever let me take them down!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Big Tex

These pictures almost need no explanation, because they so perfectly describe my son. If somebody said, "Tell me about your son," all I would have to do is hold these pictures up, cause they pretty much say it all.

His safari hat...
his popgun...
his Word of God sword...

all tucked into his Thomas undies that are on backwards!! I love it!!

Noah tucks everything he can into his undies as if they were a tool belt. Flashlights, toys, guns, swords, they all can stick right into the side to be pulled out a moment's notice. I don't even know what he was watching, but evidently it required this entire outfit cause he certainly didn't have it all on a few minutes before!

I got the boys each a popgun at the homeschool conference and they haven't left their side since I came home! Noah even used his so much it broke the cork in the end! And the sword is pretty funny too - when you push the button it says, "The Word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any 2 edged sword!" The kids LOVE it! It's the voice that the man uses, and then the kids try to mimic it and it's hysterical. And he INSISTS on wearing the underwear backwards. What will I ever do with this boy??

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Discovery Green

Since the kids had so much fun last time at DG playing in the water, we decided to visit the park again last week. We went with our friend, Lisa, and her sweet kiddos. They all seemed to have tons of fun, but it was pretty crowded. I could not believe how many big kids were there! Wyatt must have gotten knocked down 3 times, and Noah twice. It reminded us of why we waited last summer until school started again! The kids played for a long time, and then we went and had a picnic under a huge tree. Of course the kids didn't eat, but they did have fun pulling the wagon up and down the sidewalk.

So all in all, the kids had fun, but we will definitely wait until school is in session again to return! The last picture is of Noah after the last time he got knocked down - doesn't he just look pitiful?

Here's Noah J being a sweet boy and trying to listen to me! "Put your arm around your brother and you guys smile!" What you can't tell is Wyatt is pinching his arm and pushing him away! What a little bug!!

Can you guess what he's saying? "POO POO!!!!" His favorite words!

Check out that yellow hair!! Love it!

I love this face!!! He does a weird voice when he makes it that I'm obsessed with!

My sad little monkey!

Monday, June 08, 2009


So, this is Wyatt's idea of a good time. Laying down on your stomach in the water that accumulates on the sidewalk when we've left the sprinkler on too long. Doesn't it just sound awful? Your bare skin on concrete? He really thinks he's swimming! :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

Spring program

During Noah's last week of school they had their spring program, where the kids got to perform some of the songs they had been learning this semester. Shockingly, Noah was really pumped about it before the show, but that excitement quickly wore off, as you can see in the picture of him on stage. He really loved wearing his special shirt with the astronaut on it, though!

Josh made some video but it is uploading right now, so I'll try to get that posted later this week. Once again, he stood there like a deer in the headlights, although he did mouth a lot of the words, and do some of the hand movements, teeny tiny right by his face. And then, he really surprised us. He started goofing off in the middle of it with his friend standing next to him. I was really shocked - he seemed so scared, but then he would turn to his friend and laugh it up. So cute!! It's on the video.

I think his favorite part of the night was getting to go get ice cream after the show with Joseph. They were so happy getting to eat outside and then run around and play. They made me a bit nuts, but what else could I expect with 3 little boys hyped up on ice cream up 2 hours past their bedtimes?? :)

The older pre-k kids had a little graduation that made me tear up - I can't even believe that is going to be Noah next year!!! He's growing up too fast!

Puppet show

A few more pics from the museum...

No matter how many times I explained that this was not the way a puppet show works, the boys insisted it was so. At least they had fun doing it, right??

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It really is new and improved!

Ahhh!! It has been just too long since I've posted. I've completely fallen down on my good mom duties. I just haven't had it in me lately, and we've actually not been taking a lot of pictures! But we did yesterday, so here are a few.

We took a trip to the Children's Museum to check it out, since the commercial claimed it was "new and improved." And to my surprise, it really was! I've always been a tad disappointed in it, but this one really lived up to my expectations. We went with a couple of friends from church, which thrilled Noah to have some boys to play with. I asked Noah what his favorite part was and this is is answer. "The ambulance, the police car, the space ship, the rockets, the water, the grocery store, the puppet show, and the restaurant." I then explained he was just supposed to pick the one part he liked the best, to which he responded with the exact same list. :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The new Kemah!

Can I hear a shout for the new Kemah anyone? I know my boys sure gave it a huge one! Noah has been asking for Kemah since Ike, so we were super excited when they started advertising that it was back. Noah saw those commercials and we just knew we had to plan a trip ASAP. And luckily, Josh had his last Saturday off so we were able to go as a family, instead of the kids just going with G&G.

Wyatt was super thrilled by the new double decker carousel, and I think Noah's favorite part was his good old airplanes. Lots of fun was had by all!

I love the picture of Wyatt with the fork - he was eating all of the olives out of the salad. Who would have thought?? I've got more pics but am out of time! We're leaving in the morning for Thomas, so I better go finish the last minute stuff!