Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Our little Punzel!

Annie's favorite princess is Rapunzel, by far!  She was so cute cause we had a girl's night when the boys went to the movies and she begged for some princess hair.  Princess hair?!  I literally had to google it and watch some Youtube videos to figure it out. And what I figured out was that with the 28 hairs on little girl's head it was gonna be pretty hard!  She's so, so sweet, though, and just loved what I came up with.  So thankful she's not too demanding yet!  She even had me fix her Rapunzel doll's hair the same way with a ribbon and all.    She really was so tickled!

The boys came home and we all went out to Chick-fi-A for dinner, which really is a treat to them cause we never eat inside there.  I guess the Disney trip was still heavy on their minds cause Wyatt was so sweet and told Annie he wanted to bring his Disney World autograph book to the restaurant to make this a "character meal."  Now you know my first response is NO cause those books are just for that trip but it was such a sweet gesture and made her feel so important I kept my mouth zipped!  He brought her a Sharpie and she was in hog heaven.  See that precious little smile?  Love that my boys know how to make this girly feel important!