Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Schools out beach trip!

It is so hard to believe it had been 2 years since we had been to the beach till this trip!  With all the smelly seaweed problem Galveston had last year we didn't even go a single time.  Luckily the  beach was perfect this time around.  They were all so happy!

They spent most of the time body boarding and they had a blast.  Even Annie was brave enough to actually do it this year!  And she definitely wins the award for cutest face while doing it!

Owen Reid had no fear of the ocean at all!  We put him down in the sand he crawled right on in.  And then he wanted to eat the sand.  Lots of it.

So the rest of the trip was pretty much figuring out how to keep Owen's sand consumption to a minimum.  That, and trying to keep a hat on his head.  The bucket hat was a major no no.  Check out signor grumpy pants.

We also had our very first visit with the ice cream man ON the beach.  Yup, he drove right onto the beach.  Everything was right with the world for the next five minutes.  I'm pretty sure their is nothing better than splashing in the ocean while you are eating a snowcone.  At least not to my Rosie girl!

We had a small dinner break...

and then went back to the water until the sun went down.  My favorite time of day at the beach.  Forget the sunrise, sunset is where its at!

Everybody into jammies and one sleepy baby fed.  And then of course the long ride home, but not before a few minutes to watch the lights on the pleasure pier.  They were beautiful!