Friday, March 31, 2006


I cannot believe it, but I actually didn't take any pictures today. So I will just have to say that Noah looks terrible cause he hit his head 6 times today!! He is SO bruised! He is just deciding that he should try standing without holding onto stuff, or turning while standing and reaching for something - well, he normally falls, and today was a hit your head kind of day. We were SO shocked his head didn't bust open - we're talking straight backwards onto the linoleum kind of falls. It just breaks your heart!!!!! Hopefully tomorrow he will have a better sense of balance! Wish us luck cause Josh is starting to build the patio cover tomorrow!! Lets just hope the boy cooperates!

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Yes, today I took my son to another neighborhood's park to play. But its really not that bad! Josh had a job interview in Cinco Ranch today and Noah J and I desperately wanted to get out of the house, so we went and played on the playground while Josh interviewed. The playground was great - the interview sucked. They liked Josh, but Josh didn't like their paycheck! :-) Josh and I were a teeny bit bummed cause you know you just have that small hope that the job will be perfect and you get to quit the one you hate? Oh well, just like the UP job worked out perfectly for us, I am certain Josh will find one even better.

Noah had lots of fun on the swings, but didn't want to play with the other stuff - he was completely freaked out by standing on the mulch. I guess we need to get that boy some shoes!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't look at me in the second picture, but I just HAD to post it so you could see his frowny face!! I just love it when he's pouty with those eyebrows down. He was VERY confused by me holding the camera and taking a picture of us by myself. He better get used to it though, cause you just know its my favorite way to take pictures!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Our Little Linus

Today was the day of the blanky. I have NO idea why, but I let Noah take his blanket out of the crib today. He was just so groggy and clutching it after his nap and when he reached up for me in the crib he just never let it go... and you have to admit its pretty darn cute. So I'm afraid he's turned into Linus. He carried this thing EVERYWHERE with him today. You can see he even put it on Joseph's feet before he played with him. Note how closely he is sitting next to Joe - I swear the child wants to sit on top of him! He also has had an attachment to the passy lately - it makes me nervous!!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Squirmy Boy!

Noah has been a nightmare to change lately - he just twists and turns and tries to sit up. Well this week has been even worse - and tonight as we were getting ready for his bath we figured out why. He wants to touch the pictures on the wall! He stands on the changing table on his tiptoes to try to reach the plane. Hopefully he will grow out of this phase!

Monday, March 27, 2006

My little chubba bubba

Yes, this photo has been edited at his father's request so we wouldn't have freaks looking at him! And, yes, this photo actually isn't from today but from last week. But could he be any cuter?? Not to share too much, but he had a monster poop reminiscent of his 6-week-old days that required a cleaning beyond what a wipe can provide. Luckily, Daddy was taking a shower so baby got to join him. He was just so adorable sitting on that shower bench I made Josh stand there for an hour blocking the water just to snap a pic! But I think thats why they love me. :)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Crazy Grandpa

So you just know that my father is crazy! We get a call before we come over for dinner Sat. night to bring the camera - and immediately our though is "What did he buy?" And not to our surprise as we drive up we see this lovely cafe set sitting in the yard! Could it be any cuter? Noah wasn't quite sure what to think - I actually think he was pondering where his drink with the umbrella was. Anyways, we had fun, and Oma cooked us all some delicious schnitzel and we ate till we were all fat as ticks, including Noah J!

After our trip to Arne's this morning for birthday party stuff (during which my son peed on me) we were hungry so we stopped at Star Pizza in our old neighborhood. We wanted to eat there the entire 2 years we lived in the Heights but never got around to it. It was SO yummy and Noah had fun sitting outside on the porch enjoying the beautiful weather.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hangin with Great Granny

Noah got to hang out with his Great Granny this morning and had a blast! He was in love with her necklace, and GG was so sweet she found him another one to play with! We didn't get to stay and visit long because of our fussy bug, but we had fun while it lasted.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Walking with the Hungry Hungry Hippo

So I actually got a picture of him walking with his hippo today! Not that you can exactly see the action in a still photo, but he really was walking with it! We were so surprised cause he just HATES walking - he has been pushing this thing around for weeks by crawling behind it! Didn't have too much of an exciting day, but we did have visitors this evening - Grandma, Grandpa, Oma, and Uncle Aaron picking up Joe. I was excited cause he actually ate dinner from a spoon tonight -I'm feeling brave and may once again try some oatmeal in the morning - that boy just loves to feed himself and thinks he doesn't need us anymore! Looking forward to the weekend!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Antique Rose Emporium

We are a bit angry at the weather man today!! I swear last night it said mostly sunny for today with a high of 62 - well, it didn't feel anywhere near that! And it was so windy! We thought today would be a great day to make our annual trip to the Rose Emporium in Independence cause the wildflowers are blooming and the roses too. Well, it was SOOO cold Noah J and Josh were crying so we only stayed for a few minutes, bought a rose to cover the ugly shed in our back yard, and then drove to Bryan for lunch at our favorite restaurant, Square One. We think this is Noah's favorite place to eat - he was just so happy there - he had some garlic bread, cream of asparagus soup, pasta in a gorgonzola cream sauce (yummy!) and some fresh fruit. It was deeeeelicious. But unfortunately all of that driving made him one grumpy boy this afternoon for his Granny. I guess he wanted to show off cause he actually stood up with his hippo walker and walked across the room!! Of course, as soon as the camera came out he sat down and crawled! :) Maybe later this week.... And we were treated to dinner by Granny and Noah was a terror - the worst he's ever been in a restaurant. I think we'll be eating dinner at home for a while!

I know Noah doesn't look happy here - but I'm not either! We were shivering! Can you see Noah J's red nose? And yes, after seeing this picture I realize how desperately I need a haircut!! Haven't gotten it done since before Noah was born - now I just have to pick a haircut!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Fashion Plates

My boys just looked so handsome this morning I had to snap a picture! Josh in his all gray number, and Noah in pajama pants and a striped tee! Poor Noah J doesn't have any pants other than jammies that fit, cause we only bought shorts cause its supposed to be hot! And yes, Josh went outside in this outfit to water the yard. :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lunch Date with Grandma

Noah J and I had a wonderful surprise today - Grandma called first thing this morning and invited us to lunch! We thought it was about time this boy had his first taste of some Luby's mac and cheese, so we headed that direction. Noah ws fascinated by the serving line, and enjoyed eating some fish, broccoli, and macaroni!

After lunch Noah had a blast playing at Grandma's desk, chewing the phone cord, and playing with her keyboard (she's not like mean Mommy and Daddy!). He even got to play on Grandma's boss's couch! We had a great day!

Monday, March 20, 2006

I guess this isn't so bad....

After months and months of taking Noah to the park to swing, today we finally got a smile! Yay!! And of course, we can't enjoy something without chewing on it! I thought the lady I bought the pattern for the shopping cart cover from was crazy, but now that I saw him eating that seat I think I might have to use it on the swing, too!

Sorry this took so long to post, but Blogger wouldn't put up my pictures!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I've got a fever - and the only thing that will cure it is more cow bell!

It's true, Noah J does have the cowbell fever! He gets SO excited to ring the cowbell on Grandma and Grandpa's back porch. And of course, then he has to eat it! Today we discovered the exact routine that must be followed with all of his favorite toys. It goes as follows:

  • Closely inspect the front of the object
  • Closely inspect the back of the object as if you have never seen it before
  • Immediately bring it up to your mouth to eat it, or if needed, bend down to the ground to get it into your mouth
  • Suddenly and violently throw the object to the ground
After playing with the bell Grandma and Grandpa made us a scrumptious steak dinner!! Yummy!

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Noah James was introduced to the wonders of Make-A-Cake today. Sadly, though, he was not very into the vats of icing, boxes of sprinkles, and shelves of cake decorations - I'm sure as he gets older it will excite him a bit more! We went to purchase the supplies that I need for his first birthday cake - where else do you get a 6" cake pan? We're getting SOOOO excited about the party. Ok, well, I'm getting excited.... Noah and Josh are pretty tired of hearing about it! ;)

Here's a pic with his first yummy Saturday morning breakfast - Mom's favorite, French Toast and eggs!!! Scrumptious... you can see there's almost none left!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Goodbye and Hello!

Noah has finally discovered how to crawl through his baby gymnastics center!! We were a little stressed cause we spent so much money on this thing, thinking he would just LOVE to crawl through all the holes, but he hasn't gone through a single time until today! YIPPEE!!

Before and After

Here's the before:
And here's the after!

No, Noah was not that interested in posing in front of the new grass. The grass did look better, but the Oak tree lost a ton of leaves that we can't rake out cause we can't walk on the grass till next week. We are pleased with the results, but we will never do it again!! The back yard is just gonna have to stay weeds or save itself! And I know it looks like there are no bushes in the beds, but we bought the 3 dollar ones that are tiny! And of course the savvy shoppers that we are, we purchased them in the fall when they were 70 percent off, so they haven't grown much since October! :) With all of the recent watering, though, they are taking off and should look great by this summer!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Other Other White Meat

I know, I know, we takes pictures of the strangest things. And you never know what Noah might do at Target that needs to be photographed! We had a lazy day, not doing much, but went to Target to look at fireplace screens since Noah has been getting covered in soot here lately. But they were out for the season, so who knows where to look next! Still trying to decide on a grill, but Noah thinks this is the one we should get! Josh looks bored cause it took about 20 pics to get Noah to look at the camera - he was just too interested in all of the other people and their carts!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Look out Joseph!!

Noah James was a busy bee today! As you can see, he thinks that in order to play with Joseph he should crawl on top of him (don't worry - Joe is fine!! I promise he didn't hurt him and wasn't pressing on his tummy - he was just patting it!). Eventually, though, he finally left Joseph alone - lets hope he remembers this on Friday!

Noah also figured out opening the kitchen cabinets. Good thing Josh is on top of stuff and already put locks on the important ones. It was a bit tricky trying to keep Joseph asleep while Noah was slamming the cabinet doors over and over again.

Noah had his first taste of rice stack tonight and he really loved it. I know he doesn't look happy in the picture, but he was a bit confused at first! :) The taco seasoning didn't phase him one bit, but he wasn't too sure about the tomatoes. It was our first time to sit down together for dinner in a long time since Josh has been working 2nd, and it was really nice!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Watch out Lily cat!!

Once again here is a pic from last week, cause I didn't take pics again today! Noah thinks the best game in the world is to crawl around the house at lightning speed to catch Lily and when he gets her what do you think he does? He gives her a big kiss and then pulls her tail! Needless to say, Lilycat isn't so fond of this game, but sometimes she just sits there and gives in, like in this photo.

Noah J visited the mall again today to pick up dad's glasses, the Christian book store to find a book on dealing with babies that have temper tantrums (for my sometimes not-so-sweet boy), and then had a cheeseburger at Fuddruckers - of course the only part he really wanted to eat was the bun. That boy loves bread just like his momma!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Mom is a Bad Blogger!

I haven't taken any pictures in 2 whole days! You y'all will just have to be pleased with this pic from a few weeks ago (this is Josh's favorite cause he thinks Noah looks like a pouty British rocker - and you know how Josh loves British rockers)!

We had an exciting day today, but in the craziness there was no time for the camera. Josh an I are SO brave we took both babies to the mall today while Josh got his annual eye exam and ordered new glasses. Like I said, we are crazy! It must have taken us 45 minutes to get everything packed up and into the car. But both of them were so good that it went really well - even though we were doing the whole eye thing for about two and a half hours. It only started to go downhill when we decided to eat lunch there - trying to feed ourselves, Noah J, and holding Joseph cause he didn't want to be in the stroller anymore was a nightmare. BUT, we discovered that Noah really likes pickles - who woulda thought it? And both boys slept all the way home!

We're thinking Noah might be getting some new teeth - he cried for most of the day if he didn't have a fresh dose of ibuprofin in him. And he has woken up crying already tonight twice, which he never does anymore. Let's hope tomorrow is better!

Saturday, March 11, 2006


So maybe he didn't really look at the antiques, but he sure had fun being pushed around and having old folks ogling him! And of course he had fun eating his lunch with his Grandma! Notice how he's sitting on a plastic sack.... after he peed on Grandma's pants she decided she wasn't gonna risk it again! And he's doing this weird thing in the stroller lately, pulling his lugs up as high as he can into this little ball - but of course he wouldn't let go of his banana bread sticks!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

But I'm the Baby!!

Noah James just doesn't understand why he can't treat his cousin Joseph like all of his other toys! Today marked the end of our first week with Joseph, and it was a TOUGH day! Both the babies were grumpy, and Noah is just frustrated that we keep telling him to be gentle with the baby. He gives us this look like, "But I'm the baby!" I tried all day to get a picture of the two of them together, but I just cannot leave Noah within a three foot vicinity of Joe without him putting his mouth on his face, or putting one of his toys on his head. :) SO, in desperation for a photo for today I snuck into his room a few minutes ago to snap this shot of my exhausted boy snoozing away. I'm one brave momma! Luckily, as I walked in he turned his head away to the flash didn't bother him one bit!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Play Date

Noah J had some fun with his girlfriend, Adeline, today. Yes, he's into older ladies - he has to be so he has someone to hold onto while he's standing. They had fun playing with toys and then eating tacos together at lunch! It has been a tough week for Noah learning to share his toys - first with Joseph, and now with Adeline. It's good for him, though!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Noah had his first sandwich today! It was a scrumptious grilled cheese cut into the tiniest bites ever. He was a happy boy! He is now only eating "baby food" for breakfast and wants to feed himself lunch and dinner, so mom is having to experiment with some new ideas!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dirty Boy

I can't vouch for Noah, but after today's nightmare of tilling the yard we are SO achy and exhausted! And poor Josh had to go to work 3rd shift tonight with no sleep today! And we still have mounds and mounds of dirt/weeds to dispose of, and nowhere to put it. The sod is getting delivered tomorrow, so after that we will finally get some rest and enjoy our beautiful green lawn. If you can't tell, neither of the boys wanted to pose for pictures, but I said it will make for a great before and after! Noah had fun playing in the dirt today, although his main objective was to eat it. He was so dirty we had to scrub him down in the tub and Josh thinks its funny to give him crazy hair, hence the mohawk picture.

Monday, March 06, 2006

You Should See The Other Guy

These pictures break my heart! Noah had his first real accident today and busted his eye! He was standing up holding onto the edge of the bed and fell backwards onto his bum and when he did his head flung forward and banged on the metal rail that holds the mattresses. IT was so awful! And we didn't even realize he was bleeding, but we took him outside to calm down and saw it and oh my goodness we freaked! But after he calmed down he didn't even notice it the rest of the day. Josh says we shouldn't take him out in public for a while.... don't want anyone getting the wrong idea! :)

Notice the mark on his lip in this pic? I flipped when I saw him cause I thought he was bleeding again, but then I saw he was sitting on an eyeliner pencil. I haven't worn eyeliner in a few years, so no clue where he got that from! And since he despises having his face washed I was a little concerned about getting it off, but after his afternoon snack of avocados it was gone! Now you know, if you need to remove makeup, use avocado!