Thursday, July 27, 2006

The most precious boys in the whole wide world!

I really do believe that I'm the most blessed girl on the entire planet cause I get to be with my two boys everyday!

We went to the park this morning and Noah J actually climbed up the slide this time! It was so hideously humid the camera fogged up - hence the angelic photos!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Busy Weekend!

I didn't take any pictures, but Noah J had a very full weekend. He got to visit Central Market, stop at Wabash Feed and pet some puppies, kittens, and bunnies, and also run away from the geese! He played in the dark and Grandma and Grandpa's when the electricity went out, and also got treated to a delicious mac & cheese meal at Saltgrass by his Granny. He was wiped out tonight - he fell asleep on Josh's shoulder after we got him out of the car! So sweet!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Off to school???

Noah has decided that he MUST wear his backpack if he is in the house. There's nothing in it, but he just gets so tickled to walk around with it! When it falls off he brings it to me crying so I will put it back on for him. Too cute!

Monday, July 17, 2006


That is Josh's favorite nickname for little Noah J. Here is a pick of Noah in action - knocking down the lego robot man every single time Josh builds it for him. You can see the head is already gone. FUN!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

So maybe we're just a little concerned!

Besides the pager, Noah's other obsession is shoes. He is constantly bringing them to us - getting them out of the closet, from the front door, and just about anywhere else we dump them. We used to put them on thinking it was cute, but now we've created a special place where we put all the shoes each time he brings us some. Of course this spot is not the closet like it should be, but thats a whole other story!

Today Noah J brought me one of my heels from the closet and wanted me to put them on his foot. So I put it on him, and pulled some of his jammies through this little hole on the top of the shoe, and that kid was so darn happy to walk all over the house in that shoe. He walked up and down the hallway listening to it clack on the tile. When it fell off he got hysterical until we put it on his foot again. And of course, all the while, dragging his blanky with him!

Notice his absolutely adorable new pj's his Granny got him. Josh and I were so obsessed with his cuteness in them that we didn't dress him till after noon! He looks like a baby in them instead of such a big boy! Now I think this is the only type of jammies he will ever get!

Page Dr. Marlatt!! STAT!!!

Noah J has a total obsession with Josh's pager. And we've always just let him play with it cause its really not a big deal. Or so we thought. A couple of weeks ago all of Noah's excessive slobber drenched it so much that it stopped working. So Josh got a new one from his job (of course not telling them really what happened to the old one). So we took the battery out of this one and now its his to play with. He was so funny walking around with it on his waist today! Of course he still wanted the one Josh has so we had to constantly remind him of the one on his own pair of pants!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Time out for some juice!

I thought this moment was just too cute to pass up - Noah J and Adeline sippin' from their cups at the park yesterday! Noah had tons of fun, but the mosquitos were a nightmare! By the end of the day yesterday we counted 9 bites just on his head/neck alone!

Since Adeline is an older lady I was hopeful Noah would pick up on her ability to climb the stairs and go down the slide by himself just like her. No such luck though. He wouldn't even climb the stairs - he was a bit freaked by them. I guess cause they're big black metal things - nothing like the stairs and Grandma and Grandpa's!

He also got to hang at the pool in the afternoon with Aunt Christy and cousin Joe, and then got treated to dinner at The Outback by Granny! And luckily for him, on the way home we stopped at Target and bought some bug spray!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Such a little boy!

My baby bear has decided that he thinks its absolutely hysterical to burp. When he does it he stares at us with this huge grin on his face waiting for us to react. So of course I laugh and carry on about it and he burps again. Then I laugh, then he burps, then I laugh, then he burps. Well, this goes on until he can no longer summon any burps.

So tonight in the bathtub he burps. And we laugh and then Josh burps back at him. Well he just couldn't stop laughing. And then my boys had a burp off. I think its quite possibly the happiest Josh has ever been! :) And when Noah J couldn't burp anymore he did this looooooooong, deeeeeeeeeep growl instead thinking we couldn't tell the difference. He's too funny!

And last night I caught the boy asleep sitting up in his crib. He turned his music on around midnight right when I was going to bed. So I went to check on him and turn his fan off like I do every night, and he was sitting up. Thinking he was awake I walked in and started talking to him and realized he was asleep sitting up in the corner!!!!!!!!! Of course I woke him so then I got to have some sweet nighttime rocking in the glider! OOOOOO, my favorite! I guess his music just lulled him right to sleep!

Sorry I don't have any picks this week! He's become such a monster grabbing at the camera its been hard lately!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Nothing but trouble!!

So my little boy got into my gigantic bin of flour today. Evidently when I made a cake for the 4th I forgot to snap the lid on all the way. I buy flour in bulk cause its so cheap and I keep this huge rubbermaid tub on the floor of the pantry (which is Noah's favorite place to play). I was in the dining room playing with Joe today and suddenly see this white hand tapping me on the shoulder. I turned around and this is what I found!!

I am just in love with these pictures cause he has those little spindly legs and that huge filthy outfit - I don't know why I bought something white and size 24 months. Don't look at the dirty dishes on my counter!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th!!

Noah J had quite a fun day - he mostly got to run around Grandma and Grandpa's yard the whole day! He did not partake in any brisket our sausage, but he still enjoyed the festivities by licking a little bit of ice cream from the beater. He liked how it tasted but I think it was a bit too cold for his liking. He also played in the new playhouse/slide G&G bought and his favorite thing was opening and closing the door. He also enjoyed helping Grandmpa sweep the ice off the sidewalk from the ice cream mixer.

Oh yeah, sorry about Josh's head being cut off in the pic, but it really was the best one we got!

We were thinking maybe we would do some fireworks tonight, but its rainy and Noah J was just so exhausted he went right to sleep when we got home. Maybe next year!

Happy 4th everyone!