Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day trip to Galveston (goodbye sea monkeys)

Today was the day we had to say farewell to our good pals, the sea monkeys!  Wyatt bought them with birthday money from Oma and well, it was just time.  Time for them to go before we accidentally killed them!  We had some about a year ago and the water got so funky they all died.  So this time we suggested to Wyatt that they should be released and he was all about it.  And who can say no to a quick trip to the beach?

Annie had definitely missed the ocean since our trip to South Padre!  The swimsuits are deceiving cause we didn't really let them swim - they were just there in case somebody fell into the water.  We discussed with them we were going to explore Galveston instead and will take a trip with the family next month.  It took a little convincing but they got into it quick enough!

We were just gonna stop at La King's Confectionery for a treat but the kids were starving and the minute they saw the 3 story Fuddruckers we knew it was all over for them.  We were even crazy enough to eat on the third story deck in this crazy heat.  After lunch we promptly ran across the street for some dessert!

Milkshakes were in order and as soon as Annie heard they had root beer milkshakes she knew that was what she must have!  We also let the kids choose a couple of candies to take home.

The instant she saw the pink jelly beans her mind was made up - she was so cute getting down to check out the lady scooping them out!  After she had her little bag every time she saw anything pink she would proclaim "Look, that match my candy!!"  And the boys were thrilled with their choice.... gummy rattle snakes!!!

I'm really not sure they will be able to bring themselves to eat them, they love them so.  And the sweet lady who helped us really played it up that she had to handle them just so - you know, as to not get bitten.  :)

We had planned on Heading over to Pier 21 and checking out the movie about the hurricane, but time just wasn't working in our favor.  We headed to do a driving tour of  wood sculptures.  Sounds boring, but it was really amazing.

Aren't they great?  We saw about 20 different ones - all carved from dead trees left over from Hurricane Ike.  It was lots of fun cause I had a map  (click on details to download it) with them all laid out and we could prepare the kids with "look for a dog on your right" and they would get super excited to search and be the one who found it.  A great free activity!  

After scouring yards for an hour we headed for the ferry!!  When we told Annie about the ferry last night she proclaimed "that boat sink down in water and shark's eat Annie!"  LOL  She wasn't nervous a bit once we got there, though!

There's Minnie!!
I think their favorite part of the ferry ride was feeding the birds!  We didn't bring any food but luckily my car is messy enough I was able to scrounge up some goldfish!  My messiness saved the day!

So much excitement and really not enough time to enjoy it!  By the time we got out of the van it seemed like we had to load back up again.  We decided to drive home the opposite direction so we didn't ride it back.  We were doubting our decision cause it seemed like so far to drive but it was really beautiful that direction!  I hadn't been that was since I was a child so it was all new to me.  AND we found a hidden treasure - Fort Travis!

We spotted it from the road and turned around to let the kids take a peek.  I'm so glad we did cause it turned out to be their favorite part of the day.  Some kids might not be impressed with it but the boys were thrilled!

It was hot, and there were lots of mosquitoes but it didn't keep the kids from looking into every nook and cranny they could!  We were amazing to learn that 2 of the bunkers were built in 1898.  It was really an awesome sight.  Love these shots of Annie stopping to pick some burrs out of her dress.  :)

And I have saved the best for last.... THE RACCOON!!!  We rounded a corner and there he was.  The terrifying part is that Annie went running straight for him, ignoring our cries telling her to stop.  I'm pretty sure she would have run straight up to him and tried to hug him if we hadn't stopped her.  :)

We had such a great Marlatt Family Fun Day!!  Wednesdays are the best when Josh gets to do all the fun stuff with us.  Can't wait till our next day out and about being tourists in our own neck of the woods!