Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bugs at the zoo!

As soon as these kiddos saw that the zoo was having a giant bugs exhibit they began asking weekly when we were going.  We decided to go as early as we could in the summer cause I knew that as my belly got bigger there was no way I was gonna hang out in the heat at the zoo!  And it is a good thing, cause even though this was May it was crazy hot already!  Don't they look like such tourists with the camera, glasses, and tickets?  So funny!

The big bugs were definitely a big hit!  Annie is cracking me up with her poses here!

Love fun, easy days with the family like this!  Although it could have been better with a cool breeze! Right?!   

Monday, May 19, 2014

Last day of ballet!

I can't even believe the whole semester of ballet is already over!  This little girl has truly blossomed and had so much fun these past few months.  She is just in love with "Ms. Feather" (Heather, LOL!) and was tickled pink that she got a special pinwheel from her on the last day.  Aren't these girls just too cute?   Annie is already prepared for next semester and can't wait!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My birthday boy!

I know I say this every year but I just cannot believe this big old kid is my first little baby! He is growing up so quickly it is really hard to comprehend.  And of course now that he is 9 he keeps reminding me he is "halfway to adult!!"  Ack!  It is really just beyond belief that half my time with him as my own is already gone.  OK, before I get super sappy and cry I just wanted to share his shiny little face on his birthday at the library.  I love that he begged to get to go to the library for his birthday.  This boy LOVES books! 

The rest of the gang was there too.  This is how Wyatt likes to behave at the library.

And this is how Miss Priss likes to sit and wait on her bubbas.  Isn't she hysterical with her legs and arms crossed so casually?  She is just so over the top girly all the time.  Love it!

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Disney Day 4: Magic Kingdom!

Our long awaited return to the Magic Kingdom came on day 4 in Orlando!  We separated a bit this day with the girls going one way and the boys going another.  The guys finally got to ride Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain while Annie got to meet her favorite princess, Rapunzel!

We actually did not plan on meeting Merida but there were only 6 people in line to see her this morning and Annie was certain we needed to meet "Brave Annie."  For some reason that is what Annie calls her.  And whenever Annie does something she is super proud of she calls herself Brave Annie.  I love it!  You can see Annie showed her BunBun and asked her if she likes bunnies too.  I think she was the nicest princess we met the whole trip! 

We headed over to meet Cinderella (again) and even the boys were into it.  I love Noah's face in that top picture.  And you can just see the look of adoration on Wyatt's face!

All of the kids loved Rapunzel the best, though!  Noah and Wyatt kept saying "she was just like the movie, talking the whole time without stopping!"  I love the blurry pic of her and Annie running into the room.  Couldn't have been more perfect.  After she signed their books the boys asked her where Pascal was and you can see she threw her hands up in the air and told them they were playing hide and seek earlier and she hasn't been able to find him yet.  It was so cute!  The best part then was that Noah turned around and started looking for him in the room!!  Ha!!

Then we rode the long awaited carousel, which was Annie's favorite ride of the whole trip.  You know, the one thing she has ridden at dozens of other places!

The kids were super pumped that later on we actually found a hidden Pascal in Rapunzel's village!  It went so well with Rapunzel's story of hide and seek!  Next we rode a bunch of other classic rides like Peter Pan's Flight...

And Small World!

This day was intensely hot and crowded!  We had to take a break in the shade as often as we could!

And the boys got to ride the long awaited Pirates of the Carribean.  It was a huge success.  Annie got to see Captain Jack put on a show outside while we waited for the boys and she loved it!

At this point we were more than happy to take a long break to head over to 1900 Park Fare for a super early dinner!  It was fun also cause we got to see the beautiful resort!

This was a long awaited meal because Annie was finally going to get to meet Prince Charming!

This is the person she was most looking forward to meeting (even more than Punzel and that says a lot!).  And wouldn't you know it she fell asleep on the ride over and was NOT in the mood.  Forget that Prince Charming guy.  She kept saying "he has funny hair!" and hiding her face.  I still can't believe that she didn't talk to him!

After that shew as terrified of Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters because they are "so mean" and they had "scary hair."  :)  Which really, what kid WOULD want to meet the mean people from a show?  Luckily Cinderella stopped by first and convinced her that she had been giving them "princess lessons" and they were nice now.  Cinderella saved the day!

But perhaps Cinderella should have given Noah a little pep talk too because the stepmother came by and couldn't stop teasing the boys about marrying her daughters!  She was hysterical! 

Then the best part of all, the sisters, came by.  They carried on and on about Noah's freckles and how cute the boys were and they were SO embarrassed! 

Anastasia carried on and on about marrying Noah and even plopped a big one right on his adorable cheek.  He was so funny he wiped that kiss off and then dropped to the floor in a big show of horror! 

This was my favorite character meal of the trip!  The food was delicious and they characters were so lively and fun.  And check out that adorable tiny chocolate tart!  Yes, we photographed it cause it was so teeny and cute!  After such fun we were refreshed to head back into the steamy and crowded Magic Kingdom for an afternoon/evening of fun.  Noah, Josh, and Grandpa headed off to the Haunted Mansion while Mom, Annie and I went to see Enchanted Tales with Belle.  This was a really neat activity cause the kids got to be involved and it was really neat on the inside.  To our surprise the little kid who was chosen to play the part of the beast was too scared to do it at the last second so they asked Wyatt.  Well, he didn't want to do it either but he did and it was the most adorable thing ever!

Doesn't Wyatt look so pleased with himself?  And see how he was looking at her?  I think he's a bit in love.  :)  All of his practicing dancing with Annie really paid off!  We did Tom Sawyer's Island and the boys rode Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain which both were huge hits.  So huge that they had to do them multiple times till we just couldn't stay awake any longer.

Once again we missed the parade (LOL) but accidentally got to see fireworks on our way out of the Kingdom!

It was an insanely long, hot day, but one of the best of the trip!