Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Menchies Celebration!

The big news this past week was that Wyatt finished his Get Ready for the Code book!!  Folks, I thought this day would never come.  And the crazy part is that he FLEW through it.  It makes me wonder if something just clicked or if he finally decided he wants to learn to read.  I'm really excited cause I know he will fly through the next two books and be good and ready for kinder come August.  Yay!!  He requested that he be treated just the same as Noah and get to do something special when he finishes his "splode" the code books.  After we said no to Itz he decided on a trip to Menchies, and of course we took a few pics!

He even brought Orangey along for some yogurt!

Little momma loves her some yogurt and made quite a mess of herself!

And Noah J had fun taking pics of his daddy with his favorite Menchies character - the marshmallow man!

While we were waiting on Wyatt to finish his mountain of ice cream Josh took a ton of pics of us.  I just love these shots of Noah J's gorgeous little face.

He's giving you the smolder in that last shot... can you tell?!  :) 
I attempted the smolder as well but was rather unsuccessful! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Trouble maker!!

 So Josh and I were in our bedroom and when he came around the corner this is what he saw out of the window.  For real!  The boy is HUGE and our wobbly patio cover was rocking back and forth.  And that swing is 7 years old and quite brittle.  I'm quite shocked it all held him!  Of course Josh got mad, but it was also so funny he took a few pics.  Evidently this is the sort of stuff they come up with when we aren't looking!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Great moment!

It is moments like this that make me remember why we chose to homeschool!  We downloaded Annie a new app that makes animal sounds and the boys immediately ran off with the kindle to show it to her.  They got all the couch pillows and made a little bed in the middle of the living room and laid down for some fun.  I was so tickled by them and it just touched my heart.  I cannot even imagine sending off one/some of them to school each day!  I just know we have to soak up every minute together that we possibly can.   So many reasons to homeschool, but the friendships they are forming is one of the most important in my book.  So thankful!