Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Big brothers and bedrest!!

So here I am, on day 1 of bedrest, and I'm already bored to tears!!!  And it is just 9:15 am!! :)  Ridiculous, I know.  Went to my 37 week check up yesterday, and ended up at the hospital having some testing done.  My blood pressure was up, had a 4 pound weight gain in a week (I have only gained 1 pound this whole pregnancy, so this was really unusual), there was a small amount of protein in my urine, and you should check out my feet - they are HUGE!  So I was at the hospital for a couple of hours checking my blood pressure the whole time, doing a fetal stress test, and a ton of bloodwork. Everything came back normal, except for my bloodwork, where I had elevated liver enzymes.  So they decide to send me home to bedrest, and to collect my urine for 24 hours.  Nice, huh??  So I'm keeping my pee on ice and we have to go back to the hospital tomorrow to do this all over again.  I'm praying that everything will be normal and she will tell me to just take it easy OR she'll say, lets plan to have the baby next week or something.  I just DON'T want to be on bedrest for the next 2 weeks.  How do you do that will 2 little ones?  I know people do it, but it is something I just don't want to experience!

The boys are definitely ready now, whatever happens, cause they took their big brother class and tour at the hospital last weekend!  Noah was dead set against this class, but as soon as he got there he was so incredibly happy and excited!  They got to pick out babies, and he was just tickled to death with it.  They watched a video that he thought was hysterical about taking care of babies, and then they taught the boys how to change diapers and wrap the baby up in a blanket.  So glad my mom came with me, cause the class was a bit rushed and I needed help to work with both of the boys.  Thanks mom! 

I was especially impressed with Noah, cause he really learned a lot!  They talked to the kids about what toys would be safe for the baby to play with, and what wouldn't.  They showed how if a toy could fit inside a toilet paper tube then it isn't safe for a baby.  It was so adorable cause then Noah leans over and tells my mom that his little star wars guns for his men are not safe for Annie, but his big blasters would be ok!  The teacher then explained the kids should put their small toys into boxes with lids.  Noah got super excited at that point cause he has a box with a lid for his star wars men.  He told mom he's going to put a sign on it that says "Not for babies!"  So cute!!

This picture here is what concerns us a little about Wyatt!  I love it cause he is just so casual about it all, you know, with his arm across the babies face! 

At the end of the class they got big brother t-shirts and then they went for a tour of the hospital, but sadly didn't get to see any real babies!  They were  all in with their mommies, which I think worked out for the best, cause I'm certain Noah thought we were going to get to hold those babies too!

I think these boys are now officially as excited as we are!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My not so baby boy

This is Noah J's cute face.  He has recently decided to ask me all the time, "Momma, is this a cute face?"  And then he makes this face.  Of course I have to tell him that all his faces are cute faces.  What could a momma not love about this pud???

Josh snapped these pics of him in Annie's room last week, and I just had to share them cause they exemplify everything I love about this crazy monkey.

He has absolutely the sweetest, and most empathetic heart.  On the way home from the doc last week, there was a window washer at a stoplight off 59.  So Noah asks us about what he is doing and we explained that he wants to clean peoples windows to make some money.  He immediately gets this sad voice and says, "But  mom, nobody is letting him wash their windows!!"  Josh and I make light of it like, "Oh, they just don't want that right now,"  but Noah was really upset about it.  He continued with, "I think his heart is very sad now cause nobody will let him wash the windows!"  Things that I don't even think twice about almost always touch his heart.

Over a week ago we were waiting in line at the seafood counter at HEB, and I pointed out some whole fish they had in the case and told him that is what we were buying, and I was going to eat the eyeballs.  They groaned, moaned, and laughed, and I didn't think much else about it.  Then this morning, completely out of the blue in the car, he asks me, "Momma, do you really eat fish eyeballs?"  I guess this is something that has been weighing heavily on his mind!! he he he  I have to wonder what this boy thinks about all day long,

He also loves Wyatt so much - this week he has been really into loving on him.  While I was taking Wyatt for his nap yesterday I heard Noah screaming, "Wyatt!!!! Wait!!!"  I thought for sure he was going to ask if he could play with one of his toys while he slept, but instead he said, "I didn't get to kiss you night night!"  He took Wy's little chubby cheeks and kissed him and told him, "Sweet dreams brother!!!"  Wyatt was really tickled to death.  Obviously that is not the norm, but sometimes he just surprises me!

Lest I make him out to be perfect, this last face is something we see quite often!! :)  As a matter of fact, I saw it today when I was talking to him about his big brother class he's taking at the hospital.  He insists that he does  not need to go to it, cause he already knows how to take care of a baby.  I quote, "I hold her, and love her, and feed her, and change her diaper, and give her passys!!!!"  I guess he has it all figured out, right?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Movie Night!!

There is not much these boys love in the world more than movie night!!!  We must get asked about it two or three times a week!!  I wish we did it more often, but with Josh going to work at night, there are only so many nights we have the time to do it.  So roughly once a month or so they get their special night!  We figured we better get it in before Annie comes, cause who knows when it will happen after that!

We pick out a new movie at the store, and then they get to pick a candy, we make popcorn, and of course, grape soda!!  Not really sure how we ended up with grape soda, but now we have to have it every single time!  Since Noah doesn't really like candy he almost always picks out a bag of marshmallows, and Wyatt usually picks a bag of M&Ms. 

Then Josh sets up our pallet on the floor - which is basically just every blanket we have piled on top of an old IKEA duvet.  The boys grab their pillows and their favorite blankets, along with all the pillows off the couches, and we are all set!  Oh yes, I have to mention that it absolutely MUST be dark out when you start the movie.  I will be happy when that happens before 9 again!! :)

This time they picked out the Mickey Mouse version of The Three Musketeers.  I thought it was a rather strange choice, but they really loved it.  Noah laughed and laughed, he really thought it was funny.  On the actual movie night Wyatt was ready for it to be over after ten minutes, but now he asks to watch it quite regularly.  It was a really good choice, too, cause it was just the perfect length - just over an hour.

We're already looking for something new to watch next time!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Part of my prep for the baby is getting everyone's hair cut!!  So far I've got Josh and the boys done, so that just leaves me I guess!  They were just so cute as I started I had to get the camera and take some before and after pics. 

Wyatt's hair was out of control!!  I like his hair short for some reason - he just looks so grown up!!

And I love love love Noah's hair kinda long and shaggy, but the poor boy has just been miserable in this heat, so I decided he needed a cut too!

And the after........

I really don't enjoy cutting hair, but I definitely do like not having to pay anything!!  We made the mistake one time to take the kids over to Cool Cuts for Kids, and then to Chuck E Cheese afterwards since it is right in the parking lot - now they expect that every time.  Obviously, we had to put the stop to that madness!!  If only we had a fire truck to sit in while I cut it, I don't think they would even mind!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Riding the tram!!

Part of our quest to find "fun" stuff to do with the boys, in the midst of all the baby prepping, was a trip to the airport to ride the tram!  Strange, but true!

A few weeks ago Noah started talking about the time his Grandma took him to the airport to ride the train (you know, close to three years ago) and how Wyatt didn't get to go cause he was a baby.  Of course he thought that Wyatt needed to go see it, and we agreed! 

So we loaded them up, hopped on the beltway and headed towards our free morning of fun.  Sadly, this was the day that the Sorento decided to stop working on the middle of the beltway, and we had to turn around and ride the feeder home.  So wouldn't you know it that just a few days after buying our new minivan they started asking about when we would be going to the airport!  These boys don't forget anything.

It was really crowded, so they didn't get to goof off too much, but they seemed to have fun anyways.  They really loved that we got off at the hotel, where they promptly started dancing to the overhead music.  Wyatt will dance anytime, anywhere.  Here they are "shaking what their momma gave them!"  They heard the chipmunks say that one time and they seriously say it every day now.  Classy.

We watched a bunch of planes take off and land from the parking garage and then headed home.  Fun times for just the cost of parking!

Friday, August 20, 2010

The countdown has begun!!!!

These little boys are so excited to meet their sister!!!!  Probably not as excited as I am, but excited none the less!  I'm down to my weekly doc appointments, and every single time the boys get all excited and say, "she's gonna take Annie out today?"  Ummmmmmmmm, no.  Momma wishes, but no.

So to give them a concrete idea of how much longer we have, we made a paper chain!  They were super happy to make it, since I actually let them use the stapler, and are even happier to cut chains off of it!

Noah is so great at remembering every morning to go cut one off - he reminds me every day!  This particular day we saved them up so we could get a pic of each of them cutting off a chain.  If anyone is counting, its less than 3 weeks now!!!  I adore these snuggle bugs and can't wait for them to have a sister!!!

And, I just have to say please excuse the horribleness of these pictures of me!!!!!!!!!  I don't think I had even looked at myself in the mirror that day!  Again, can I tell you how ready I am for this little girl to arrive??!?!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Annie's tree!!!!

So we finally got Annie's tree up on the wall!!!!!  It seriously took us an entire day, no exaggerating at all.  The actual tree itself was the hardest part, but then putting up each flower individually is what took the longest.  The poor boys just entertained themselves all day, but that was the only way this was going to get done!!! 

I love love love it, and can't wait to finish the rest of the room!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wyatt with a Popsicle

I have to say, this post probably requires absolutely no text, but I just have to share how much I love these pics!!  Josh captured this series while Wyatt took a popsicle break while we were swimming in the front yard a few weeks ago.  My favorite part is where he is sitting in the one chair wrapped up in his towel, and then moved another little chair over to put his feet up.  Soooooooo Wyatt.  Also note the progression.... so happy with a nice big popsicle, to so sad when it is all gone!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


So I'm finally getting around to blogging about the dinosaurs!!  Noah normally really dislikes the zoo, while Wyatt loves it, and I really could care less about going one way or the other.  I guess I like it, but it is just so much work! :)  And to get there and have Noah complain the whole time is just not my idea of a good time.  But he has been asking to go for the last month or so, so we figured we would give it a shot.  We were supposed to go see the new dinosaur exhibit the week it opened, but one of the boys was sick, so we put it off till now.  I figured we better get out there before Annie shows up, even though it was about ten million degrees!

I'm so glad we did, cause the boys just LOVED it!  They have been a little obsessed with dinosaurs lately, which they never had been in the past.  About a month ago Josh took them to the natural history museum while I was at my OB appointment, and they just had a blast.  They were really tickled that they went with just Josh.  They love their Daddy!!

The boys were just so happy to run down the little trail to see all the dinos, and Noah was in a huge hurry to see the T-Rex.  That is, until he saw it.  He was scared to death of it!!!  And I will say, the thing was huge.  Absolutely massive - way bigger than the other ones on exhibit.  They wouldn't even go stand in front of it for a picture........ they walked as far away from it as they could to walk past it.  They cracked us up!

They even enjoyed the rest of the zoo, which once again surprised us!  They were really tickled with petting the goats, which Noah just normally could care less about.  Wyatt was super tickled by the goat on the bench, which for some reason I found hilarious.

The only sad part of the day was that Noah was upset they didn't have the pirates and skeletons in the cave in the children's zoo.  Of course I had already explained to him that they only do that at Halloween, but the boy is just plain stubborn!!  But they did have fun playing in the prairie dog tunnels!

They day ended with a steamy hot picnic - check out how sweaty these monkeys are!!  Five minutes later a rain storm rolled in, so it was super humid while we ate.  I was sweating so much Wyatt told me, "Momma, someone spray water on your face!"  Ummmm, no, Momma just thinks she might die she's so hot!!  We hung out for a while, and then Josh bought us poncho's and we made our way home!  Totally worth it!!