Sunday, May 29, 2011

Movie Night!

Now I know Annie has already been around for one movie night.  But this week she really actually joined in the fun.  She watched the movie and really had fun hanging out with her brothers.  Can you tell how tickled Wyatt is?  And you can see Annie is completely engrossed in the movie.  I love it!

She was really sleepy early on in the night so we took her to her room to go to bed.  Now this sweet little girl NEVER cries when you put her down to sleep.  She is so very very good.  But I think this was the moment that she realized that fun stuff goes on while she is sleeping.  She screamed and screamed till we brought her back in the living room.  And she stayed happily awake for the whole movie!  Sadly this crying nonsense has continued all week.  Where has my sweet little girl gone?

I just love the progression of theses photos.  Everything seems cool, right?  She's playing with Noah's hair and using it to keep her balance.  And all was well until......
She got a little too aggressive with the hair pulling and head biting!!  Don't let Noah fool you, though.  Rest assured that he was happy as a lark to have her paying so much attention to him.

I know it is hard to believe but we have cut out just about all television watching at our house.  We're trying to do movie night 2 times a month and then they get 1 hour on Wednesday and Thursday mornings (since that is our weekend).  And it has been going amazingly well!  Seriously hasn't been a problem, much to my amazement.  The days seem a smidgen longer but really they have come up with lots to do.  Of course much of it involves getting in trouble, so I could do without that.  The first week of no TV they recreated the Great Pit of Carkoon in their bedroom (yes, I did just link to Wookieepedia).  This involves a massive pile of stuffed animals between their beds enclosed with their step stools and their back packs.  A pure and total mess if you can imagine.  Then they try to jump from one bed to the other without falling into the pit.  Chaos!!  So movie night was a big hit, even if it was Alice in Wonderland.  Have you seen it?  That movie is weird!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Can you believe my little girl is in the highchair?  I know it seems like, well, of course she should be.  She's 8 months old.  But she's just so tiny!!!  And our last little baby.  And we're going to baby her until she can't be babied any more!  For real, though, up until now I feel like she would have just thrown herself out of a restaurant high chair.  But let me tell you, she has been loving it.  So very very happy to be at the table with her bubbas.
And check out that hair!  Is it just cracking you up?  It went through this phase a couple of weeks ago where this is all it would do.  But this week it has been back to it's normal baby mohawky self.  It was actually so very long and luscious that I put a bow in it.  You know,without a headband.  But I haven't downloaded those pics yet, so they will have to wait.

She's so very casual, right?  I love her!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Teething biscuits!

Seriously, could there be anything grosser than the way teething biscuits just turn to mush all over your baby?  I remember after Noah had one and it was such a mess we went straight to homemade bread sticks. And all Wy ever had was homemade.  If you can believe it this little girl actually has turned down my banana bread sticks!  Broke my heart just a smidge.  So now she gets those awful store kind.
Doesn't she just look so happy, though?  And so teeny!  I need to put something in her seat so she can actually sit higher than the tray!  I don't think she will be this little for too long.  We switched to the fastest flow nipples and she has been sucking down the formula!  Finally up to 8 ounces for each bottle.  And you can tell!  Her little turkey legs have fattened up and I am loving every little bit of pudge!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Don't you see trouble when you look at this face?  Cause I sure do.  Do you know what this boy told me this week.  He actually tried to get out of eating dinner by telling me he was fasting and thinking about God.  For real, ya'll!  I gave a super short explanation of fasting after it was discussed in our Bible lesson last week.  And I know now that he took that tidbit of info and tucked it away back in the corner of his brain for such a time as this.  The was his brain works never ceases to amaze me!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bowling Party!

It's hard to believe my boys are now officially 6 and 4!  Truly seems like they were wee babes not too long ago.  But I am really excited about this time in their life.  So much fun to see them grow up into little boys instead of tots.  And I love to see them grow together as best friends.  It seems so natural for them to celebrate their birthdays together, since they are so close.  It works out well that they are only 2 weeks apart. And this year they decided on a theme/event together, and that was bowling!  I was very happy cause that made for an easy party for me.  I didn't have to buy plates and stuff, which was a bit sad, but also a relief with all that has been going on. 

I can't speak for all of the kids, but I know mine had a blast.  They were especially excited that all of their friends were able to come.  Most of the time half the people we know are sick on any given day, so this was a rare treat for them.  It looks like we missed some shots of a few of the kids, so sorry if I didn't get them!  I'm actually quite impressed with Joshua for having this many good shots with all those kids bowling at the same time.
Of course we had cake.  Actually cupcakes, cause that is what Noah requested.  I was able to make a cake tower for each of them, which makes me happy cause as much as I love combining them, I want them to know that they are each special and deserve their own!  So of course Wy had chocolate and Noah wanted white.  I was pleased with how the marshmallow fondant and bowling pins came out. Josh and I weren't sure there for a while as we molded them.  But the red stripes helping pull them off as actually being bowling pins.  I love how serious Wyatt gets about blowing out candles!

The boys each got their own bowling pin which all of their friends signed.   Where I am going to keep these, I have no idea.  Right now they are still clunking around in the back of the van. :) 

 And of course, what party would be complete without presents?  You know I am anti-opening-the-presents-at-the-party, but I made an exception this time.  My house was just too messy to even let the grandparents come over afterwards to open.  So we did it at the alley and it went better than I expected.  Our friends were so generous and the boys just adore each toy.  Wyatt's big wish list this year of course centered around balls and Hot Wheels type toys.  And Noah was all super hero - lots of Thor and Iron Man.  And what about Annie?

Well, she was not such a fan of the party.  She fussed and was quite unhappy most of the time.  Till she puked all over herself and then cried herself to sleep.  I guess bowling is not her thing! :) And that concludes the longest post ever!


Can I tell you with all that has been going on I really can hardly remember Easter?  All I know is that I was so happy I had bought outfits and Easter basket stuff months before so I didn't have any last minute scrambling. And it was so nice Josh was home to go to church with us, even if it was because he has leukemia.  :)  Could they possibly be any cuter?  Very hard to get a shot of all three of them looking at the camera, and then girly had to stick her thumb in her mouth. 

This is probably my favorite picture of all time of my big boy!  I love how it is a bit blown out, and those shruggy shoulders, and those little curls of too long hair in front of his ears.  Agghh, everything I love about the boy.  And that smirky little smile.
And this little monkey is just too cute.  He was quite grumpy and did not want a photo shoot under any circumstances.  But he was happy to cuddle with Annie's bunny so we were able to snap a few shots of sir grumpy pants.
And this little girl was quite happy to pose for some pictures.  She really loves having her picture taken, and always hams it up for Josh.  Don't you just want to pinch that pouty little bottom lip?

I just wanted to post a few of the shots we took of them in their cute clothes - hopefully I can blog the rest of the Easter events later in the week.  Geeze, I have a lot to catch up on!

Sunday, May 08, 2011


You know at the Marlatt house we like the water, but only water our toes can touch the bottom in!  So the boys are completely happy still playing in blow up pools, which makes my life so easy!  I love being able to take them just into the yard and still have a good time.  So it was quite an event when Grandma and Grandpa set up the pools at their house for the first time of the "summer".  They even got Annie girl her own little tiny pool, which she LOVED!  They have such a great set up with the slide into the little pool, another big pool for swimming, and then a tiny pool for Annie.  And of course tons of water toys and guns!  No wonder they beg all day to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house!
We had a little pool like this for Wyatt when he was little but he would have nothing to do with it.  Rosie muffin was just the opposite - she seriously didn't want to get out.  We only took her out cause she was so sleepy I thought she was going to fall asleep right in the water.

Of course, you know who had to get right into the tiny pool with her.  The girl never gets a moments peace!

Aren't my kids just so incredibly white?!  :)  We were talking about their paleness the other day in front of the kiddos and I announced that I think Annie has the darkest skin out of all the kids.  Noah promptly agreed with us saying, "Yeah, look at how dark her leg's are."  And then, with all seriousness, the boy said, "Do you think God meant to make her black?"  LOL  I love that boy!!  And check out Annie's little teeth in the last picture!  Two teeny tiny ones right on the bottom.  I love them!