Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wyatt Cade has made his arrival!

So we finally made it home this afternoon with Wyatt! Things were a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but we are so happy that we are all home doing well. Wyatt had to spend just about the entire time in the NICU because he had blood sugar problems, but he is all better now! Noah is in LOVE with is baby brother, so we are relieved about that. The only problem is that he wants him to do everything with him - including taking a bath, brushing his teeth, etc. Here are a few pics until tomorrow when I can actually spend some time blogging about our experience!

The rest of our pics will be HERE on kodak so feel free to take a peek if you wish!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tomorrow is the day!

So we're finally gonna meet our new little boy tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM. That means I have to be there at 6!! SO I have to get up at 4 something! I'm really horrified about it - I'm kinda focusing on that instead of thinking of all the other stuff! :)

Our modem broke last week and the new one should come Friday or Saturday so hopefully we will have pictures up of Wyatt as soon as possible!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mmmmmmm! Ding Dongs!!!

When we went to my parents yesterday Noah J got the best treat he's ever had - a Ding Dong! Since they are Grandma's favorite snack she just had to share one with him and he was happy as a lark. He ate the outside first, all the way around, and then when he got to the filling he was so excited he had to say, "MMMMMMMMMMMM!".

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tucking Daddy in!

Since Josh comes home in the morning and goes to sleep around 8, Noah J gets to tuck him in every day. Its so sweet cause Noah goes and shuts the bathroom door, tries to turn the fan on, and then climbs into bed and under the covers with him. Then if Josh is lucky he gives him kisses and lays their playing for a bit. Then I have to drag him out of the room and Noah pretends to say "night night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite" but it mostly just comes out as jibber jabber. But its the sweetest thing you've ever seen.

Note: Yes, I know I have no pillowcases on, but the night before we took this pic I pulled the sheets and the quilt off to wash them and then just didn't have it in me to fully make the bed up before I went to sleep. I have since then put some on!! :-)

Big Boy Bed Update: The first 2 nights went fantastically - it took him a while to fall asleep, but then all was well. Then yesterday things started to go downhill. He didn't want to take a nap - it took us over an hour to get him to go to sleep. And then last night we were up with him for about 3 hours laying in the bed. He screams and cries at the gate until we come in and then he wants us to lay down next to him, which I'm OK with till he gets used to it, but the boy never got tired. I laid there for over an hour at one point in the dark I swear the kid never closed his eyes. And he should have been exhausted! And then today he only took a 1 hour nap, when he routinely naps for 2 hours. SO wish me luck cause I'm here with the boy all by myself tonight!

Easter pics

So I'm finally getting around to posting our Easter pictures. Noah J had TONS of fun hunting for eggs in our yard, and successfully stomped on every single flower we had in the process. Then he found his Easter basket, and enjoyed checking out each and every toy. He got a bubble machine that he was obsessed with - we ran out of bubbles the same day! He was so funny cause he thought that he was supposed to stand there and put the bubbles all on Daddy's car - I guess he thought he was washing it.

Then the grand finale Easter gift arrived - his stroller!! We were pleased to find this lovely "boyish" stroller at Toys R Us so Noah J didn't have to get a pink/purple one. He was so excited about the stroller he wasn't sure which toy to play with - the bubbles or the stroller. Now he puts his stuffed "big blue fish" (the fat fish from Dr. Seuss's One Fish, Two Fish book) in the stroller and pushes him around the house and just laughs and laughs.

Easter at G&G's

After we quickly had our own egg hunt we dashed over to G&G's house to hunt more eggs and to eat dinner. Noah and Joseph were so funny hunting eggs - you can see in one picture that Joseph came over to Noah and tried to give him his whole basket! Too funny!

After dinner Noah and Joe had so much fun wrestling on the couch. They were jumping on each other, pulling the other one down, and just cracking up the whole time. This was one of the first times they really, truly played together and it was so sweet!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Eggstravaganza!

Noah J had tons of fun this morning at the Easter Eggstravaganza at our neighbors church. They so nicely invited us and Noah had a blast. He was a little unsure of the Easter egg hunt, but we had just gotten their and it was cold and raining on him, so its kinda understandable. He LOVED eating the candy out of the eggs, though. He also had fun playing the bean bag toss and throwing basketballs around the gym.

His favorite part was when we sat down to eat. They had tables set up in the sanctuary and the praise and worship people were singing and playing. Well Noah thought that this live music was just great. He sat their dancing and clapping and saying "yeah!!!!!" after every song. Noah and I won cupcakes in the cake walk, so you can see his face is covered in lime green icing. He was also way excited about eating ice cream with a stick. This boy sure loves sweets like his Mommy and Daddy!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Behold....The Federalist

So Noah J's bed is finally complete!! We put it all together at finished setting up his room today. Tomorrow night will be his first night to try it out, so we will need lots of prayers and well wishes!

We didn't expect it to turn out as tall as it is, but he seems to do OK with the stepstool. I'm hoping it will keep him from trying to get out of the bed at night! We had such a hard time finishing the bed but we are really pleased with how it came out. We purchased some paint from Sherwin Williams and tried it out on a scrap piece of wood and decided that we needed to take it back. It was still wet to the touch after 3 days!!!!!!!! And we went to the store and they said, well, it could take up to 30 days to cure. Obviously, we don't have 30 days, so they gave us our money back. Instead we found this great milk paint, and the color is called "Federal Blue". So we decided the name of the bed is "The Federalist." It sounds so regal, doesn't it??

The rest of the room!

So here is the rest of the room! We're still not completely done, but almost. We need to finish painting the chairs, fix the cord hanging from the moon, and move some more stuff from the nursery, but other than that we are finished! WOO HOO!!!!!!!! Didn't my mom do a great job!?!

Noah loves to blow at the smoke coming out of the train, to count the hot air balloons, to kiss the lizard and the frogs, and to look at the fish. He also thinks its great fun to jump around on his bed while we sing the "peanut sitting on a railroad track" song. It wasn't as scary when the bed was on the ground, but now it makes me a bit nervous!

We are going to hang some pictures up on the cork boards on his doors, which I think he will just love. He already loves drawing on the chalkboards, but unfortunately draws on other stuff as well. Luckily its just chalk so it comes right off!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

It feels like summer!

It was so hot today we thought it was summer for a bit! Noah J and Maddie had fun playing in the backyard with the sand and water table, the hose, the swing, and a myriad of other toys this afternoon. I thought I was gonna burst into flames it was so darn hot. But those two seemed to think it was great. We slathered them in sunscreen and gave them icy drinks and even popsicles, which turned out to be a huge mess. Noah got his drippy popsicle all in Maddie's hair which then dripped all over her shoulders and then it was on their clothes, the arms of the chairs, the ground, our pants............. well, you get the idea.

The bottom picture is funny cause Noah just kept standing in front of our neighbor, John, and I wasn't really sure why. Then I realized it was cause Noah wanted him to take him over to their house so he could drive his car. 4-5 days a week we are over there in the afternoons and he is nice enough to let Noah drive his car, so I guess Noah thinks he can now demand it whenever he wants. Silly boy!

Oh yeah, my son is in a diaper cause he thinks that even if he gets just a tiny drop of water on his clothes he must take them all off. And I ran out of pull-ups today so I found these in the closet and they are a size too big, so he looks kinda goofy.