Friday, August 26, 2011

The Cat Incident!

Some of you may know that our poor Wy noodle had a run in with a cat!  So terribly sad and heartbreaking for this sweet boy who loves animals so much.  I wasn't there so I can't for sure say what happened, but evidently it jumped out from under the bed where the boys were running around playing hide and seek.  So it bit his leg and it was HORRIBLE!  I had no idea a house cat could bite like that.  I guess it is naive to say now, but I really didn't think they had that much power in their jaws. 

When I was first told about it I wasn't too worried - but of course then I got online and researched and realize that cat bites are exremelely dangerous!  I read so much about immediately starting antibiotics and such, but we really couldn't do that cause we only found out about the bit a half hour before Josh had to leave with our only car for work.  So we decided that we would wake Wy up in the middle of the night and check for fever, and then decide what to do in the morning.  So I did that - I got the boys up to come into my bed around midnight and his leg was STILL bleeding and he said his leg really hurt.  Luckily there was no fever so I didn't have to call my mom to come over to help me in the middle of the night.   But I knew the next morning would mean a trip to the urgent care facility.  Sure enough, in the morning this is what his leg looked like...

He was sobbing about having to take off his bandage so we alleviated his fears by telling him he could take a bubble bath in Mommy's tub, which always makes everything better.  You see Noah had to get in on the action too.  :)  Do you see how it was all red around the bite holes?  Well it didn't look like that the night before so I knew it was getting infected.  Luckily my mom came to the rescue and rushed over to watch the others while Josh and I took Wy to the doctor.  She even brought him a pack of fruit snacks to take with him (his fave) and a special Thomas coloring and sticker book to bring to the doctor to occupy him.  That sticker book was such a lifesaver!!!!!  Wyatt is so horribly afraid of the doctor already but focusing on coloring really helped the situation.  So thankful my mom is so thoughtful and prepared!  They came and checked him and of course said it was infected and it was a good thing we brought him in right away.  The bad part was that he was due for his Tetanus booster at his four year checkup, which we didn't get.  So he had to have it there cause the danger for Tetanus comes from mostly from deep puncture wounds, which is exactly what his where.  It was so heartbreaking cause it took Josh, a nurse, and myself to hold him down enough to give it to him.  So horribly sad!  Next we went to get his prescriptions filled and then went for a special post torture-filled-doctors-appointment trip to Menchies for some yogurt.  This of course made everything better.  But let me tell you, this bite was NASTY!  Here is what it looked like on day two.  Its gross. Be warned.
Do you see how it was oozing??  It oozed like that for ten days!!!  So very crazy!  Do you see how it is dark between the bites?  The cat bit so hard it bruised him.  It got pretty bad looking but I don't think I got a pick of it later in the week.  I decided to perk Wyatt up by making him some fancy bandaids.  The only bandages they had that were big enough to cover it were not decorated so he was kinds bummed.

Isn't he so pitiful looking?  Here it was on the third day....
Still really yucky.  We were photographing it cause we were starting to get worried it wasn't getting better and I wanted to document what was going on.  Obviously Daddy draws cooler pictures than mommy.  This was all I could come up with for the next day...
My drawing skills are seriously lacking.  Hearts, flowers, and houses.  Ohhh, so sad.  The next day he requested Daddy draw him an ornamental turtle.

So Josh drew the turtle and then Wyatt insisted that he also draw himself on it.  So that's a teeny tiny Josh in the corner.  :)  Ha!  Here we are 21 days later and it is STILL not completely healed.  Isn't that amazing?  The infection went away but there are still 2 scabs that are healing from the 4 holes.  It is really unbelieveable to me!

It hasn't stopped Wyatt's love of kitties, though, and that makes me happy!  The first night he was home in my bed Lily cat came and crawled into bed with him, licked his nose, and snuggled up on his shoulder to sleep and he was just tickled pink!!!  So thankful for sweet kitties. 

Our escape artist!

Earlier this week I noticed the house was unusually quiet after the boys went into the back yard.  So I asked Josh where Annie was and he said the last time he saw her she was in the hall by the kids rooms.  So I go over there and look in all four rooms but couldn't find her anywhere.  I was starting to freak out a bit that something had happened.  So I called her name really loud, and you'll ever guess where this little peepy head popped out.

YUP, from behind the shower curtain!!  That's right, the little girl who can't even crawl somehow made it into the tub and seemed quite happy about it!!  Can you tell how tickled she is with herself?

Of course I had given her a bath earlier in the afternoon and she REALLY didn't want to be in there.  She was trying to climb out the whole time.  Never in a million years did I think she would want to crawl in!  And I'm honestly shocked she was even physically capable.  I think she must have gone head first onto the bath pillow that I hadn't hung up from her bath earlier.  I wonder how long she would have played in there before crying for us to get her out? 

Monday, August 22, 2011

The big scroll!

Like I said before, part of our curriculum discussed scrolls.  So we made those teeny tiny ones, but he also got to make a big one.  He was so proud of his work.
All the pages were just handwriting practice.  Now, this boy really hates handwriting.  To the point of tears if I give him a page to do. But this handwriting?  Loved it.  He actually begged for more when we were done.
I love it when we an activity is both fun AND beneficial.  So pleased with MFW First so far.  We are about 20 days in and are looking forward to the next 20!

Happy Not-Back-to-School!

This morning we celebrated officially not going back to school with breakfast at McDonalds!  I love having the kids home with me, and I know it is the right thing for them, but there is always this teeny tiny moment where I think about how easy it would be just to send them off each day! :)  So I was able to hang out with my sweet friend and remind myself why I do this.  And the kids got to play, so it was a great way to start our day!

Dear Annie Rose even got in on the action and played for the first time and she was thrilled!  She kept covering her eyes to do peek-a-boo every time I tried to snap a pic of her.  She had so much fun feeling like one of the big kids. 

We are so thankful God has brought us great friends to go on this journey with, both for the boys and for myself.  Now even though it is "Not-Back-to-School" day at our house, we're still gonna do a smidgen of school today.  :)  The boys are quite confused by this concept but momma needs to get as much done as we can when we have the chance! 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wyatt's date!

Like I said before, I got to enjoy 2 date nights in a row!  My sweet bug was just so excited to have his own night out.  He picked out his clothes, and even my clothes!  He went to my closet and specifically requested that I wear this green dress.  I was a little disturbed cause its a smidge too small, but went with it any way just for my little noodle.  He picked this blue shirt for himself and matched it with black dress slacks.  So so funny, but he thought he was snazzy!

Can you guess where he requested to go?  Cici's Pizza!!  I think he hardly ate a thing, he was mostly just concerned about using some quarters to play games.  :)  I don't know why he loves the games there so much - there are only a few but for some reason he is obsessed with them.  He was also thrilled cause he got to have some Dr. Pepper!  After dinner we went to one of his favorite places - the pet store!  He got to push a teeny tiny cart and we looked at every single animal they had.  He was so sad cause they didn't have any cats!  After that, per his request, we went to have some frozen yogurt.  We had recently tried a new yogurt place out on 1960 and he LOVED it.  So I assumed that was where we were going.  But when we got in the car he told me he wanted to go to the one by HEB.  Huh?  I told him there wasn't one, but he insisted.  So, I took the directions of my four year old and headed over to HEB.  And sure enough, there was the cutest little yogurt shop there.  :)  He amazes me!  Have you been to Menchie's yet?  Well it is quite possibly the most adorable yogurt shop ever.  Wyatt was instantly in love cause he got to have a pink spoon!  Do you think he will ever outgrow his love of pink?  I'm not sure either.  Ha!  We got home and all he could talk about was "Smoochies!".  He still calls it that and I love it!!

Momma date night!!

Oh my, so it has come to our attention that perhaps Noah James has been feeling a bit neglected as of late.  Things have been so crazy the last month, with the start of school in addition to everything else we have going on.  So I realized I needed to carve out some one-on-one time with each of the boys, starting with Noah.  So I proposed the idea of a date night with just the two of us and he was ecstatic!  He even got all dressed up for me - picked his outfit even though it was a billion degrees out. 

And he was so cute cause he got his wallet and put his money in it to pay for our dinner and stuff.  So so so adorable.  He was so nervous to use it.  :)  As soon as we walked in to the restaurant he pulled it out of his pocket and started to give it to the hostess.  Quite possibly the most adorable thing ever. He also opened the door for me and was so proud of himself.  As we got closer to the front he started running just so he could get there first.  His daddy told him this before he left and I could tell he concentrated on not forgetting the entire drive there.  Of course he requested we go to has favorite restaurant, Johnny Carinos, and he was super thrilled cause he got to order Dr. Pepper.  He was so grown up and even ordered his own food.  After we ate we went to Barnes and Noble, just like Josh and I do.  He really liked that we were doing the same thing and he even got to pick out a book to bring home.

Now the one thing he told me would make date night "perfect" would be if we ate cake. He told me this that morning when I was half asleep, still in bed.  I agreed that was a good idea in my half-awake state.  I assumed this meant that we would have a piece of cake at the restaurant.  Later in the day, though, I heard him tell Wy we were bringing a cake home.  That's right, a cake.  As in the whole thing.  So I started to correct him and you should have seen his heartbroken face - evidently he asked for a whole cake that morning and I had said yes, that was a great idea.  So I didn't want to go back on my word, so I figured we would stop by the grocery store on our way home to pick up a cake.  So that afternoon he comes up to me and says, "Mom, I can't believe we're getting  a cake like at Maddie's birthday party."  Huh??  That was a cookie cake.  Yup, the kid thought we were getting a cookie cake.  SO YES, we went out to the outlet mall and picked up a cake on our way home.  Noah requested that it say "Noah and Mommy's Special Day."  So so so sweet!  Of course I had to repeat a hundred times we would never again do this, just this one time.  :)

Of course you know who was oh so sad cause he didn't get to go with us.  You can see his teeny little eye brow is so far down over his eyes.  We promised him that he would get to go with me the next Tuesday, but he was still so sad.  We even got his school calendar out and circled the day we would go so he could better understand.  And still, the next morning I went to get them up and the first words out of his mouth were "I'm so excited we're going on our date tonight!"  I started to correct him and tell him it wasn't for another whole week, but Josh said we should go ahead and go out that night.  So I had 2 dates in a row!!  I'll write about Wyatt's date later!! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ooooh! Grass!

So the other night Josh came outside to take a picture of Noah and I before our date (which I still need to blog about!) and he just set Annie down in the grass to snap the pictures.  So I look over and this is what I see and screamed for Josh to take a pic before she stopped doing it.  Don't you just love it?  That big belly hanging out with her tank pulled up, and both arms and legs straight out!  She DID NOT want her legs touching the grass.  But she's so sweet she didn't cry, she just sat like that.  It took a few minutes but then she decided she kind of liked it.  I promise I won't let Josh leave her about again looking so trashy with her belly hanging out.  You know I'm not a fan of girls showing their bellies!!! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Teeny tiny scrolls!

Part of our Bible curriculum for this year taught about scrolls and how the Bible (and other things) were originally written on scrolls.  So we went outside and measured out 30 feet to see how long some of the longest scrolls were.  I had NO idea this wold be so exciting to the kids, but they have now become obsessed with scrolls.  We made teeny tiny scrolls out of paper bags and then  made salt dough "jars" to put the scrolls in, to imitate the jars scrolls used to be stored in.  The jars were much more difficult to mold than I imagined they would be, but in the end the kids were pleased with our product.

Now if only I can keep this from getting broken so Wyatt doesn't get hysterical, then I will be doing good!  So far the kids are really enjoying school, and have really been handling the increased work load really well.  Perhaps I wasn't expecting as much of them as I should have been last year! :) 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cozy brothers!

These two were so adorable the other morning I had to grab the camera, even in my sleepy state.  They had the ENTIRE living room to themselves - two couches, a chair, and the floor.  And yet they chose to sit just like this, all cuddled up.  They are always so sweet right after they wake up - and they were super excited Lily came to sit with them.  Hoping these two stay this close for a lifetime.