Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning!

Isn't she so excited about sweet baby Jesus?  She was so surprised Christmas morning to find a baby in the manger she immediately picked him up and carried him around.  It really tickled me cause we have done this for years now, but never had a little girl.  It was so precious... I love hearing her say "baby Jesus!!"  Don't the rest of us look pretty miserable?  We are.  I'm about a million degrees and check out what the kids insisted we have....

Yes, a fire!!!  They said it didn't feel like Christmas morning without a fire.  Never mind that it was in the 70s outside and I was cooking around 103 degrees.  :)  And yes, that is still a baby's first Christmas stocking.  Think I will get around to sewing hers this year?  Eek, I'm not sure. 

Noah passed out the gifts and everyone got to work.  They wanted stockings first, so Annie immediately had to have  a snack!

Noah loved everything he got.  He was super pleased with his ladybug dream light and also loved his cargo plane (the big box).  Somehow we didn't get a pick of it all assembled!

Wyatt's favorite gift was his vet set. And the digital light designer thing is really cool!  We all had fun playing with it.

Annie loved her new doll. But I think her favorite gift is this ladybug rolly car thing.  It is just perfect for a two year old!! It works really well in our house, too, since we hardly have any carpet.  She has had to fight with the boys for it, though.  They are too funny rolling about on it - they look huge!!

It is a good thing she shared with Wyatt, cause she really loves his vet set and wants him to constantly share with her.  Later in the afternoon we heard somebody rustling about in the cat food and then this is what we found.

How adorable is that?!  Even though we were sick it was a really nice day.  Josh usually sleeps so I have to do all the toy assembling myself, but he was home so it was really lovely!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

So this year was just a total bummer as far as Christmas goes.  We started getting sick the Saturday before, and so did my dad.  There was just no way we could all get together Christmas Eve like we normally do, so we had to change things up a bit.  At this point it was just Noah and myself who were sick, and maybe this was Wyatt's first day with a low fever.  Three days later we found out we all had strep!!  It has to be the worst strep ever cause we all had fevers over 105.  Noah J also had pink eye and a terrible ear infection, and then passed the pink eye on to the rest of the kids by the end of the week.  NOT the most ideal Christmas!    Everybody felt so horribly sick they weren't even that disappointed.  Poor Joshua had to take care of sick people his entire 2 weeks off.  Not exactly what we had pictured!  We tried to go look at Christmas lights this night but the kids were so miserable Noah was begging to go home and go to sleep. :(

So Christmas Eve we decided to let the kids open their jammies and 1 gift, since they didn't get to open gifts at my parents house.  I sewed them and was really pleased with how they came out.  The boys really love ties, so they were tickled with them.  Annie screamed "necklace!!!" about hers.  :)

Each of them picked out one gift, and it is so funny that they really wanted to open the gifts they got each other.  I guess they couldn't keep them secret one night longer!

Annie was thrilled with her zhu zhu puppy.  She loves zhu zhu pets and I saw these puppies on clearance and knew they would be a huge hit with her.  And yes, I know we need to do something about her hair.  But I am telling you those are not bangs!  That is growing straight forward from the back of her head. If I lift that hair up you can see she is just now getting the hair the should be bangs growing in.  It is a constant struggle!!

Isn't this the sweetest?  They were just so appreciative of each other for getting thoughtful gifts.  Wyatt gave Noah a Spiderman 4 wheeler thing and a glove that makes noise.  Noah gave Wyatt Guess Who, since the boy loves games so much.

And of course they left out cookies and milk for Santa, along with some carrots for the reindeer.  At the last second Noah ran and got some paper to leave Santa a little note.  He cracks us up!
And to finish the night we read our last story from our Christmas storybook Advent calendar.  Don't I look miserable?  Its cause I was!!  And then thankfully off to bed!  Although it wasn't the best nights sleep... Noah was so into the horrible fever he didn't sleep well and came out crying multiple times cause he was scared Santa wouldn't come to our house cause he was awake.  It was the saddest thing ever!!