Friday, November 30, 2007


Do you see that we will never ever be able to get a nice family photo? No matter how hard we try those boys just do not want to cooperate. Normally Wyatt is the easy one, but he just didn't want to take pictures!

We had lots of fun - went to G&G's house for tons of turkey and pie! Wyatt loved Grandma's mashed potatoes - and was so tired he had to take a nap right on my chest!

Then G&G pulled out the best surprise ever - little spinning light up snow globes! The boys were SOOO excited. Now he takes that thing everywhere!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I LOVE this picture!

What on earth is with this face? I knew the instant that I took this picture that it would become one of my favorites. It's just so Wyatt! It makes me want to go wake the little pud up and squeeze him until he pops!!!

More fun at the park!

We've been spending quite a bit of time at the park lately, and I've actually remembered to bring the camera! The whole family went last week, so I was able to catch a few cute pics!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Donut Shop!

So did ya'll know that Noah and Josh go to get donuts every Tuesday morning?? Well, they do! When Josh comes home in the morning he gets Noah J from his room, puts on shoes with his jammies, and off they go to the donut shop. Noah LOVES it!!!! Sometimes he wants "little tiny donuts", aka donut holes, and sometimes a big donut. I made Josh take the camera last week and these were the only 2 pictures he took. He asks for them 7 days a week!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Oil Ranch

We had the best time this morning! We loaded the kiddos up and took a trip out to Hockley to visit the Oil Ranch - it was perfect weather! It was a bit pricey ($30!!!), but Noah really had fun, so it was worth it! He loved riding the train (he had to cover his ears in the tunnel), driving the old tractor, playing in the hay barn, and riding a horse! He even fed the cows when we were on the hayride - we were so surprised! You can see the apprehension on his face in the close-up photo. I was personally scared to death of them cause they were HUGE!!! And they just came right into the trailer! This really huge one really seriously tried to eat Wyatt!! Wyatt's favorite part was looking at the chickens running around. I took a billion pictures, so here are a ton!

The gawk!

Since childhood my dad has always made this face we call "the gawk." He has always threatened us with, "Don't make me gawk you!" And in all seriousness, its a pretty scary thing. He gives this absurd, open mouthed stare that is so funny you might possibly pee in your pants. He will do it to anybody - people looking at him in cars, people at a store, whatever. So when I saw this picture of Wyatt I couldn't stop laughing! He inherited his grandpa's gawking gene! You can't learn to make this face - it has to be an ability you're born with! It's kind of like "What in the hell are you looking at????"

Monday, November 05, 2007

Playing at the park!

We made both a morning trip and an afternoon trip to the park last week, much to the delight of my boys. I finally remembered my camera to take pics of Wyatt in the swing - he cracks me up hanging there like a limp noodle!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pumpkin Patch - Wyatt

So I took about a million pictures at the pumpkin patch and ended up with almost no good ones! But there were quite a few that I found funny, so I'm sharing those. Wyatt is wearing the worlds largest pair of jeans for a 6 month old, and they really didn't flatter him. Check out that gut! We weren't getting great shots, so we went home and came back the next day with G&G and cousin Joe, Aunt Christy, and Uncle Aaron. The boys had a great time running around.

Pumpkin Patch - Noah J

Noah especially loved the pumpkin scarecrows they had painted to look like Burt and Ernie, the Grouch, and Elmo. He also liked pulling his pumpkin that G&G bought him around in a wagon.

I just love the picture of Noah trying to pick up that huge pumpkin. He couldn't do it so he called Joseph over to help him! Aren't they too funny trying to pick it up?

All of us!

So I'm just posting these to give you a taste of what the other million pictures look like - either Josh or me smiling, and the boys desperately trying to get away! So much for a cute family picture, right?

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Wyatt sitting and laughing

So Wyatt has finally made the decision that he wants to sit up! He's pretty wobbly if he gets excited, as you can see in these videos. He was cracking up at this noise his Daddy was making - so cute!

Oh yeah, he got his first tooth last week! And his second tooth popped through yesterday! He's getting so big! And the boy already wants to crawl! He's been getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth. I swear in the next few weeks he will be off and running! Well, crawling I guess.

Friday, November 02, 2007

The boy doesn't change!

Remember this post all the way back in January?

Well, evidently things don't change much - the boy still thinks that all fires need to be blown out!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Cat in the Hat!

And here's Noah J dressed up as the Cat in the Hat! He was SOOOOO excited about this costume. He really hates anything that is not the norm, so I thought he might freak a bit with the fur/hat, but he did SO well. He just loved the tail - he kept turning around and looking at it follow him. I also thought he wouldn't let us draw on his face, but he loved it. And my normally painfully shy boy was running up to strangers, reaching in their candy bowls and trying to find himself some "pepops!" (lollipops for those of you that don't speak Noah). Then he came home and ripped off his costume, dumped out his Thomas bucket, and ate until he couldn't eat anymore. He opened up 8 lollipops, took one lick off of each, and then gave them all back to me. I think this made him happier than anything ever has! You can see in the pic with Josh, though, that the sugar had its affect on him - he was running crazy and jumping on everything. FUN!!