Wednesday, February 28, 2007


So we went to the zoo today and had a great day - it was overcast and cool so we were very happy! Noah J had fun, but his favorite part was eating lunch. If I knew he was that excited I could just make a picnic lunch and take it to the park! There were too many pics that I just loved, so sorry for the abundance!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Afternoon fun!

Since the weather has been so nice we've been spending just about every afternoon outside in the front yard. For our poor neighbors, this means having to deal with Noah every single afternoon. He is OBSESSED with talking to them and their little girl when they come home from work. So even if they want to just go inside and relax they hang out and chat while the kiddos fight over toys!

Well they got this new buggy thing that you pull behind a bike (or you can just push it) and Noah and Maddie were pretty pumped to ride around in it! We didn't think Noah would sit there next to her, but they were happy as peas in a pod! The only downside is someone has to push or pull it around!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Children's Museum

Last week we took Noah J back to the children's museum to celebrate Daddy's return from Omaha. He had lots of fun, but was very serious the whole day - we're not sure what was going on there! He did think it was funny when Daddy put him on the pulley lift seat thingy - I was glad Josh was there cause it was REALLY heavy! He also enjoyed the multiple cars he could drive - you know how much this boy likes his cars! In the one pic he's pointing to the cat in Goodnight Moon - he is OBSESSED with the cats in that book!

Afterwards we made a dash over to Central Market where we all ordered sandwiches and got some fruit salad and had fun enjoying lunch. The cafe was completely full, but they put some tables in upstairs, and Noah had fun looking down at everything while we ate.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

mmmm! Popsicles!

So my poor little baby is sick!! He's had a cold that has turned into this terrible hacking cough, and now he sounds like a little frog cause he's hoarse!! So this afternoon we had an afternoon treat of a fruit juice popsicle to soothe his sore throat! Noah was thrilled with it, and made quite a mess. Luckily it was only 81 today, so it didn't melt too badly. After he got it he decided that he just HAD to sit in my chair on the driveway.... needless to say my chair is now covered in purple stickiness!

Please forgive his outfit- - we have yet to buy any summer clothes! The only shorts he fit in from last year were these, and we didn't have any shirts that matched! We had lots of fun out in the sun today, but I'm thinking I don't want it to get much hotter than this. Noah helped us pull weeds and prune bushes - yes, we actually let him carry scissors around, but he wasn't sure what to do with them - he just held them up to stuff and thought he was doing something great!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ride-on toys are fun!

So you know Noah loves his ride on toys - the corn popper, the hippo, Big Blue at G&G's.........
Well, he's decided that any toy with wheels can officially be ridden. WE caught him last week sitting on his teeny tiny tractor and trying to ride it all over the house. Then yesterday he was sitting on his Little People's airplane - you know, the kind that are the size of a football. It's truly hysterical.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Bye Daddy!

So Noah J and I had to take Daddy to the airport this morning for a flight to Omaha. I was sad, but Noah J thought it was lots of fun! He was even super sweet this morning sitting with Daddy drinking his milk. Then he helped him pull his luggage out the car - we were cracking up cause it was about a thousand pounds, but he really thought he could do it all by himself. You know how the airport is these days, where you can't see anything or do anything, but Noah discovered the escalator and decided that was great fun.

Josh will only be in Omaha for 3 days, so its not too bad this time (considering last time it was 3 months!). He said it was freezing and that there is snow everywhere and they are supposed to get 3-5 inches tonight. I think its exciting but Josh is freaked to drive in it! Wednesday's low is -7!! I can say I'm not jealous of that!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Eeeeeeeeeeew! But so cute!

Noah J and Joseph were just too cute together tonight! We went over to G&G's house to eat snacks and watch the Superbowl, but played outside for a while because of the nice weather. They were playing in their little house when Joseph leaned over to hug Noah and Noah returned the favor with a big kiss!! Silly boys!