Thursday, September 27, 2007

Visiting Aggieland

So we took a small trip to College Station yesterday afternoon, and Noah J had a blast. He kept thinking we were taking him to Blue Bell since we were driving down 290, but then got excited when we told him we would see the Aggies. I think his favorite part of the trip was all of the bicycles parked at the MSC, but he also loved Rudder fountain. He got to pick out a 12th man jersey that he insisted on wearing, and he even told someone Gig 'em Aggies! He was a bit bummed we didn't see the football team, but forgot all about it when we went to dinner. We met our friend Nikki over at the new Blue Baker on University. Josh didn't want to eat there since we used to both work there, but I talked him into it and it was SOOOO good, and we had so much fun hanging out with Nikki. There are just not good sandwich places in HOuston like there are in BCS, and you know how I love a good club sandwich! Anyways, they have this huge new complex with this massive fountain in front of it which entertained Noah for a good hour. I promised him I would put the picture on the blog, so that's what the last fountain is. We had a lot of fun - our trip made us realize how much we miss both Nikki and BCS!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Wyatt practicing sitting

A couple of weeks ago Wy couldn't sit up at without toppling right over, but just this past week he has gotten so much better! We've been putting him in the boppy to practice and he really seems to like it. Noah J couldn't sit in it at all - he would just fall straight backwards. Wyatt tends to lean more forward and his gut kind of keeps him from falling!

Anyways, he was having so much fun I decided to snap some pictures. I love the one with his arm to the side - he just looks so casual, like he's been sitting up his whole life!

He also got super excited that Lily came by to see him while he was sitting there - I made some video, but for some reason on Youtube it came out really dark - it doesn't look like that on our screen. Oh well, you can still hear how excited he is!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Matching jammies!

Noah J and Wyatt got matching jammies and Noah was just tickled to death. Isn't it too cute how they are both sitting exactly the same? Wyatt's are size 12 months but I think I'll have to buy 18 months next time!

Beautiful baby!

These are the pics I took in the car of Wyatt on the way home from Kemah - isn't he just too beautiful? He was so hot we stripped him down so he would cool off quickly - too cute!


If you know Noah, you know that quite possibly his favorite place on earth is Kemah! He gets to go with Grandma and Grandpa occasionally, and those are just his favorite days. He asks about it all the time! Well, after his difficult week this week PaPa decided he just needed to go this Saturday, and I actually got an invite as well! I was excited to get some pics of them having fun. He loves to ride the carousel (he always rides the pig), the airplane ride, the train, and he really liked the playground (he thought he was hot stuff climbing up that ladder instead of taking the stairs). He seemed to really enjoy his lunch as well - he thought it was really funny that he put his fork into his garlic bread and ate it off the fork. Once again, Wyatt's favorite part of the day was the ride home - the heat just makes him completely lifeless during the day and then he gets hyped up in the car. All three of us took a nap during the second half of the trip home - it was an exhausting day!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lots of pictures from a fun evening!

So we went over to G&G's house to watch/listen to all the football games and to eat dinner tonight. Noah was so very excited cause he got a "Gaggie" shirt today. I have no clue why, but he calls the Aggies the Gaggies. I think cause we were trying to get him to say "gig 'em aggies" and he just smooshes it all together. Anyways, he was was excited about it. We found it at Academy and it was a 3T and after I washed it it was teeny tiny, but Noah still insisted on wearing it. He had tons of fun playing with Joseph and really liked the teeter totter. The pic where he's just standing their awkwardly is right after he finished trying to give the gig 'em thumbs up - he totally can't do it, but thinks he can with his pointer finger instead - you can see how tickled he is with himself. My parents also removed their pond but haven't filled it in yet, so they were pumped up about playing in a hole. YOu can for sure tell which one is my child - no shorts or shoes of course! The other pics are just my little patoot in his aggie gear - I had to buy him size 18 months!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Noah J has been obsessed with hiding recently, and we were goofing around this morning while I changed his sheets and made a video cause he was cracking me up. His favorite place to hide is the corner of his bed - he puts his face down and then thinks we can't see him. Too funny! You can hear at the beginning of the video he's copying me saying "noah j??????" - he never ever attempts to say his name so I was really proud of him!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Cutest undies ever!

So Noah J got quite possibly the worlds cutest undies a few weeks ago. They came in this baseball themed pack at Wal-Mart and they are really nice! They are super soft and nice and thick - much better than all the Hanes ones! And cheaper too!

We have started giving the boys a bath at around 6:30 and then putting Wyatt straight to bed and letting Noah J have some alone time with Mommy and Daddy before he goes to sleep around 7:30. So instead of getting him into his sleep diaper and jammies we've been letting him wear undies and a white tank. Too cute! In the bottom picture he was so excited to show me he found his Skarloey train underneath Shrek and a tractor. Since he relocated it he hasn't wanted to put it down!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

First day of MDO

So Noah J had his first day of mother's day out today! We are so proud of him!! This was the first time he had ever been away from us and with strangers for more than an hour. We decided it would be best if Daddy dropped him off this morning, and Josh said he screamed and cried as he left him. But when we got there this afternoon he was asleep on his napmat! Can you even believe he actually slept? We were just shocked. I made him this napmat and he seemed to really like laying on it, but I just couldn't imagine him sleeping on it.

And his teacher said he did really well. She said he started to get upset and cry around lunchtime, but when he opened his lunch kit and saw the picture I taped inside he got really excited! It made me so happy! She said he really loved it and got angry when they covered it! And he used his Thomas napkin I made him - you can see it folded off to the left side in the picture of his lunch. Isn't it cute? I also made him an elmo one, an elephant one, and then some halloween themed ones with cats and pumpkins and such. He will be so excited to find them in his lunch!

Of course I made him this great lunch and all he ate was the heart shaped sandwich, some jello fingers, and half a strawberry. He didn't even eat the cookies! But when we got home he was happy to sit at the table and gobble the rest up! As the afternoon wore on he got happier about the whole ordeal and said he wants to go back to school next week. Phew!! He told us that he colored, painted with a paintbrush, saw a puppy and played with the kids on the playground and that he made a friend named Jack. I'm not sure how much of this is true, but he sure seemed happy to tell us about it!

Josh and I really enjoyed our day off - we still had Wyatt but it was so much easier with just one! We got the yard done and even went off and did some window shopping! I am so proud of my little boy!