Thursday, September 06, 2012

Baby muffin turns 2!!

Can you even believe our little girl is two??!  Hard for me to believe as well.  This year has flown by!  She was super cute saying two and trying to show her fingers.  We had to bend them into place for her cause she couldn't do it alone.  If she does it herself she puts up her index finger on both hands and them holds them together to show 2... it's so cute I should have gotten a pic of that! :)  We celebrated with a trip to her favorite place in the world, Chuck E. Cheese!!

She was ready to go play immediately!  I made these coin pouches for each of the kids (that we also did not photograph) and you can see Annie's in the picture.  She really loved having her little purse full of coins.

Her favorite ride by far is the racing horse... she truly screams the entire time she is on it.  I think she is halfway scared, halfway happy and doesn't know what to do other than scream at the top of her lungs. 

Our closest friends came to celebrate our little girl and we are so thankful for all of them!  Wyatt told me he was really sad Annie doesn't have any friends and I listed off all the people that are his friends that are also hers.  He did not seemed pleased with that answer.  :)  I told him as she gets older she will have more girl friends that are her age. LOL :)

After playing we had pizza and cupcakes. It took quite a few blows for her to get both the candles out, but she had some help from her bubba for that!  She hardly ate any but did use the candle as a spoon to get off the icing.  :)  Check out the adorable sprinkle 2's that I totally store from Corrie's blog

After this she flipped out crying and we could not figure out what was wrong, but then it came very clear.  She wanted her Richard!!  She hardly knows him, but he is for sure her first crush!  Do you see how she clings to him?  Once she realized he was there she did not want to get out of his arms.  We seriously had to pull her off of him.  She will pass up Daddy, Grandpa, Grandma, and Granny to head straight for Richard.  I have never seen anything like it!!

Then it was time to open presents and she was THRILLED with each and every one.  Of course they all had to be taken to Richard so he could see what she got.  :)   She wore those boots and pushed her cart with her baby around for the rest of the night.  She SCREAMED when we got to the car and she couldn't have the shopping cart in her lap.  She has certainly hit the terrible twos!!

But the party still wasn't over!  She had another present from us once we got home and she was tickled pink with it.  You see she immediately fed her baby and put her monkey to sleep!  :)  And there was another huge surprise before bed....

Her own kitchen!!  My parents are such troopers and came over and put the whole thing together at 10:30 at night!  I am really not sure who likes it more, Annie or the boys.  Wyatt must have cooked me a dozen meals today!!  It is in his room until we move Annie to a big girl bed and have more space in her tiny room (which we're planning on doing after Christmas).

SO, it was an excellent birthday for Annie, even though it was technically two days early.  Don't tell her!!  Can't wait to see what the next year holds!!