Sunday, April 30, 2006

Playing with Addy McPaddy

So Adeline and Noah J had fun playing together on Saturday which left some time for all the rents to have fun too! They didn't so much play with each other, but more just around each other. Noah was inspired by Adeline's walking and walked most of the day Saturday. AND he got his first pair of tennis shoes - and he refuses to walk in them!!! We were so busy this weekend and I have lots to tell about, but I'm too tired so I'm sleeping for now!! I'll tell the rest later this week!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mr. Cool

My baby's favorite part of the day on MWF is when Uncle Aaron comes over and lets him play with his sunglasses. Don't let the picture fool you though, he hates having them put on his head. He also immediately grabs his keys out of his pocket and the pen from his shirt pocket. How fun! Today it was funny cause he took the pen out of Aaron's pocket and then when he was done playing with it he tried to put it back in the pocket. Of course he couldn't get it in there, so he just layed it on Aaron's chest. We were cracking up.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Whirly Bird is back!!!!

Noah James's beloved Whirly Bird has made a return. I took Josh's car somewhere this weekend and I found Whirly Bird in the backseat!! I can't believe we somehow forgot about him - for months!! This was Noah's first favorite toy - he used to play with it for hours. Look at how happy he was to get it again!

We had a rather boring day, but a fun evening at Grandma and Grandpa's. Noah J playe chase with Zeus and just had a ball. He also climbed ontop of a little table/toy thing and onto Grandma's chair to get his blanket. When he got there he stood up and waved the blanket in the air and was so proud of himself. It makes me nervous to think about what he will climb onto next. Noah has really been walking a lot the last two days - and all on his own without us encouraging him. He could walk all day, but he just gets excited/impatient and tries to run, which of course he can't do. But anyday now I know he will get going and never stop.

Just like his momma

So, we discovered yesterday that Noah J loves mayo. You remember that mayo packet he's been carrying around for weeks? Well, yesterday while I was cooking dinner I noticed him in the living room with something white all over his mouth. And there he was with that mayo packet busted open sucking the mayo out of it - and let me tell you how he screamed when I took it away from him!! I was so grossed out - there's not much worse than the idea of somebody sucking mayo out of a packet (and this from a girl who actually likes mayo!). And of course he had smeared it all over the glass of the TV cabinet - lovely. I guess that's what we get for letting him play with a condiment packet. Now we know not to give him anymore fance ketchup packs from Whataburger.

This is a pic from Noah's first official big boy bath! Its completely scary, and I really hate giving him a bath by myself this way. Noah is also unsure - he's so used to being able to just lean back and lounge in his chair. Every single time he even slightly moves he kind of freaks cause he thiks he's gonna fall over. But he does seem to like it better - at least there is no more crying when he first gets in. I still haven't figured out how to wash his hair by myself without that darn chair. Ideas?? Advice??

Sunday, April 23, 2006

My beautiful genius boy

Oh my goodness, can I tell you how hard of a time I'm having picking pictures to post? This is what happens when I don't get to blog for a few days! And I've actually saved a few for tomorrow....

Josh got a surprise day off on Thursday, but then unfortunately got called in Saturday morning, so our 2 day weekend turned into a 3 day weekend and then back into a 2 day, but we still had lots of fun just hanging out and not doing much - unfortunately we didn't get to finish the pergola like we had planned. My baby boy walked all the way from the coffee table to the kitchen table all by himself today!! I keep trying to get him to walk more often and he doesn't want to - of course he does it when I don't prompt him at all! He even did it while clutching his blanky, which normally hinders his walking - he's such a little genius! Let's see what pictures I have here....

Oh yes, Noah's new obsession is hair in a ponytail. He gets absolutely out of control if I have my hair up and then sit on the floor where he can reach it. He grabs ahold of it and then does his best at trying to jump up and down - of course without his feet ever leaving the floor. I'm trying to teach him the difference between pulling it and just holding it!

We all had fun going to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner Friday night. Oma came into town and Noah was so sweet to her and made us all jealous. He actually sat in her arms for a good half hour just listening to her sing songs in German. You know he never lets us do that!! H also loves crawling all over their yard - just not on that darn grass, and he refuses to put his knees down on the concrete or stones - so he does this crazy crab walk - at first it was scary cause we thought he was gonna face plant into the sidewalk, but once we saw he knew what he was doing it was too funny! He also loves to pull the bark off of the river birch.

I will write tomorrow about how the whole cow's milk thing is going!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sleepy peepy

My little baby is so sweet when he's sleeping! Too bad he's not this cuddly cute when he's awake! I didn't have any pics or anything exciting today, so I snuck in his room just now and caught his sleepy cuteness. He's got all the things he loves right there - his froggy, puppy, and blanky. And whats so funny is that he brings them there next to his head - they don't start out that way.

Going in his room at night iss VERY scary, though! Even if you just breathe in his room he wakes up - and every single time he rolls over, sits up, and then puts his arms up into the air and starts moaning - you CANNOT get out of there without picking him up and rocking him for just a few minutes. Not that we mind too much....

We're gonna try having a cup of whole milk instead of formula tomorrow afternoon! Wish us luck!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

IT happened......

You will never believe what my 11 month old son did today. I was so shocked I didn't even know what to do. He threw a temper tantrum in a public place. I don't mean, maybe I'll cry a little, not want to sit in the stroller kind of thing. I mean screaming at the top of his lungs, big fat tears, throwing himself on the ground out of the stroller, kicking me when I hold him kind of an ordeal. ALL because he wanted to play with the stroller. I had about 10 things to try on so I thought I would let him play on the ground with his toy backpack while I tried stuff on - well, he didn't play with the toys but he did push his stroller around in circles and was having a grand time watching it all in the mirror. When I was done and I tried putting him into the stroller to check out is when the nightmare hit. I was SO embarassed!!!! After he twisted out of the straps and onto the ground I picked him up which only made him angrier... and the whole time I'm saying to the salesgirl like, "I don't even know what to do with him - he's never like this!" and she says "He doesn't throw tantrums very often?" and I'm like NO, he never has before in his whole life. I can just imagine what she was thinking!!!! And he screamed all the way out of the store, into the car seat, and all the way home. And on top of that he wouldn't take his afternoon nap!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was quite a day! I have been obsessed with reading stuff on theories for discipline, etc and every single book has said to start this stuff at 18 months - my son is throwing fits now!!!!! It makes me scared!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Playing in the sprinkler....well, kind of

This afternoon Josh and I took Noah out to the backyard to set up the sprinkler cause the grass was looking shriveled up. Noah crawled off and we caught him next to the faucet getting sopping wet from the spray that shoots out cause its not attached correctly. He didn't even seem to notice! It was SO hot that I wanted to put him in his pool this afternoon, but I had Joseph here and Josh was at work - hopefully when Josh is off Friday we can fill it up and give it a shot. He hasn't been enjoying the bath lately, though, so I'm not sure how much he'll like it. I think he gets upset cause we still have him in a bath seat. But when he's in the tub without it he walks around the whole time and slips. Thoughts...... suggestions???

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter pics - too many to choose from!!

I just had too many pictures and I couldn't pick which ones to post, so sorry there are so many! I know none of them are great cause he refuses to look at the camera lately, but his Daddy and I love them anyways!

Josh had to work today, so we just hunted eggs and played with the Easter basket this morning. Some of you might be wondering why the basket is outside, but Josh and I just realized we had different traditions this weekend. Friday night I was talking about hiding the basket in the yard and Josh was totally freaked - he told me you only hide the eggs. I thought everybody in the whole wide world hid the basket too - but evidently its just my nutso family! And Noah liked it cause he could scoop dirt onto the bunny and into the basket!

Then my mom was sweet enough to have an early lunch for all of us which Josh got to scarf down and then had to leave. :-( But lunch was delicious, as usual, and then Noah had some fun playing with his basket Grandma and Grandpa got him and then hunting for eggs on the hill. Well, there wasn't so much egg hunting as there was playing in the dirt.

Here's an explanation of the pictures:

Hmmm, if I bang these two eggs together I wonder what will happen....

Oh my goodness, are those Cheerios???

Oh yeah, Cherrios............

Using the egg half to dig a hole in the flowerbed...
Finally discovering the basket....

Looking at Momma angrily cause my bunny cup is empty...

Easter with the grandparents

Here are the pics from Grandma and Grandpa's house - notice how he actually picked up the eggs and put them in the basket! We were way impressed! Grandma's plastic eggs had some of those little organic bear cereal things - I can't remember what they're called - but of course those were even better than the Cheerios! And the orange egg that he sucked on bled onto his lips and gave him an orange mouth!!!

This is his basket from his Granny. Since Josh had to work today we went out to lunch yesterday, and I brought the camera but forgot to take pictures! Eating out with Noah is so stressful I can't focus on much else while I'm there! He is obsessed with trying to pull the football out of the bunny's hands.


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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Our Little He-man

Today Josh and I looked up to see Noah caught inside of the stool legs - and this is how he escaped!! And he didn't even land on his face! Please don't look at my messy floors.... we had just finished eating breakfast and Noah had dropped his apple-orange muffin pieces EVERYWHERE!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

This boy loves the phone

I don't have a story to go with this, but he's just so cute chewing on the phone I had to take a picture. He did decide that today he would become attached to his new frog lovey his grandma got him and wanted to do everything with it after his nap. Check out Lily cat's feet in the maroon chair....

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sorry, no new pictures...

I can't believe I didn't take any pictures today, but I wanted to! By the time I get the camera he has usually stopped whatever he was doing, and if he hasn't, then he stops to try and grab the camera! So I'll just have to write about his cuteness today!

Since Joseph was here today I have to come up with as many activities as I can that are not in the livingroom or kitchen - you know if he sees Joseph asleep in the swing then he must go pull his feet and take his blanket. So I decided to dust the furniture in his room - do you have any idea how many teensy little places there are to dust on a crib, changing table, glider, and bookcases? I really think most of it isn't dust - its baby powder! You know the way I put it on it gets everywhere!! The first day we brought him home I put some on him and sprayed so much out that he started coughing - a little 5 day old baby! Anyways, I digress, while I'm dusting he was just crawling around being nosy and he stood at the edge of his bed, reached his arm through a slat, and turned the music on his toy on - then he crawled away and started playing. Well, it automatically turns off after about 5 minutes, and the moment it did he stopped, crawled over, and turned it back on. He did this 4 more times!!! It surprised me so much - I always thought when he turned the music on that it was by accident (the button is right next to some others that make the fish move), but evidently he thinks it has some pretty cool jams! Josh thinks it sounds like the soundtrack to a bad European movie......

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another new tooth bringing the total to 4!

Yes, Noah J's other top front tooth popped through today! He was really good and not fussy at all though, so that made me happy. We didn't do much today other than going to the grocery store and making a visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house for an impromptu dinner tonight. As you can see Noah really enjoys going through Grandma's kitchen cabinets and was thrilled to find the stack of lunch sacks that he could pull out. Don't worry, he didn't drink too many household cleaners.

AND the most exciting news is that Noah took his first steps! It actually happened on Sunday and I keep forgetting to write about it. OK, it was only 2 steps - but they were fantastic!! He was walking along holding my hand in the kitchen and then I stood in front of him but didn't put my hands out and he took two whole steps - and these weren't the kind of steps like he's falling- they were just normal steps! And tonight he took a step at Grandma's house while playing with the cabinets! I guess its going to be slow going!

Monday, April 10, 2006

A New Tooth!!

Noah has finally gotten a third tooth! It only took 5 months! When he was eating dinner tonight I saw it and freaked out! I'm sad cause I just love his little gummy smile with those two teeth! He's turning into a little boy right before my eyes.

Here's a pic from last know he has this obsession with the vacuum cleaner, but has always been a little nervous when I turn it on. You can see how he was trying to push it away as I got closer to him - Josh and I laughed and laughed.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Maroon and White Game

After our fun outside looking for eggs we were supposed to go back home and work on the patio cover. But it was just so beautiful out that we ran home, packed a bag, and headed to BCS to go to the Spring Game. When we got there it was frigid!! It was so cold we were shivering - and you could hear people everywhere saying stuff like "I can't believe you told me to wear shorts..." or "I told you we should have bought a blanket!" And we felt the same way! So we ran into the MSC and bought Noah J a sweatshirt in size 2T so he can wear it next year! It is so cute - they have a whole collection of stuff with little cartoon Reveille puppies. So we get into the stadium after having lugged the boy all over campus cause it said we couldn't bring a stroller into the stadium and found seats on the first deck right on the border of the Zone. And then we got SOOOO hot - we were sweating and wishing for the wind that you could feel outside of the stadium. We were so proud of Noah - he just sat and played, walked up and down the bleachers trying to pick up the number stickers on the seat, and ate toast squares I brought him. He LOVED the band - he didn't seem to notice the football game going on, but he stared the entire time the band played. He also seemed to like Reveille barking and the people around us doing yells. He was so tired cause he didn't sleep on the way up there that we left after halftime and then the most magical moment of my life happened.....

Can you believe he fell asleep on my chest? Some of you probably can, but my little boy is NOT a cuddler. Like even when he's exhausted he does not want to be held - he wants to be in his crib. And this is partly cause we trained him to fall asleep on his own in the bed, but beyond that he is just NOT into sitting still for more than a second. It was so great I made Josh take a picture of it!

OH yeah - the real kicker is that there were about 10,000 strollers in the stadium and we lugged the potato sack around the whole time! So much for those rules!

Easter eggs and the most frightening bunny ever

So we went to an Easter egg hunt that our neighborhood has this morning. We were a little late (cause I decided to get my hair cut) so we actually missed the hunt that was for Noah's age group. But we just took him to a different little field that still had eggs and snapped away. Of course he didn't like sitting on the grass, but once he discovered that the eggs made noise when he shook it he started to like it just a bit. It also helped that Adeline was holding some and he wasn't, so he wanted them too! After playing with the eggs Noah got to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap, it and it was quite possibly the most frightening experience of my life, but Noah seemed none the worse for it!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Learning every day!

Noah finally figured out how to put the balls into his dinosaur! He has tried for SO long, but the way he held them his fingers were always in the way. Today he just figured it out and he was so excited - he sat there and did it about 20 different times in each hole. Our little boy is growing up, sniff, sniff...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bluebonnets are icky

Do you see how Noah thinks the flowers are so scary that he has to keep fists balled up and his arms held as high in the air and close to his body as they can go?????? We were SOOO tickled by him! He was really freaked cause we just pulled over on 290 and the cars whizzing by at a million miles an hour really distracted him.

OK, I could only get one pic to post, so you'll just have to wait to see the one that I'm talking about...

ALRIGHT - all the pics are up now!

Round Top

Today we had so much fun going to Round Top! We were really lucky with the weather and it wasn't too hot because of the wind. Sadly, though, since the clouds were out I didn't remember to put on sunscreen and now Noah J and I are pinky pink!
Could this face be any more mischieveous? There was a booth with about 300 wind chimes and he was SO enamored with it! Unlike the huge ones on Grandpa's porch that he loves to ring, these were teeny tiny with a gentle noise and he didn't quite know what to make of it.
Here is Noah with his new lovie that his grandma bought him - its so soft! Its a frog with a blanket attached and he is already in love with it.

And of course, here is how we all felt at the end of the day, but only Noah J was able to sleep in the car! Note the ice chest next to him filled with fresh ground beef from the meat market for Noah J's birthday party! Yippee!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

And we're back!!!

The camera has been missing! It is Noah's favorite object in the whole world, and we are constantly having to hide it. Well, this time we forgot where we put it! And it was right here on the armoire in our bedroom and just didn't see it. BUT the good news is y'all didn't miss too much! I have had a terrible headache for 3 days, so I wasn't really camera happy anyways. The exciting thing that happened today is that Noah clapped all by himself for the first time! I was talking on the phone and I was just watching him and realized he was clapping, so of course I had to scream. Which only excited him more so he had to scream and then I screamed and then he screamed - well, you can just imagine how the next 10 minutes went. And you KNOW that he wouldn't clap once I got the camera out. So these are the before and after clapping pics!

We are also really impressed with how much he has been understanding lately. Like today we were sitting in the glider just hanging out and he was playing with his passy and I said, "give momma the passy" and he looked at me and then put it in my mouth! He' s our little genius! And he even attempted to walk today, but he would just move the one foot forward and then fall back onto his bum. Baby steps, baby steps!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

What does this boy do in his sleep?

This was Noah's hair when he woke up from his morning nap today......

And this was Noah during his afternoon nap today!

What on earth does this boy do?? I mean seriously, his legs out of the crib!!!! I went in his room to grab the phone cause I left it on the nightstand, and there he was like a ragdoll. He seemed happy, though, so I just left him! We had a busy day today - Granny came to babysit early this morning while Josh and I worked on getting the posts into the ground for the pergola. Then we had a delicious lunch at Taco Cabana - the baby's favorite place to eat, and for some reason he doesn't choke on their grilled chicken, so he ate till he was ready to pop!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Mayo Man

Today was the day of the mayo packet. We had Chick-fil-A last night for dinner, and you know they put all of the condiments in the bag, right? Well, somehow this morning Noah found a packet of mayo and decided that he should carry it around all day. And when I say all day, I mean ALL day - he never let go of it! I honestly don't know where he got it from!

Do you see the bruises on his head?? And it looks good in the picture! We had a rough start with the patio building today - hit some pipes and couldn't find the right stuff at the store. But we got the post holes dug and hopefully we'll get the posts up in the morning before Josh goes to work. Now thats only if the boy cooperates!