Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day Fishing

We had our Memorial Day celebration on last Sunday at my parents, and the guys decided to take the kids down to the lake to fish - with real worms and everything! Noah was just gonna pretend, but once he saw Joseph catch a real fish he decided he wanted to do it too. So he caught his first fish! He was super excited about it, but when Grandpa held it out for him to touch, it started flipping and flopping and of course Noah then panicked and decided he didn't want anything to do with fishing!

Of course that hasn't stopped him from asking every day since then! I just love these pictures - they came out so beautiful!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Noah dancing

Noah has taken a liking to Mary Poppins - he constantly wants to sing and dance with it. And here he is doing his signature move - jumping on one leg!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Here's a quick clip of the boys enjoying the park!

Discovery Green

So we ventured out to explore Houston's newest park, Discovery Green yesterday. Sadly, we were kind of disappointed, although the kids had a great time. I just expected there to be a lot more to do - there was one teeny tiny playground (really for older kids) and then the splashpad area. And the rest of it was open green areas - great I guess if you love to sit around in the sun when its 95 out. So our review of the park in general is a big fat thumbs down, but if you look at it as just a splash area for your kids to spend a couple of hours in, then a big fat thumbs up!

Noah shockingly loved the water (he hates getting his face wet), and Wyatt hated it (and he LOVES getting his face wet). Who would have thought? The last pic of Wy is fuzzy on teh bottom cause he touched his little grubby finger to the lens seconds before snapping the picture, but it was just too beautiful not to share!

The Birthday party: Part 3

Now that I'm going through these I realize that I missed a bunch of the activities! We also painted some train suncatchers, played bean bag toss with some troublesome trucks, and helped Alfie knock down a wall of cardboard bricks. And of course, there was a LOT of presents between the 2 boys. I don't think there was a single toy that wasn't loved (although they really got into after everyone left!). Giving Wy his birthday cake was a little anti-climactic, since as the second child he's already had quite a few tidbits of Noah's sweets, but he seemed to like it none-the-less.

The Birthday party: Part 2

So at the party we had it set up to be like the Island of Sodor. We put down duct tape railroad tracks, made RR crossing signs, and each of the games had a Thomas character with instructions for what to do.

Of course the favorite activity was the jumper (thanks G&G!), and then anything involving getting wet. Cranky dropped some cargo into the ocean so the kids had to help fish it out, and then they went for a washdown! Josh strung our sprinkler up in the air, and the kids just thought it was grand running through it. You can see Wyatt wasn't quite happy about all of it!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The party: Part 1, the cake!

I don't know why, but I just cannot seem to summon up the courage to blog about the boys' party. I guess cause it stressed me out so much, and I'm so relieved that its over. So I think I'll post the pics a bit at a time, and I find the strength! :)

So here's the cake to start things off. Isn't it just too cute? Clarabel was chocolate, Annie was yellow, and Thomas was pound cake. They were delicious and turned out so well that I was really pleased. You KNOW that I am NOT an artist, so I was very very nervous about this, but I was socked at how easy it turned out to be. Actually baking the cakes themselves, and mixing the frosting was the hardest part.

When Noah came home from my parents and saw the cake he was SOOOO excited that it made all the hard work worthwhile. He kept asking "this dry yet?" I guess he thought once it was dry he could eat it! Hee hee hee!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day Out With Thomas

Now these pictures are a couple of months old, but I just finally got them off the camera last week, so here they are. The whole trip was pure craziness - it was freezing cold and windy, and Noah and Wyatt were both really unsure about the whole hotel business. We really thought Noah would be the problem, but it was WYatt!! He screamed again and again during the night, waking all of us up, including our neighbors! (Sorry G&G!) We had close to no good pictures, but these are the best!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

fun at Ikea

Are my kids the only ones who think that the entire IKEA store is just one big playground? Cause they LOVE IT!! Especially when we stop at the cafe and get snacks! Look at these two - and the worst part is that I left the wipes in the car!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Packing the bags

I'm almost to the point of finally blogging about our trip to see Thomas, but these were just too cute to not post. I was trying to begin packing our suitcase for the trip, and this is what I found when I came into the bedroom. I love this boy!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


The boys had a fantastic day today - first they got to play at G&G's this morning, then they had a trip to Home Depot & Target (which they love) and then after their naps this afternoon we went to Joseph's house to check out his new swing set/fort. Can you tell they had a blast?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gorgeous baby

We were practicing with our new camera and accidentally got this beautiful shot of the little one. Isn't he so cute you just want to squeeze his head till it pops!?!?

New Camera!!!

I would like to have it noted that Josh and I did our part to stimulate the economy - we purchased a new camera with a bit of our stimulus check! We ended up getting a Canon, and it seems to be great, although its so different from our old cam its taking some getting used to. And here is our first new pic - my little chunk asleep in bed this morning. Don't you just love little babies sleeping?

Our little chunk!

Little Wyatt loves to eat so much, that I have been finding him scavenging through the house! Six weeks ago or so I found him in the play room with Noah's scone box eating what was left of it. Then a couple weeks later he found his way into the pantry, pulled out a box of cheese crackers and got to work! Can you tell how proud he is? It's just so funny I have to take a picture every time!

Friday, May 16, 2008


It seems almost embarrassing, but here I am, finally blogging our Easter pictures. And now I hardly remember a thing about the day! But aren't my boys cute? Noah liked find the Easter eggs, but was extremely put out with the real eggs once he realized he couldn't open them up and find candy inside! He also immediately popped every single egg open once he found it, only to spill the contents all over the grass!

We tried to get a nice family photo, with no luck, but we did catch this cute one with G&G. Aren't they adorable?