Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day boxes!

We were happy to go to our annual Valentine's Day party with our homeschool group again this year.  They kids had been planning their boxes for months now and we were super pleased with how they turned out. 

Rosie of course requested a "Punzel tower."  She helped do all of it and was the most thrilled with the little pic of her from Halloween that we put in the tower window. 

Wyatt requested a Minecraft creeper box and spent FOREVER glueing all the pieces on all by himself.  Made me a bit nervous to hand over the glue gun but he did a great job!

Noah stuck with his love of Harry Potter and made this Monster Book of Monsters.  It was actually the easiest to make!  And the super exciting part was that he won for his age group and came home with a gift card to Hobby Lobby!

I'm thinking next year I'll actually let Annie skate!  This year, though, she was happy to hang out eating snacks with her friends!

Valentine's Day!

Look at these little cuties all waiting for their Valentine's Day surprises!!  Well, I guess two of them waited patiently and the other couldn't stand it any longer!  This year each of the kiddos got a stuffed animal as usual, a candy, and this time a movie.  They were thrilled!

Annie got the movie Brave, which she immediately fell in love with. She doesn't call the main character Merida, she calls her "Brave Annie."  It is pretty adorable and has been quite convenient cause we are able to remind her that she is Brave Annie whenever she gets scared!

The boys of course got bears along with the next two Harry Potter movies!  They both love them some HP so they were thrilled to now be the owners of 4 of the movies.  And of course the day was completed with a batch of Valentine's Day heart cookies!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Snow!! (at least what Houston calls snow!)

Alright, I'm gonna admit this is not exactly snow.  More of a pellet, dippin dots like creation falling from the sky, but we count it as snow in H-town!  But I figure if you can create a snowman with it then it for sure can be called snow.  Please don't laugh at our sad, sad, tiny snowman.  We were really proud of him!  And see the even teensier one?  That was Annie's bitsy man.  He was definitely the more pathetic one but she loved him!

Perhaps the best part was the trampoline!  They slipped and slid and threw themselves all around.  They had so much fun!  Even Annie got in on the slipping action but we didn't get any pics.   Love the little action shot Picasa made of Noah falling!  Cracks me up!

Praying for another cold winter next year so we can get real, actual snow again!!