Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas at Granny's!

On Christmas day we got to go to Granny's to celebrate Christmas. Noah was MUCH happier there were no other kids that wanted his toys, but was pretty unsure of all of the people there. He didn't really want much to do with presents, but he did want to play in the front yard with the figures, and jump on Granny's bed. He REALLY loved having a paper fight with Great Granny! He was SO sad that her cat wouldn't play with him like Lily, and was even sadder that her singing snowmen had no batteries!! What a funny boy! :)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa's!

So after our gift extravaganza Christmas Eve morning we got to attend the best Christmas ever at my parents! Dinner was delicious as normal, and we all had a good time watching the boys. The only problem we seemed to have was that Noah and Joseph didn't understand that certain toys were the other's. Whatever Noah opened, Joseph wanted, and whatever Joseph opened, Noah wanted. But it all worked out in the end (after hiding some of them!). Noah's favorite things he got were his tricyle (which we LOVE cause it has a push bar on it), his airplane, his dumptruck, and his cash register!

Christmas morning!

So its not exactly Christmas morning, but it was to us! Noah J had SO much fun and we had a great time watching him. You can see in the first pic that he insisted on opening his presents while listening to the music from his snowglobe. His favorite things he got were his weedeater and the vaccuum!! We're just a little stressed cause it takes 4 C batteries! He also loves his wagon, but wasn't too thrilled with it cause it was still in the box. But he did like carrying the wheels around the house!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Jammies!!

Since Josh has to work Christmas morning, we are celebrating Christmas tomorrow morning on Christmas Eve! So Noah J got to open his one present - his Christmas jammies!!

He was SO excited to get to open one of the boxes under the tree, but seemed a little unsure of himself, like he might get in trouble. He pointed to the Santa on them and said "ho ho ho" and then said the same thing for the reindeer! :) He even let us put the stocking cap on him!!!

Afterwards he put all the paper in a pile and then laid down in the middle of it to drink his milk. Then he got up and started spinning and screaming all around the living room, while putting on all of the Christmas music! Silly boy! Tomorrow should be interesting!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Woodlands Winter Wonderland!

We took a trip with Granny tonight to the Woodlands to visit their winter wonderland. Noah J LOVED the lights but was pretty much awful the whole time cause he wanted to touch them. The way its described, I thought he would be able to just wander through the lights and actually get to touch them, so we were both kind of bummed out. He did have a delicious dinner that he loved at The Cheesecake Factory - during which he peed all over his Granny, and once again mom didn't bring any other clothes!! So poor little Noah J had to once again wear his jammies and tennis shoes out in public. Maybe he'll start a trend! :)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just goofing off!

These are the faces I get when I ask my son to smile! First he sticks out his tongue and then I get some smiles! He has a cold and a fever, so we stripped him down when we got home cause he was so hot. And his latest thing is pointing to one of the snowflakes on that blanket and asking "this?" and having me say snowflake. We repeat this process until I have told him that every single one of the red things is a snowflake. He thinks this is hysterical. He was just so cute I had to wrap him up in it while he was drinking his milk and snap a few pics!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Raking leaves!

Last week Noah J had tons of fun helping Grandpa rake leaves in the backyard. It was FREEZING and they stayed out there for over an hour. Noah J's little hands were bright red, but he just didn't want to come in. Grandpa gave him his own little tiny rake which he now loves. Then Noah decided he needed to help put them in the trashcan. And Grandpa had the great idea of using Noah to push down all the leaves, which brought great squeals of laughter and happiness!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Santa's Wonderland!

We had so much fun visiting College Station and going to Santa's Wonderland this week! Grandma and Grandpa, and even Uncle Aaron, Aunt Christy, and cousin Joe piled into the trucks and made our way for the great Christmas extravaganza!

First we had to stop for dinner at Freebirds, which was well received by all. Joseph especially liked the music - he even started dancing! Josh and I think its cause he secretly wants to be an Aggie but is afraid to tell his Daddy! :)

Then we headed for the park and a hayride. Noah was very excited by the big fire that they have in the center of the park, but wasn't so sure about the rest of it. When we got on the hayride he freaked out crying. Eventually he calmed down and seemed to enjoy the trip. His diaper leaked onto the only pants I brought, so we had to change him into his teeny tiny pajama bottoms. He looked pretty funny with those and shoes on. He didn't want to have anything to do with the animals in the petting zoo, so Daddy and I were forced to feed them ourselves. I was a little frightened by the goats, but just fell in love with the bunnies and the baby pigs! Look in the last pic how Noah is clutching Josh cause he was so scared to be put down with the animals.

Hopefully next year he will be over this "I'm afraid of everything" phase and we can just have fun!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

December 6th Stocking!

Noah J got his first December 6th stocking this week. It is a German tradition my mom did as a child, and then my brother and I got when we were kids. The coolest part is that you get 2 stockings - one early and one on Christmas! woo hoo! And this one comes in a real stocking so its too cool! We always had toys, fruit, nuts, and Christmas chocolates in ours, so we did our best to find stuff Noah J could have in each of these categories.

We've been collecting stuff for it for a while now so I was very excited to give it to him. We woke up 30 minutes before him and snuck into his room and put it in his crib. We thought we would hear him get really excited when he woke up but he just cried like normal. When we went in there he hadn't taken anything out, I guess cause he couldn't figure out how to! Once we showed him the stuff inside he was very excited, although a bit confused. We took him to the living room to finish opening everything up. He was super excited about the cell phone with the fish on it, being able to eat a pear all by himself, and sucking on the gold chocolate coins. He also loved the slinky, which not to our surprise was ruined approximately 30 minutes after receiving it. We had so much fun we can't wait till next year!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mmm! Gingerbread men!

Today Noah J and I baked gingerbread men to decorate for our kitchen Christmas tree. Unfortunately I forgot to poke holes in an entire dozen of them, so they are sadly not hangable. But Noah was surely happy cause he got to eat some! He took it behind the tree to eat it and was cracking me up. In the 2nd pic he's doing the sign for "cat" cause he's telling me Lily is under there!

He doesn't understand its cold!

This boy seriously doesn't even notice the difference between 40 degrees and 100 degrees. He wanted me to take him out all day Thursday, but I told him he had to wait for Daddy to get home. So poor Josh got stuck with him in the yard. The best part was that he brought Josh the broom and then pushed him over to the sidewalk so he would sweep up the acorns. Then he ran and got his broom to help. Josh thought it was over when they were in a pile, but he was sadly mistaken. Noah then took him to the garage to get the dustpan and made him pick them up. Instead of helping I chose to take a picture.

We had to get Noah a coat last night - this was the warmest thing he had. We laughed cause when we put the hood on it was tight - I never thought that clothing with a built in hat wouldn't fit. His other hat that fits is size 4T-5T. We couldn't place what it was that he looked like in that outfit, but then it suddenly came to me. A jawa!!!! Anybody else see the resemblance?

Friday, December 01, 2006

Darn cat!!

Do you see my son back there behind the tree? What you can't see is the cat. We were SO worried about Noah being rough with the tree, but he has been surprisingly good. The only problem is the cat. She loves sitting under the tree, right at the base. So Noah thinks that he needs to sit next to her. I think we're gonna have to wrap some presents and put them under the tree just to keep the cat out!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Christmas tree!

We had to take the Sorento in to get some stuff fixed, so right before we dropped it off Wednesday we went and got a tree, even though it was warm out and its completely against my beliefs to buy a tree while you're sweating.

We were really proud of ourselves cause we showed restraint and bought a tree that was $20 bucks less than what we spent last year. And its so pretty! Noah had tons of fun running away from us the entire time. He could have cared less about the trees, he was trying to go to where the fountains were and throw rocks into them! Troublesome boy!

Josh put the lights on the tree last night, and hopefully tonight we will get the ornaments up. Then we'll take a picture!

Putting up the Christmas lights!

So we made the mistake of letting Noah J help us put the lights out in the yard. Since he saw us walking through the bushes and pulling on them he thinks thats what he should do too! I think we would have been much better off putting them on while he's asleep and then just repeating the no touching thing. He's getting better with them, though!

Because of the ordeal of Josh fearing for his life on the roof last time, we didn't put any lights up on the house. And we didn't even remember doing it, but we found a bunch of little colored lights that we bought on clearance after Christmas last year, so we had some to put in the bushes! We also bought these terribly tacky holographic/lighted things that we hung in the windows. But now that they are up, I love them! We'll have to try to get a nighttime pic of the house!


I finally have a few minutes to post about Thanksgiving! We had a really great day, and it was super nice cause Josh actually had off. Here are a few pics from the day:

We thought Noah J might have lots of fun crumbling the corn bread for the dressing, but we were disappointed to discover he wanted to have nothing to do with it once he learned that he couldn't eat it!

Noah wanted to eat at around 11:00 and discovered this juicy pear. He ate so much of the pear that he didn't eat any turkey!

After lunch and a nap, Noah J ran around outside for hours, including on Grandpa's trailer - he just LOVES to run up and down it. He also thinks its his job to throw all of the pinecones and leaves out of it onto the ground.

Here's poor little Joseph! See the red rash on his cheeks and chest? He had a mystery rash so he was not feeling his best. He did have fun playing with the flyswatter that Noah is obsessed with. He even hit Noah with it! :) Don't worry, its brand new. Noah once saw Grandma swat at a fly and became instantly obsessed with it. Of course, she had to go buy him one!