Sunday, November 09, 2014

Our toothless wonder!

Wyatt has had to sit by and watch Noah lose teeth for years now and it has been killing him!!  But no more!!!  He finally has started to lose them all at once, just like Noah did years ago.  It started with just the one on top....

And he was as cute as can be.  But can you see how the other one is just hanging there kind of crooked?  He wouldn't let me pull it out but it had a mind of its own and finally just fell out!  And he looked like this....

Even cuter!  And then he lost one on the bottom the very next morning.  And this is the look he is currently rocking....

Can you tell he loves it?! 
He even got lucky one night when the Tooth Fairy was so busy she didn't make it till ten the next morning and she felt so bad she left $5.00!!!    That Tooth Fairy is crazy!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pumpkin Patch for six!

Our first trip to the pumpkin patch as a family of six!  Craziness!!

I honestly wasn't quite prepared this year - usually have cute outfits and such but Owen has thrown us for a loop quite honestly.  We waited until the last minute and then scoured our closets for something decent to wear and here it is, folks!  This is as good as it gets at this point!

They had the CUTEST setup for new babies.  Don't you just love it?

Had to get a pic of all the grandsons together.  Joseph was tickled that Owen held his finger!
And we were able to snatch one picture of all the grandkids.  Sounds easier than it is! :)

I tried to get a nice picture with Owen Reid.  He would not wake up!  Well, until he did. You can see how well little boy cooperated!  He was not cool with it. 

 They also had a new setup with a huge ruler.  It was fun to measure them all!

Annie ran around hugging all her favorite pumpkin characters.  She was so sweet!  It kind of made me sad that the boys are so old and didn't have that same excitement anymore.  I'm happy to have one more little boy to love on through those adorable toddler years!

And of course Grandma and Grandpa bought everybody a pumpkin.  Here they are with their special chosen pumpkins!  They were out of teeny pumpkins so Owen had to settle for a teeny acorn squash.  Ha!

Owen kind of thought the whole thing was rather unexciting and did what he does best!!  :)

A day of firsts!

So I haven't even blogged his birth yet, but just had to make a quick note so I don't forget his big day.  Little man slept in his crib the whole night last night!  Yay!  He was on Neocate for the first night and slept like a perfect little angel.  Such a relief!!  Of course today he was difficult, but I'll just focus on the positive.  :)

He also cooed today for the first time.  Such a sweet, sweet voice he has.  He normally just grunts, gurgles from reflux, and cries, so it was so thrilling to hear his precious voice.  On top of that he noticed the mobile on the swing for the first time today.  As soon as I put him in the swing he looked up at it so I turned it on and he was mesmerized.  And to top it all off he had his first visit to the pumpkin patch!  Don't know how we ever lived without this little guy as part of our lives!

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Brotherly love!

My little boy and my littlest boy certainly have a special bond!  Wyatt was thrilled when Owen was born and looked so much like him!  We were too!  Wyatt is always sad that he is the only person in the family that has yellow hair and he thinks he looks "different" than everybody else.  So to have a mini-me is something he needed!  They even have the same hair growth pattern at the front of their heads.  I have always loved how Wyatt's hair grows to the side up from and Owen's is growing in the same exact way.  It's adorable!

Wyatt is always there to help me with this little guy.  He is the best at holding him during times when he's crying to be held and I'm trying to get stuff ready to get out the door on time.  How on earth could I manage this without the older boys to help me? 

Big and Tiny!

Noah is absolutely head over heels for his littlest brother!  He adores spending time with him on the floor when he's awake.  He lays there and has tons of conversations with him and Owen just soaks it up!  Noah J has been such a tremendous help to me these last few weeks - fetching stuff, helping with the other kids, doing housework, and keeping this little guy calm when I can't tend to him right away.  So, so thankful for both my precious boys!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sleepless nights!

I think these pics pretty much sum up our first week home!  I'm so thankful Owen really loves some Daddy snuggle time in the evenings!  And even more thankful Joshua is the type to soak it up, no matter how exhausted he is.  Little boy sleeps like this for hours every night!  He's a top notch snuggle bug!

Friday, September 05, 2014

A Tea Party!

We began celebrating Annie's birthday today with a tea party at the American Girl Bistro!  With Owen coming so soon she has really gotten into playing with her babies again lately.  And her love of tea parties has never waned so a visit to the American Girl store for tea time seemed like the perfect fit.  She planned what she and her baby were going to wear for a week! :)  Even down to the matching hair flowers!

She was tickled with the baby high chair and was even more tickled with the teensy little tea cup and saucer they brought for her.   Trying to keep the affair small we allowed her to bring one of her favorite people in the world, her cousin Rebecca, and also pick one friend to bring.  She was so thrilled that Landrie and Tatem came to join her in the fun!

The girls were all so cute with their little dolls!  They each got to pick their own drink for their teapot and then they brought out trays full of delectable delights just right for a tea party.

Annie of course chose hot chocolate for her teapot!  And she was an expert at pouring it from all the practice parties at Grandma's house!  Some of the girls ate actual food - cucumber sandwiches, teensy hamburgers, pigs in blanket, fruit kabobs, etc.  But my dear girl ate sweets, sweets, and more sweets!

How could you say no to all this cuteness?   And to top it all off they brought out some little iced heart-shaped brownies with candles to help her celebrate.  We all sang and they got to enjoy a final dose of sugar before exploring the store.

Not surprisingly she says this was her favorite part - looking at all the doll stuff!  I think she made a list a mile long!

We had so much fun starting the birthday celebration today!  Hard to imagine this little muffin is going to be 4 this weekend!  She had a hayday running through the store with her friends saying "come look at this!"  Can't wait to finish up the celebration with gifts and dinner with the family this weekend!