Friday, September 05, 2014

A Tea Party!

We began celebrating Annie's birthday today with a tea party at the American Girl Bistro!  With Owen coming so soon she has really gotten into playing with her babies again lately.  And her love of tea parties has never waned so a visit to the American Girl store for tea time seemed like the perfect fit.  She planned what she and her baby were going to wear for a week! :)  Even down to the matching hair flowers!

She was tickled with the baby high chair and was even more tickled with the teensy little tea cup and saucer they brought for her.   Trying to keep the affair small we allowed her to bring one of her favorite people in the world, her cousin Rebecca, and also pick one friend to bring.  She was so thrilled that Landrie and Tatem came to join her in the fun!

The girls were all so cute with their little dolls!  They each got to pick their own drink for their teapot and then they brought out trays full of delectable delights just right for a tea party.

Annie of course chose hot chocolate for her teapot!  And she was an expert at pouring it from all the practice parties at Grandma's house!  Some of the girls ate actual food - cucumber sandwiches, teensy hamburgers, pigs in blanket, fruit kabobs, etc.  But my dear girl ate sweets, sweets, and more sweets!

How could you say no to all this cuteness?   And to top it all off they brought out some little iced heart-shaped brownies with candles to help her celebrate.  We all sang and they got to enjoy a final dose of sugar before exploring the store.

Not surprisingly she says this was her favorite part - looking at all the doll stuff!  I think she made a list a mile long!

We had so much fun starting the birthday celebration today!  Hard to imagine this little muffin is going to be 4 this weekend!  She had a hayday running through the store with her friends saying "come look at this!"  Can't wait to finish up the celebration with gifts and dinner with the family this weekend!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Math boys!

"Mom, come take a picture of how cute we are!!"  How can I say no to that?  Of course they are cute!  Evidently Wyatt thought it was photo worthy so here they are making an appearance on the blog now!  In our prep for Owen we moved a ton of furniture around and created a little game/puzzle nook behind the couch.  Today the boys decided to do math here together.  They were pretty tickled with it and then had the brilliant idea to share a blanket.  Cause you know, when it is pushing 100 degrees you really need a blanket. :) Although this baby is making me so hot I've got the air cranked pretty low!

I made them take another pic looking like they were actually doing work.  I love how Wyatt put his hand on his head like he was super duper concentrating.  These guys crack me up!  They were actually pretty cute helping each other on their stuff.  Trying to get as much school accomplished as we can in these last weeks before Owen joins us!

Monday, July 28, 2014

My secret obsession!

So I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with me.  I don't know why I do this.  I don't know why it makes me happier than almost anything.  But it does!  It is very rare for a kid to get to sleep in our bed.  If you are sick and Josh is at work then it is allowed.  OR if you catch me in a super sleepy state in the middle of the night when Josh is at work I might tell you to climb on in.  BUT there is a catch.  They have to let me photograph them!!  You can see that I started with just Wyatt cause I knew he wouldn't freak out about the flash, but I've gotten braver about angering the others!  Ha!  Feast your eyes on these little nuggets of hilarity from the past year!

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Our little Punzel!

Annie's favorite princess is Rapunzel, by far!  She was so cute cause we had a girl's night when the boys went to the movies and she begged for some princess hair.  Princess hair?!  I literally had to google it and watch some Youtube videos to figure it out. And what I figured out was that with the 28 hairs on little girl's head it was gonna be pretty hard!  She's so, so sweet, though, and just loved what I came up with.  So thankful she's not too demanding yet!  She even had me fix her Rapunzel doll's hair the same way with a ribbon and all.    She really was so tickled!

The boys came home and we all went out to Chick-fi-A for dinner, which really is a treat to them cause we never eat inside there.  I guess the Disney trip was still heavy on their minds cause Wyatt was so sweet and told Annie he wanted to bring his Disney World autograph book to the restaurant to make this a "character meal."  Now you know my first response is NO cause those books are just for that trip but it was such a sweet gesture and made her feel so important I kept my mouth zipped!  He brought her a Sharpie and she was in hog heaven.  See that precious little smile?  Love that my boys know how to make this girly feel important!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bugs at the zoo!

As soon as these kiddos saw that the zoo was having a giant bugs exhibit they began asking weekly when we were going.  We decided to go as early as we could in the summer cause I knew that as my belly got bigger there was no way I was gonna hang out in the heat at the zoo!  And it is a good thing, cause even though this was May it was crazy hot already!  Don't they look like such tourists with the camera, glasses, and tickets?  So funny!

The big bugs were definitely a big hit!  Annie is cracking me up with her poses here!

Love fun, easy days with the family like this!  Although it could have been better with a cool breeze! Right?!