Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fun at the car show!

So the Merritt's and the Marlatt's decided to have a day of fun at the car show- and by a day of fun, I mean a whole day of fun. We didn't get home till 4:45. Noah seemed to have a good time getting into all the cars, but I think Daddy was a little bit tired of the in-out, in-out routine. And he refused to sit in the back seat - he insisted on driving! He actually did really well until the end of the afternoon when we put him in his stroller thinking he would maybe fall asleep, but he refused. And then everytime Daddy got in a car he screamed cause he wanted to get in too!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

1st haircut!!!

Noah James got his first official haircut this morning. I have been cutting his hair since he was like 7 months old, but we decided it was time for the real thing. He was so good we were completely shocked. They put some kind of Baby Einstein video on and he actually watched it - I guess we got lucky it had fish in it! He was also really mesmerized that he could turn around and see himself in the mirror that was behind him.

He also really loved driving the firetruck and even ringing the bell. He only got upset at the very end when she got the clippers out to do around his ears. He was totally fine with them until she showed him they wouldn't hurt by touching his hand and he was just too freaked out she touched his hand. Cutting his hair was fine, but a stranger touching his hand was too much. So then at the end when they took a Polaroid for this little "1st haircut" book he just got hysterical - we're really not sure why!

I came so prepared with distractions - Oreos, lollipops, and even some donut holes! But he was just so shocked by it all we didn't need a thing!

Friday, January 26, 2007

He's a Weedeating machine!

So I know he looks terribly unhappy in these pictures, but he really was having fun. He wanted us to put his goggles on him the other night and he just thought it was hysterical. Of course as soon as the camera came out he decided to get serious.

And in the second picture he was running and fell face first onto the ground and the goggles smashed into his face - hence him trying to remove them with all his might! I guess we're bad parents for just taking pictures of him, but it was too funny.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hide and Seek!

Noah has become completely obsessed with playing hide and seek. He is constantly hiding behind the bookshelf and the glider in his bedroom. When I ask him if he wants a new diaper he says "yes!" and then runs into his room and hides. Then I have to look for him and pretend to leave the room, only to jump out and scare him when he comes looking for me.

He has also decided that hiding under his chair is very sneaky. He and Josh and to play this game every night. Silly boy!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Oooooooooh! A fire!

Noah J is just so much in love with the fireplace that I had to take some pics of Daddy and him building a fire. Well, not so much building one cause we ran out of real wood and got those logs, but it's still a fire!

My absolute favorite picture is the very first one, cause you can see that its not even lit yet and he's already blowing on it! He just really believes that ALL flames are supposed to be blown out. And then the picture with him laying on the floor was showing how he then laid down on his side next to Daddy trying to be just like him in front of the fire. I was too slow with the camera, though, and I captured him rolling away.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Is everyone enjoying the cold weather? We have been loving it here at the Marlatt house, although Noah J is missing his afternoon outside playtime. I took him out for a few minutes this morning to see the ice and he was just thrilled by it. But only for a moment - he then immediately had a meltdown cause I refused to stand out there in the sleet and push him in the swing!

We have had 3-4 fires everyday and he LOVES it. As soon as the fire gets too low he does the "all done" sign and then starts doing the "more" sign. That baby loves his fires!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Big Boy Undies!!

So Noah James has decided that he would like to try potty training, and so far has tinkled in the toilet twice, so we are very proud of him! I'm just putting him on the toilet whenever he asks to, and offering it a few times a day. I've been reading about potty training, and the baby whisperer lady says its good to put them in some training underwear to let them feel what its like to actually pee, and it seemed to work! We're just putting them on for like 20 minutes before our bath at night to get used to the feeling. He was SOOOOOOO freaked out by them!! He just kept pulling at them on his butt! Then when I made Josh strip down and show him how they both had on white undies he was beyond thrilled - thats why he's smiling so big in the picture with his blanky!

He's playing the "this" game in his new room. Last week Grandma took him around the room and touched the walls and told him where everything was gonna go - "here's gonna be a train, and over there a cloud..............". Well, now he thinks we must play this game all the time. He takes us in his room and runs from wall to wall saying "this???" and we have to tell him what Grandma's gonna paint there. So cute!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Playing at the mall!

We are so excited to say that Noah J has finally started enjoying playing at the mall! For months I took him and he would just cling to my leg, but for about 6 weeks or so now he has just had a ball! Running and screaming and crawling under things! He even tries to play with the other kids - and you know how much he hates strangers! I just so happened to have my camera in the diaper bag a few weeks ago so we snapped a few pics.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

After stuffing ourselves during our annual "bean feast" we tried doing some fireworks for the first time. We tried to get stuff that didn't make a lot of noise, which turned out to be not true. But Noah J was a trooper and wasn't scared of them, but I'm not too sure he liked them either. Joseph was also pretty uncertain. Noah did LOVE the smoke bombs, though, and kept asking me for more of them. Of course he blew on them like he does all smoke/fire - too cute!