Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day!

I am so incredibly backlogged with pictures and events! I know I am going to kick myself years from now when I look back at this and wonder why we didn't do anything for three months!

The kids had the best Valentine's Day yet this year! We got to celebrate two days in a row. We had friend's invite us over for a party at their house the day of, which the kids loved. We forgot to take pics till we were leaving and we only got the Horton's and ourselves!  Annie was especially tickled to have her own bag of goodies to bring home!

The next day our homeschool group had their annual skating party.  The kids had to design their own boxes and they had a contest for the most creative ones.  I showed the boys TONS of ideas online and they insisted we make these adorable lego boxes.

They didn't win, but they loved it anyways!  At first Wyatt was all about the skating, cause we had been before and he was really good at it....

But for some reason he was miserable and scared this time and he spent most of the party like this....

It was really quite sad!  Noah on the other hand has a blast.  He got to hang out with friends that he hasn't seen in forever so he was tickled pink.

The boy seriously skated the ENTIRE time.  The next day he was sore and was so confused as to why his body hurt.  :)  Annie spent most of her time eating.  There were TONS of sweets, so she was in hog heaven!

She didn't care whose plate it was, if she saw something good she was going to take it and eat it!  She was super bummed out that she couldn't go out onto the rink floor, so it is just as well that the food distracted her.  Wyatt did finally find something fun to do....

And Annie was thrilled at the very end they let all the kids go out in their shoes and do the YMCA.  Annie had Lesley to help her out!

I know it is weird but I was pretty nervous to be there, cause it was my first time at a skating rink since my world was shattered while at a rink with Josh's cancer diagnosis last year.  I truly had anxiety about going, but I was surrounded by friends and only had to think about it about 50% of the time.  ;) 

Monday, February 13, 2012

CiCi's Field Trip!

I cannot express how happy I am that we came back to the co-op this year!  The boys are both loving it, and it makes me happy they get to have these great experiences with their Friday School Friends.  Cici's does a little tour of the kitchen and the kids get to make their own pizzas, which they actually bake.  If you have experienced the Texas Roadhouse field trip then you know they just trick the kids into thinking they really bake the rolls they  make.  I was a BIT grossed out, but didn't eat it anyway cause of the whole Paleo thing. 

I helped Wyatt make his, but we didn't get any pics cause it was so crowded.  Wyatt did manage to lean forward onto his pizza and get tomato sauce all over his shirt.  :)  Ahhh, our little Pigpen!

The kids then went and played games while they waited for the pizza to bake.  I told the kids I wasn't giving them money for games, so Wyatt was super smart and brought his own wallet.  But the poor kid is so generous he was passing out money to anybody who held out their hand.  After about five bucks I took the wallet and put it away.  Little did I know that he went back and got it and evidently used up the rest of the money.  I have the feeling some older kids took advantage of his generosity.  When we got there he had 16 bucks, and when we left it was empty!  I wanted to feel bad for him, but he seemed super happy that he played games with his friends and didn't care about the money at all. 

Annie enjoyed herself quite a bit as well.  The girl loves her some pizza!  You can see how happy she is.... pizza all over her face and a brownie in her hand!  She is definitely momma's girl!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Build a Boat!

I had no idea such a simple activity would thrill the kids so much!  The history for our first grade curriculum is all Bible history, and we are loving it!!  Noah is creating the most amazing Bible notebook - a page for each of the major stories.  He writes a title (we are working our way up to a summary sentence) and draws a picture.  He absolutely loves going back through it every day and discussing every single story.  He repeated tells me how much he LOVES "doing Bible."  He is basically talking about just My Father's World - he cheers when I pull the teachers guide out every day.  I can't say enough good things about it!

Anyways, during our lesson on Noah they suggest having the kids build boats out of foil and seeing how many coins they will hold.  This is such a great lesson cause the kids really learned about how hard it is to make a boat that actually floats.  It really made them think about all Noah went through building such a massive boat if it took them that much work to make a tiny one.  You can see even Annie got in on the action.

Noah made me laugh cause after a few minutes he ran off and got his box of small plastic animals.  They turned them into real arks with animals inside!  So much fun!

I also have to add that every time I think of this I think of the Noah Build A Boat song on The Singing Bible (Focus on the Family).  Do you own that CD?  The music can be a bit difficult for parents to listen to, but the kids LOVE it.  It has really helped them get the sequence of events down, and also cemented the main people into their brain.  Check it out!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Little lady!

 Ack!!!  I can't believe it has been over a month since I have blogged anything!  I was waiting for Josh to edit the Christmas pics and that never happened, so I just got out of practice I guess.  Now I have to make up for it my blogging a ton this week.  Too many memories that are already slipping away!

Josh and the boys went to the car show a few weeks back so Annie and I had some nice girly time at home.  I was sure it was time for her first pedicure, and she agreed!  I was a bit nervous that she would run off and make a mess but I just put a blanket out in the chair and she sat there for 30 minutes.  Yup, 30 straight minutes.  She was tickled pink!!  Once they were dry and she got to walk around she would stop, pull up her dress,and lean over as far as she could without falling to peek at them.  And then of course she immediately showed them off to Daddy and brothers when they got home. 

It is hard for me to believe how different she is than her brothers.  She has opinions about things at this age that the boys could have cared less about.  She LOVES shoes and constantly brings me some for her to put on.  She has favorites that she requests more than others.  So funny!