Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Christmas tree!

We had to take the Sorento in to get some stuff fixed, so right before we dropped it off Wednesday we went and got a tree, even though it was warm out and its completely against my beliefs to buy a tree while you're sweating.

We were really proud of ourselves cause we showed restraint and bought a tree that was $20 bucks less than what we spent last year. And its so pretty! Noah had tons of fun running away from us the entire time. He could have cared less about the trees, he was trying to go to where the fountains were and throw rocks into them! Troublesome boy!

Josh put the lights on the tree last night, and hopefully tonight we will get the ornaments up. Then we'll take a picture!

Putting up the Christmas lights!

So we made the mistake of letting Noah J help us put the lights out in the yard. Since he saw us walking through the bushes and pulling on them he thinks thats what he should do too! I think we would have been much better off putting them on while he's asleep and then just repeating the no touching thing. He's getting better with them, though!

Because of the ordeal of Josh fearing for his life on the roof last time, we didn't put any lights up on the house. And we didn't even remember doing it, but we found a bunch of little colored lights that we bought on clearance after Christmas last year, so we had some to put in the bushes! We also bought these terribly tacky holographic/lighted things that we hung in the windows. But now that they are up, I love them! We'll have to try to get a nighttime pic of the house!


I finally have a few minutes to post about Thanksgiving! We had a really great day, and it was super nice cause Josh actually had off. Here are a few pics from the day:

We thought Noah J might have lots of fun crumbling the corn bread for the dressing, but we were disappointed to discover he wanted to have nothing to do with it once he learned that he couldn't eat it!

Noah wanted to eat at around 11:00 and discovered this juicy pear. He ate so much of the pear that he didn't eat any turkey!

After lunch and a nap, Noah J ran around outside for hours, including on Grandpa's trailer - he just LOVES to run up and down it. He also thinks its his job to throw all of the pinecones and leaves out of it onto the ground.

Here's poor little Joseph! See the red rash on his cheeks and chest? He had a mystery rash so he was not feeling his best. He did have fun playing with the flyswatter that Noah is obsessed with. He even hit Noah with it! :) Don't worry, its brand new. Noah once saw Grandma swat at a fly and became instantly obsessed with it. Of course, she had to go buy him one!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The machine shop!

I guess I had a moment of insanity when I decided to take Noah J to go visit Grandpa's machine shop. Last time we went he couldn't walk yet, so it wasn't a problem. I guess I had forgotten how completely filthy and greasy a machine shop is. Keeping in mind all of this dirt and grime, you can imagine how my little boy just loved it.

Grandpa let him turn all the knobs and dials and touch just about everything. His little hands were BLACK by the time we were done and he had to be scrubbed down, and stripped down. He was so dirty Grandpa gave him a little rag to sick in his pocket to use like he does, but Noah J wanted to have nothing to do with it. You can see he left it in for long enough for us to snap a picture, but then it was gone!

Momma will be smart next time we go and dress the boy in some old clothes instead of cute ones!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


What could be more deliciously wonderful than a big mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter morning?? Noah J thinks not much!

Josh and I slept with our window open the other night and it was SO cold in the back part of the house when we got up. So we made hot chocolate and gave Noah J some in his sippy cup. He was one happy boy!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


For some bizarre reason my son is obsessed with lemons. Every single time we open the fridge he crouches down, points at the lemons in the veggie bin, and says "oooooooooooh." I truly have no idea why he loves them so much.

You can only imagine his excitement today when he got to pick the lemons from Grandma's lemon trees! He had so much fun, but was a little upset that we had to leave the unripe ones on the tree. When we got inside he kept picking up the bowl and trying to take it back outside to pick the rest of them. Silly boy!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Our tired turtle on a tuttle tuttle tree!

So I'm pretty certain this is one of those photos I'm not supposed to post for the world to see, seeing as how my husband just woke up and needed to get dressed/shower/shave/put in contacts etc., but its just so cute I had to share it!

When you put Noah J on your back and crawl around he looks just like the characters from Dr. Seuss's ABC book! If you own it you must look at the letter T and there you will see my little boy!

Friday, November 03, 2006

My hair washing machine!

So these pictures are a month old, but I forgot to post them! Noah J has started washing his own hair! As soon as I put the soap on his head he starts rubbing away - we were so tickled the first time he did it. And sometimes he just pretends - he takes the empty soap bottle puts it on his head and then starts washing.

Last week he took a bath with Joseph and when Christy washed Joe's hair Noah got right in there scrubbing away! Too funny!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More Halloween pics

Here are the rest of the pics that we couldn't get up yesterday!