Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fun at the zoo

We decided to go to the zoo last week, cause Noah J was just desperate to see some elephants after his trip to the circus. He got to ride the train this time, which was quite thrilling, although I don't think he likes it as much as riding the train at Kemah with Pa Pa. He and Maddie were holding hands, and when we got to the sea lions they were just standing there. Then he scooted up next to her really close and put his arm around her. He was so excited he couldn't stop smiling!!! What a ladies man!

Of course he loved the merry-go-round, and then they got naked and played in the water play area in the children's zoo. He had so much fun! We're taking him to Schlitterbahn this week, so I think he will be thrilled to death.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Circus!!!

Noah J had his first trip to the circus Sunday night. Sara and I were brave enough to take the kids out by ourselves on such a big trip. Wyatt stayed home with Daddy and then Grandma, so Noah and I were able to really enjoy our time together. He did not like the long wait in the line outside in the sun, but was very happy when we got inside. YOu can see Noah and Maddie holding hands - it is Noah's newest favorite thing to do with her. (When we go to our weekly La Hacienda dinner he insists on holding her hand while we walk through the parking lot.)

They have this "meet the stars" thing 90 minutes before the show started, so he got to go down on the arena floor and see the performers and the animals close up. He has been obsessed with elephants ever since our trip to the Rainforest Cafe, so he was geeked to see some real ones up close. I had to drag him away from them to go to our seats. I blew a ton of money on stuff for him, but he was just so happy! He got this spinny light thing which he loved, and a stuffed elephant, and an elephant cup thing. Other than the elephants, he really loved the clowns. They had a food fight that he thought was just hysterical. He also really liked this group of acrobats that were flying through the air. He kept saying "up up up up." And of course the motorcycle riders in the globe were completely mesmerizing - he kept saying "round and round and round."

It was pretty difficult going without Josh - I didn't even think about all the walking we would have to do. And the stairs!!!!!!! And on top of that all the junk we brought and then the stuff we bought. They sold these really cool blow up booster seats, so we had to lug those home too. Not heavy, but it was just a lot of stuff! Noah was very good and walked most of the way, though. I mostly had to carry him up and down all those stairs - I was so afraid he would fall! Needless to say, Sara and I were exhausted by the end of the night. Noah didn't get to bed till around 11 but he was just so excited he could hardly sleep. I laid there with him and he just kept saying, "mommy, noah" "mommy, noah." I think he was really tickled that we went and did something fun without bubba and daddy. I told Josh he has to find something cool to take him to without us!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pud boy

Isn't he just too cute? I finally remembered to snap a pic of him sleeping on his tummy - I love how his little butt goes up in the air!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Feeding the ducks!

So Noah J requested from G&G that we go feed the ducks Thursday night, so I thought I'd make a quick video. He still thinks all birds say "gobble gobble" so he screams in this high pitched squeal "gob gob gob" everytime he throws the bread. I'm pretty shocked they still come to eat!

Friday, July 20, 2007

A Day In the Country

So Blue Bell is celebrating their 100 year anniversary, and to celebrate they hosted "A Day In the Country" celebration in Brenham. This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the fairgrounds in Brenham they are having this huge event - with stuff for the kids, and all the ice cream you can eat!!! Thats right, all you can eat. And its free to get in - pretty cool! There were trains and old farm equipment, ice cream trucks, machines and displays on how the ice cream is made, and bouncers and games for the kids. Noah J had an absolute blast and we took tons of pictures and I just have to share almost all of them. So here they are....

At the end of the day, completely exhausted but still eating some banana split ice cream.

Eating a frozen novelty!

Completely mesmerized by the cows and chickens.

Pretending he's a Blue Bell delivery man!

So excited cause he's drinking a Sprite out of his own cup, with ice and no straw.

Very happily eating an ice cream bar that he made by himself - dipped it in chocolate and rolled it in sprinkles.

Noah J very excited in the car that we are taking a trip.

Coloring some bluebell stuff.

Getting to stand on the big truck.

Posing with Belle, although he's not too sure. He did say "hi cow" and "bye cow".

Eating some skittles out of an ice cream cup - he spit out the red ones!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Helping Daddy

Isn't he looking so much better? When he got up Monday morning it was ten times worse than it was in the last pictures I posted. It covered his face and he was pretty much bright red, white, and purple from head to toe. We went to his doc and they confirmed that he was having a pretty severe allergic reaction to something. They said this was the classic rash you get from a reaction to medicine, but Noah hasn't had anything new. So we're completely up in the air about teh cause, but they knew just what to do to make him better. They gave us some orally disintigrating tablets of the prednosolone which he doesn't seem to hate too much. He's also taking some Zyrtec, which I'm having to hide in brownies. He's had a bit of roid rage - he's not normally a hitter but he's been swatting at everyone. I'll be so glad when he's done with that medicine!

When Josh mowed the yard this week Noah J decided he was brave enough to help him out. Up until now he's been too afraid of the running mower to give it a shot, but yesterday he just marched right out there. He was just too adorable in his trashy wife beater, a diaper, and a straw hat!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Mystery Rash

Do these photos just break your heart? Yesterday morning Noah woke up will a small rash all around the diaper line - around his middle and then around his legs. I thought maybe it was just diaper irritation, but it has ballooned into this. The first two pictures are from yesterday afternoon and then the others are from today.

Other than the terrible itching, he feels completely fine. No fever and he's behaving just like normal. We decided to take him to one of those little clinic places this morning, and they said that he is having an allergic reaction to something he ate or touched. They said its not chicken pox or poison ivy. He really didn't eat or go anywhere he doesn't normally go, so we are completely at a loss for what is causing this. Its still getting worse, though, so I think we're taking him to his regular pediatritian in the morning. She gave us a prescription for predisolone, but both times we tried to give it to him he instantly puked. And he also refuses to take any claritin/benadryl or even ibuprofin - those darn motrin people need to get their act together and make something chewable for 2 year olds like tylenol does. We also got some steroid cream stuff, but he also doesn't want that rubbed on either.

You can see in the first picture that he also feel face first on some concrete friday so he has a busted up lip. Poor kid is just a mess!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Tummy time

I was just writing to a friend about how much both of my boys have hated tummy time. Noah cried so much and it didn't seem to really make a difference. He developed just as quickly as people who's kids stayed on their belly half the day. SO my feeling with this one has been that if he doesn't like it then he doesn't have to do it. The first few times we did it he freaked out, so I just stopped. Well after writing about it I decided to give it another shot. And look - the kid loved it. He pushed right up and looked around, and even smiled. I think he doesn't mind it cause I let him sleep on his stomach so much (GASP! You do a lot of things with the 2nd baby that you never would have done with the first!). Look at his chubby little fists - aren't they too adorable?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sir Topham Hat

So my little Noah J has decided that he likes hats. Even as a baby he pulled hats off, but he has recently decided they are worth another shot. He doesn't wear them for long, but he has a lot of fun for the few minutes he does. His newest hat obsession is his Daddy's lawnmowing hat. Its quite a sight to see!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Daddy is funny

So little Wy thinks that Daddy is just too funny. He really loves it when you clap his hands together - you're almost always guaranteed a smile!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Can somebody say trouble?

Is it just me, or am I totally going to have my hands full with these two? They had so much fun rolling around together on the couch today - they are just too silly. Wyatt sat in his bumbo for the first time and he really loved it. Noah came up to him and was thrilled to death - not cause Wyatt was sitting up, but because he thought it was a potty. I'm a little nervous about leaving it out cause I'm afraid Noah J just might try to use it!

Friday, July 06, 2007

4th of July!

Shockingly, Noah J just LOVED doing fireworks this year! Since the Guadalajara incident he has been terribly scared of any loud noise, so we really thought he would hate the fireworks. But he was SO happy watching them - saying "pretty!" each time one exploded. He also had tons of fun hanging out with G&G, Granny, Uncle Aaron, Aunt Christy, Joseph, and even Mr. John and Ms. Sara came with Maddie.

We tried to take a nice family photo in our matching shirts, but Noah J would have nothing to do with it. We had only been there 5 minutes when he was already covered in mud. I told Josh we're gonna wear them again and take a picture - he thinks that is absurd, but I think its a great idea! Hey, we spent 20 bucks on matching shirts and by golly we're gonna have a picture in them!

Check out my flag cake - I'm so proud of it! It was huge so half of it is still in my fridge, but Noah J is more than happy to eat the leftovers! :)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Noah saying passy

Noah has been sick this week, and cause he's been moaning so much, he's really hoarse, so he sounds just too cute. Josh is in love with how he says passy - so we got him on tape tonight.

Wyatt video

Here is little Wyatt cooing at his Daddy - sorry its so dark, but he was just so cute we used our regular camera to tape it. Be sure to turn your volume up!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rainforest Cafe

So on our trip to Katy Mills we ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Noah either really liked it, or really hated it - we're not quite sure. He seemed very scared of things, but then got upset when the animals stopped moving and stuff. He did really like how the elephants wiggled their ears, and the elephant that hung right over our table blinked his eyes. He also wanted the jaguar to give him kisses on his nose like Lilycat - it was too funny! He definitely did NOT like when they simulate a thunderstorm in the restaurant - flashing lights and a thunder recording over the speakers. That's why he's hugging Wyatt in the last picture - he wanted to snuggle him cause he was scared of the "storm".