Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Frog!

 So last night we were outside kinda late and we saw a frog in the yard.  Wyatt was so excited he desperately wanted to put it in his new bug house he got for his birthday.  Just for a few minutes to look at it and then to let it go.  We agreed but sadly couldn't catch him.  He was sneaky!  But tonight was not his lucky night - we found him in the garage!  The boys were so adorably excited and Noah insisted that they get out their Nature Journals and draw him.  So they did!
I was really tickled by how excited they were.  I mean, it was just a normal frog.  I thought it was so cute that Noah wanted to put it in his journal.  You know, that journal I bought them with these grand ideas of Charlotte Mason inspired nature walks we would be taking.  We've had them for a year. And this was the second entry.  ;) Noah even went and got his Amphibians Field Guide to try and figure out which kind he was.  He found that book at an antique shop for $1 and he adores it - so glad finally got to officially use it!

Of course we immediately took him outside to let him go.  We do not like to keep wild animals captive in our house!  I wish I wasn't too lazy to scan in Wyatt's drawing.  It is hysterical - he drew this big house and then a tiny red frog about the size of a fly.  Guess I need to better explain that we are supposed to try and use accurate colors in our journals!  And don't you love Wyatt's too small jammies?  I should get rid of them but they are just so funny.  :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge!

After our whirlwind San Antonio visit we drove up to Grapevine to visit the boys most favorite place on earth...  Great Wolf Lodge!  At this point you must sing the Great Wolf Lodge song in your head.  You know the one.  It plays over the speakers as you enter the building.  I routinely sing this song when I can't sleep at night.  :)  And strangely we really don't have that many pictures!  We swam for 2 days until we could swim no more!  Annie was intrigued with the water at first, but then didn't want much to do with it.  Check her out showing off her swimsuit and sandals.  I have no idea what Noah is doing.

And then the water came, which was cool for a bit.

But the rest of the day was pretty much spent like this.  :)
The boys of course had tons of fun.  Wyatt was super excited that he was brave enough to go down the slides under the big bucket this year.  Noah said maybe next year he would be brave enough to do the super big slides with Daddy.  Here they are goofing around....

And of course we had to end the evening with some time playing games!  There is a chance that Wyatt likes this part more than the swimming.  It's at least a close tie!  This time they had Annie to deal with.  She was thrilled to pull all the tickets out of the machines!

And we still weren't done!  We went and had dinner and then played some Magiquest.  A super long day!!  And you know what we did the next day.  More of the same!

Friday, May 25, 2012


So we pretty much STILL didn't know where to eat the second night.   But we knew we weren't going to leave the River Walk this time!   You know Noah loves noodles more than anything so we decided to go with Italian and walked down the river to Paesanos.  We were NOT disappointed.  It was beyond delicious.  Of course we were in a crazy carb eating frenzy after two months of no carbs, so maybe we would have thought anything was good.  We got to eat outside and captured some pictures of the kids I love... just goofing off and having fun.  It was really a gorgeous evening to be eating outside on the water.


We let the boys get up and move around a bit by the water.  But they were freaking me out getting too close to the edge.  They were desperate to wave at the tour boats as they drove by.

And check out the food.  Yes, we photographed it.  :)  This was two months into eating paleo so it was our first bread and we were excited!!!  My dad is so silly he had to smell it!

Annie absolutely loved her dinner.  And I understand why.  She made a total mess of herself, but she was so cute we had to just let her do it.

We walked back to the hotel in the dark, which the kids thought was awesome.  And that wrapped up our trip to San Antonio.  In the morning we packed up and headed to Grapevine!