Thursday, January 27, 2011


You know how there is just not much better than the sound of your sweet baby laughing?  Well, we needed to get it on film.  Unfortunately we never remember to film it when both of us are around, so yesterday I just had do it myself.  So the whole video is just the fuzzy side of her head.  But just listen!!  Ohhh, it melts my heart!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My silly boys

We made this video before Christmas, and it just cracks me up.  Noah has recently discovered the concept of asking Josh to video tape him doing something, and then watching it.  What is so strange is that he wants to just talk - its so funny.  What I love about this video is Wyatt - if you notice he just kind of mumbles everything Noah says a few seconds after him.  He so desperately wants to be just like his big brother.  So cute!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our other baby

Do you see our other baby that evidently also needs her diaper changed?  Lily cat's newest nap spot is Annie's changing table.  And the cat WILL NOT get off.  I routinely have to put the baby down to use both hands to pick her up from the table just so we can use it.  So today I thought I would try a different technique - just plopping Annie down right on top of her.  Wouldn't a normal cat get upset and leave?  Not Lily girl.  If anything she seemed happier after Annie joined her!  And then you know what was coming next...
Yup, the bizarre licking.  This cat is obsessed with licking us.  So she started right in on Annie's head.  And of course like the quality mother I am I run to get the camera instead of making her stop! :)  But I don't think Annie minds!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

True love

Can't you just feel the love?  This little boy wants to hold his sister nearly a thousand times a day.  He adores her.  And the feeling is mutual.  Every single morning he comes in and watches while I dress Annie, and then he insists that he needs to sit with her, where he loves on her and tells her how beautiful she looks.  He also gives his opinion on what bow she should wear that day.  How much longer do you think this will go on? 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's official!

As of our doctor's appointment today, we are certain this little girl is a Marlatt!!  Her large head was medically diagnosed! ;)

This past week I was really noticing that I maybe her head was getting really  big.  Kind of Noah J big.  But when you see them all day every day it is really hard to tell.  But then I met this woman with a 5 month old baby and I was SHOCKED to see how tiny her head was.  And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that her head was probably normal and Annie muffin is the large one!  Sure enough, today at her 4 month check up her head was in the 92%!!!  I *think* that might be higher than what Noah was.  But it seems to be differently shaped, so I guess that's why I don't notice it as much.

So at about 4-1/2 months she measured in with a 17" head, 23.7" length, and 13 lb 1 oz for her weight.  The exciting news is that her weight and length finally lined up with each other!  Of course, we thought that would happen because she gained so much weight, but it kind of happened more cause she hardly grew in length the last two months!!  She really appears to have pudged up, so we were shocked she was only 13 pounds, so the slowing of length certainly made her visually look larger.  So she is right about 25th percentile for length and weight, and then 92nd for head!!!  :)  OH, the joy of the Marlatt dome!

A typical afternoon

Daddy wakes up, and this is what happens!  Not just the kids, but also the cat. I seriously walk into the living room and this is what I find.   It's great to be Daddy!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How we do science!

The absurdity of this whole situation didn't really hit me till I looked at these pictures after they had been downloaded.  I took the pictures for the kids science notebooks to cover this weeks experiment, not even thinking about what they were wearing or anything.  I love these goofballs!!

FYI, we studied gravity and Galileo this week, so they were dropping objects to see which hit the ground first.  A LOUD experiment (there was a cookie sheet on the floor)!!! :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Celebrity Doppelganger!!

OK, Josh has finally figured out who this little guy looks like, and even if you think he doesn't, just agree with me to make me happy.  Doesn't he look just like Robert DeNiro?  There are times when he just makes this certain face and now that Josh has said it, its all  I can think of!  And only since his haircut.  Weird!!

I love it when I get on the computer at night and find some cute pics like this just waiting for me!  Thanks, honey! :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My love bugs!

There isn't really any story to go with these pictures, but I just adore them.  Josh was messing around with the camera and got these shots of the kids while they were lounging about in the morning.  I LOVE sleepy mornings just hanging out with these kiddos snuggling on the couch.
Doesn't he just still look sleepy in this one?  I love those sleepy little eyes.
Noah was not so keen on being Josh's subject.

When I look at pictures like these I start to get so sad sometimes, cause they are just growing up so quickly.  If kids do anything for you, they sure help you realize how quickly this life flies by.  It always puts renewed purpose in my heart to spend as much time as possible with these angels before they are not mine to love anymore. :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

The jumperoo!!

We are thrilled to announce that after three very long years our jumperoo has officially made the move from our closet back to the living room, for its last tour of service with the Marlatt family!  I feel like I can breathe in my closet again! :)

Annie is really not so sure about it.  So far no smiles in it, but she does seem to enjoy hanging out in it a few times a day.  You can see she is pretty mesmerized by the little toys on the front, but hasn't figured out the jumping.
Check out those tiny feet!!!  She pretty much kept them that way the whole time.  She would stand up a little bit and then very daintily sit back down. :)

Of course, you know who were right there trying to help her along.
Remember when they were just wee little things playing in this thing?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our big girl!

My little baby has been sleeping in her crib for a week now!  I am so proud of her.  I really thought she would have a super hard time with it, cause she has been our only baby that we let sleep in our bed.  And we waited to so long!  She is 4 months old now, so I just knew she was going to be set in her ways.  The first night we just laid her in there and she went right to sleep without a problem.  She got up twice to eat (which is her only serious problem), and then went right back to sleep. 

Night number two is always worse, so I was expecting chaos, and chaos is what I got.  She screamed and cried immediately and Josh and I kept going back in every three or four minutes to pat/shhh and comfort her.  But she was having nothing to do with it.  I finally went in and picked her up and she was just so worked up and couldn't catch her breath that the child puked all over me.  Well, me and the glider.  I was pretty much done at that point so we changed her and then let her go to the swing for a bit.  After she fell asleep we transferred her over and haven't have a problem since.  Now, I know we're still dependent on the swing, but at least she is in her own bed.  Josh and I are finally able to snuggle up at night for the first time in over a year!  Don't even think about snuggling with me while preggo! :)

I couldn't get any good pics of her asleep, so I tried to get one during  a nap, but Josh had the lens that doesn't zoom on the camera and I couldn't get far enough away!  But you can see her little cute self.  That was the only time I have caught her asleep in that position.  Every single night this week she sleeps flat on her back with her hands behind her head.  She totally looks like she is about to do a sit up!  So sweet!

I'm a little afraid she will never sleep through the night.  She consumes such small amounts of formula during the day that I know her body depends on this night feedings just to hold steady.  I cannot see a time in the near future where I think she will be ready to drop  the night feeds.  Agghhh!  I keep convincing myself that by the time she turns one we will be good to go.  That's less than a year away, right? :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I lied!

Yes, I was completely wrong, I totally missed blogging Christmas morning!  And shockingly, when I went back to pick pictures I realized we hardly took any!  I guess we were just so busy we didn't think about it.   We were so blessed that Josh got to come home in the middle of the night and nap for a few hours so he could be there right away in the morning.  Yay!  The very first gift we had for Christmas was baby Jesus!  After filling the manger with hay all month our advent calendar told the boys where to find the baby.  They were so excited, and we were happy to put the focus in the right place before any other celebrations!

Noah J had so much fun, and was such a sweet little spud.  He immediately wanted me to open my present first, before he even thought about ripping into his.  Upon his request of this, Wyatt proceeded to proclaim, "yes, momma, open your purse!".  Ohhh, Wy.  They got me a fantastic purse, which they were very very certain that I needed.  It is so special to me that they come up with this idea all by themselves and then picked it out too.  The one they picked for me has a metal and leather decorative heart hanging off of it, which is why they picked it. Noah was quick to point out that it was a heart cause they love me.  :)  Could it get any better than that?
Wyatt really loves his Alphie that he got - although I think his favorite part of it is to just play the music and dance about, not so much of the learning. :)  And he was super excited about the Mickey and Minnie that Noah J got for him.  Wyatt gave Noah an Optimus Prime, which was a big hit as well.
Annie girl spend most of the morning just playing while we opened our gifts.  But she did get 2 gifts herself - the boys were very happy that Santa did not forget her.  She loves her new blocks and her tiny kitchen!  Her brothers have been playing with her new toys more than she has I think.
Since Noah J wants to be a paleontologist he was super excited to get this paleontology kit.  He has been dlligently digging up bones since Christmas morning.  We're still not through, though!  I know we could get it wet and it would go faster, but he seems to be really enjoying the tedious nature of it!

We had a great, great day!  Our first Christmas as a family of 5 was amazing and I loved every minute of it!  I'm so thankful for this bunch of people, and as Noah would say, "we have the bestest family!"

Saturday, January 01, 2011


I think this post makes me officially caught up for 2010!  Yay for me!  I've been really trying to make this a priority!  I can't forget all these precious details!
The boys were playing outside and we had given them one of those push up lollipop things (to celebrate Noah's first day of PE).  Josh just was "awarded" this chair for not killing anyone at work this last year (sounds appropriate, right?) and they both wanted to sit in it.  SO, this was their solution.  And they were quite happy about it.  Of course the next thing just HAD to be, hey, lets taste each others!  And you can see why when one of us gets sick, we all get sick!