Friday, May 20, 2016

God's Little Girls Pinning Ceremony

Annie had the best time in her God's Little Girls group this school year!  We met twice a month and had show and tell, devotions, crafts and lots of fun!  Since we are surrounded by boys it was super important to me to find a special place for her to get some girly attention and this was perfect for us.  The boys stayed home and watched Owen (Josh was here too!)  so it was truly girl time!  They work on projects all year and then have a ceremony at the end to receive the pins they earned.  She was super nervous (which is a new thing for this girl!) but so, so happy!  Check out her outfit she picked!

Don't you love the one red glove with the ring?  I feel bad cause I might have made her feel too self conscious about it because after we got into the chapel; I noticed she took it off in front of her friends.  Note to self:  No longer make even slightly joking comments about her choices in clothing and accessories!  I want her to always have the confidence she has now and I want to make sure I'm not one of her stumbling blocks.  Anyways, like I said, she was nervous!

You can see it in her face here.  I even heard her tell the leader she didn't want to go up on stage!  It is so surprising to me because even just a few months ago she wouldn't have thought twice about it.  We  always love to remind her that she is "Brave Annie."

But she did it!  Love her little impish smile!  She cannot wait for next year and neither can I.  We had quite a crazy year and weren't able to focus as much attention as I would have liked on earning pins but we shall remedy that next year.  So much fun and such a blessing for us  both!

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