Sunday, August 13, 2006

Toys, toys, toys!

So my parents have finally decided to get a digital camera, so these pics are courtesy of them! I'm having blogging withdrawals since we have no computer, so this makes me feel better!

Noah's newest thing is that he wants to do everything by himself, and since he's not talking, he just pushes you away. Its pretty funny how upset he gets if you don't back off! And why wouldn't we let him stand on a recliner all by himself?

And Grandpa and Grandma watched him for me on Saturday while I worked on a cookie order, and look how sweet this little boy is with his Grandpa! With us he just runs and screams!

And of course, toys, toys, toys! G&G went shopping this weekend and picked up a basketball goal, and a little pull-a-long puppy. He LOVED both of them. What a happy boy!!

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