Sunday, December 10, 2006

Santa's Wonderland!

We had so much fun visiting College Station and going to Santa's Wonderland this week! Grandma and Grandpa, and even Uncle Aaron, Aunt Christy, and cousin Joe piled into the trucks and made our way for the great Christmas extravaganza!

First we had to stop for dinner at Freebirds, which was well received by all. Joseph especially liked the music - he even started dancing! Josh and I think its cause he secretly wants to be an Aggie but is afraid to tell his Daddy! :)

Then we headed for the park and a hayride. Noah was very excited by the big fire that they have in the center of the park, but wasn't so sure about the rest of it. When we got on the hayride he freaked out crying. Eventually he calmed down and seemed to enjoy the trip. His diaper leaked onto the only pants I brought, so we had to change him into his teeny tiny pajama bottoms. He looked pretty funny with those and shoes on. He didn't want to have anything to do with the animals in the petting zoo, so Daddy and I were forced to feed them ourselves. I was a little frightened by the goats, but just fell in love with the bunnies and the baby pigs! Look in the last pic how Noah is clutching Josh cause he was so scared to be put down with the animals.

Hopefully next year he will be over this "I'm afraid of everything" phase and we can just have fun!

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