Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hotels are great!!

So we have officially had our first "Marlatt Family Vacation!" We had so much fun, and we have 700 pictures to prove it!! It kills me just to pick out a few to share, so I'll try to do it in small groups. We taught the kids to say "happy Marlatt family vacation" over and over, and it was really adorable. Whenever we did something fun they would say that and it tickled me to death!

Our whirlwind car trip consisted of Great Wolf Lodge, Grapevine to ride on Thomas, and then down to San Antonio for Sea World. We were gone just 4 days, so that was a lot to cram in!

The kids didn't know quite what to expect with the lodge, and honestly, neither did I. All I knew was from the website, and Josh hadn't even seen that! Well, when we drove up to the huge stone wolves outside, the kids freaked out, and I knew that it would be well worth the money! These pictures are from the yard that was outside the back porch of our room. Who would think that the kids would be so excited to run around in some grass? They seriously thought it was the coolest thing ever. There was this little hill and Noah was running down it backwards and thought it made him superman or something. So funny!

They were also quite pleased with the sofa in the hotel room! It's the little things, right?

More of the trip later!!

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