Sunday, August 17, 2014

Math boys!

"Mom, come take a picture of how cute we are!!"  How can I say no to that?  Of course they are cute!  Evidently Wyatt thought it was photo worthy so here they are making an appearance on the blog now!  In our prep for Owen we moved a ton of furniture around and created a little game/puzzle nook behind the couch.  Today the boys decided to do math here together.  They were pretty tickled with it and then had the brilliant idea to share a blanket.  Cause you know, when it is pushing 100 degrees you really need a blanket. :) Although this baby is making me so hot I've got the air cranked pretty low!

I made them take another pic looking like they were actually doing work.  I love how Wyatt put his hand on his head like he was super duper concentrating.  These guys crack me up!  They were actually pretty cute helping each other on their stuff.  Trying to get as much school accomplished as we can in these last weeks before Owen joins us!

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