Sunday, January 14, 2007

Big Boy Undies!!

So Noah James has decided that he would like to try potty training, and so far has tinkled in the toilet twice, so we are very proud of him! I'm just putting him on the toilet whenever he asks to, and offering it a few times a day. I've been reading about potty training, and the baby whisperer lady says its good to put them in some training underwear to let them feel what its like to actually pee, and it seemed to work! We're just putting them on for like 20 minutes before our bath at night to get used to the feeling. He was SOOOOOOO freaked out by them!! He just kept pulling at them on his butt! Then when I made Josh strip down and show him how they both had on white undies he was beyond thrilled - thats why he's smiling so big in the picture with his blanky!

He's playing the "this" game in his new room. Last week Grandma took him around the room and touched the walls and told him where everything was gonna go - "here's gonna be a train, and over there a cloud..............". Well, now he thinks we must play this game all the time. He takes us in his room and runs from wall to wall saying "this???" and we have to tell him what Grandma's gonna paint there. So cute!

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Kelly said...

Wow! He looks so cute in his big boy undies! I have never thought of putting them on just for a little while each day. That's a good idea! Josh didn't want to have his picture on the web in his big boy undies also?!?! :-)