Saturday, January 27, 2007

1st haircut!!!

Noah James got his first official haircut this morning. I have been cutting his hair since he was like 7 months old, but we decided it was time for the real thing. He was so good we were completely shocked. They put some kind of Baby Einstein video on and he actually watched it - I guess we got lucky it had fish in it! He was also really mesmerized that he could turn around and see himself in the mirror that was behind him.

He also really loved driving the firetruck and even ringing the bell. He only got upset at the very end when she got the clippers out to do around his ears. He was totally fine with them until she showed him they wouldn't hurt by touching his hand and he was just too freaked out she touched his hand. Cutting his hair was fine, but a stranger touching his hand was too much. So then at the end when they took a Polaroid for this little "1st haircut" book he just got hysterical - we're really not sure why!

I came so prepared with distractions - Oreos, lollipops, and even some donut holes! But he was just so shocked by it all we didn't need a thing!

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