Thursday, February 22, 2007

Children's Museum

Last week we took Noah J back to the children's museum to celebrate Daddy's return from Omaha. He had lots of fun, but was very serious the whole day - we're not sure what was going on there! He did think it was funny when Daddy put him on the pulley lift seat thingy - I was glad Josh was there cause it was REALLY heavy! He also enjoyed the multiple cars he could drive - you know how much this boy likes his cars! In the one pic he's pointing to the cat in Goodnight Moon - he is OBSESSED with the cats in that book!

Afterwards we made a dash over to Central Market where we all ordered sandwiches and got some fruit salad and had fun enjoying lunch. The cafe was completely full, but they put some tables in upstairs, and Noah had fun looking down at everything while we ate.

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