Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Feed the birds!

Besides airplanes and flags, Noah J just LOVES birds. Whenever he sees one he points and says "gob gob gob gob." He assumes that since a turkey is a bird and he makes that noise, that all birds say gobble gobble. There is just no use in trying to correct him, so we just have to let it go! So because of his obsession, we picked up this bird feeder for only 2 dollars at Lowes a few weeks back. We hung it off of the patio cover in the back and Noah enjoys watching the birds fly to it from the back window.

The only problem is that these birds are STARVING! We fill it up and within a few hours its empty. And then Noah points to it and says "gob gob" and does the sign for eat. Then he says "da da da da da" cause he knows Daddy is the only one who can reach to get it down/hang it up. Poor Josh is constantly getting this thing down for Noah. But we used the last of the seed we had today, so Noah AND the birds better get used to it being empty for a while - or else Momma better get a job!

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