Sunday, April 01, 2007

It feels like summer!

It was so hot today we thought it was summer for a bit! Noah J and Maddie had fun playing in the backyard with the sand and water table, the hose, the swing, and a myriad of other toys this afternoon. I thought I was gonna burst into flames it was so darn hot. But those two seemed to think it was great. We slathered them in sunscreen and gave them icy drinks and even popsicles, which turned out to be a huge mess. Noah got his drippy popsicle all in Maddie's hair which then dripped all over her shoulders and then it was on their clothes, the arms of the chairs, the ground, our pants............. well, you get the idea.

The bottom picture is funny cause Noah just kept standing in front of our neighbor, John, and I wasn't really sure why. Then I realized it was cause Noah wanted him to take him over to their house so he could drive his car. 4-5 days a week we are over there in the afternoons and he is nice enough to let Noah drive his car, so I guess Noah thinks he can now demand it whenever he wants. Silly boy!

Oh yeah, my son is in a diaper cause he thinks that even if he gets just a tiny drop of water on his clothes he must take them all off. And I ran out of pull-ups today so I found these in the closet and they are a size too big, so he looks kinda goofy.

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