Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Cat in the Hat!

And here's Noah J dressed up as the Cat in the Hat! He was SOOOOO excited about this costume. He really hates anything that is not the norm, so I thought he might freak a bit with the fur/hat, but he did SO well. He just loved the tail - he kept turning around and looking at it follow him. I also thought he wouldn't let us draw on his face, but he loved it. And my normally painfully shy boy was running up to strangers, reaching in their candy bowls and trying to find himself some "pepops!" (lollipops for those of you that don't speak Noah). Then he came home and ripped off his costume, dumped out his Thomas bucket, and ate until he couldn't eat anymore. He opened up 8 lollipops, took one lick off of each, and then gave them all back to me. I think this made him happier than anything ever has! You can see in the pic with Josh, though, that the sugar had its affect on him - he was running crazy and jumping on everything. FUN!!

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